#TheSeason2020-21: Ponte Vedra

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The work continues. We are bringing back, for its seventh year, #TheSeason. We didn’t do these first year, but have ever since. It’s something nobody else does. We compile all season records and write a wrapup for each team. To get them completed more quickly, we are summarizing these a bit more than in seasons past.

Today, we are nearly halfway through Round 5, with Ponte Vedra.


You can see everything I have on the Sharks in 2020-21 here –>  PONTE VEDRA

Win/loss record: 7-18 in dual meets reported to Matmen. There may have been one dual missing from the final Friday of the regular season. Not sure; I didn’t get emails from either team.

Season in a nutshell:

  • 5th at Lady Clash of Titans, 12/4 (22 teams)
  • 11th at Clash of the Titans, 12/5 (15 teams)
  • 0-3 (4th) at Ponte Vedra Duals, 12/12 (4 teams)
  • T-1st at Ponte Vedra Girls IBT, 12/12 (17 teams)
  • 2-1 (2nd) at 2A-District 3 Duals, 1/2 (8 teams)
  • 2-2 at Keystone Memorial Duals, 1/8
  • 20th at Keystone Memorial IBT, 1/9 (20 teams)
  • 0-1 (quarterfinalist) at 2A-Region 1 Duals, 1/14 (8 teams)
  • 2-2 (T-5th) at Trojan Invitational, 1/16 (10 teams)
  • 1-17 (16th) at Flagler Rotary, 1/29-30 (17 teams)
  • 18th at Clay Rotary, 2/5-6 (20 teams)
  • 2nd at 2A-District 3, 2/18 (8 teams)
  • 18th at 2A-Region 1, 2/26-27 (30 teams)
  • T-60th at 2A State, 3/5-6 (68 teams)

Projected key returners (10+ matches or post-season experience this past season) for 2021-22 (with year in school as of next season): Mary Manis (freshman, 7-1 at 100, girls’ state 3rd); Kyra Bambach (senior, 1-7 at 100, 0-2 at girls’ state); Lucas Kirkman (sophomore, 8-16 at 106, district runnerup, 0-2 at regions); Sophia Mallon (junior, 4-10 at 106, 0-2 at girls’ state); Cynthia Kowitski (senior, 13-7 at 112, 2-2 at girls’ state); Jon Hughes (sophomore, 0-2 at 113, district 5th); Charlotte Weiler (senior, 3-8 at 117, 0-2 at girls’ state); Lauren Everitt (sophomore, 1-7 at 117, 0-2 at girls’ state); Aiden Taylor (junior, 12-22 at 120, district 3rd, 0-2 at regions); Julian Villegas (senior, 7-15 at 120, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Ava Shuck (senior, 3-6 at 122, 1-2 at girls’ state); Andrew Hissam (junior, 10-22 at 126, district runnerup, 1-2 at regions); Grady Dolan (junior, 13-20 at 132, district 3rd, 1-2 at regions); Olivia Richie (junior, 13-5 at 128, girls’ state runnerup); Josie Sagasser (junior, 13-2 at 134, girls’ state 3rd); Caroline Hughes (senior, 1-2 at 140, 1-2 at girls’ state); Michael Stephens (senior, 0-2 at 145, 0-2 at districts); William Ross (sophomore, 6-24 at 152, district 3rd, 0-2 at regions); Mira Schmidt (senior, 4-6 at 162, 2-2 at girls’ state); Emma Dix (senior, 2-5 at 184, 0-2 at girls’ state); Luke Calamari (senior, 10-14 at 195, district 4th, did not compete at regions); Xavier Agatep (junior, 6-18 at 220, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Christopher Stewart (junior, 0-3 at 285, district 6th); Michael Daniels (sophomore, 3-10 at 285, did not compete in post-season traditionals).

Projected losses (10+ matches or post-season experience this past season) via graduation unless otherwise noted: Cyrus Ferraro (11-23 at 138, district 4th, 1-2 at regions); Joseph Skinner (13-6 at 160, district 3rd, 1-2 at regions); Rett Maritato (39-6 at 170, district champ, region 3rd, 0-2 at states); Zachary Underwood(29-8 at 182, district 3rd, 1-2 at regions); .

Girls’ records should not necessarily be considered complete; I don’t know if I have all events for the Lady Sharks.

2020-21 boys’ MVP: Rett Maritato

  • 3-1 (2nd) at Clash of the Titans
  • 3-0 at Ponte Vedra Duals
  • 3-0 at 2A-District 3 Duals
  • 6-2 (3rd) at Keystone Memorial
  • 1-0 at 2A-Region 1 Duals
  • 4-0 at Trojan Invitational
  • 8-0 at Flagler Rotary
  • 4-0 (1st) at Clay Rotary
  • 5-3 in post-season series (see above)

2020-21 girls’ MVP: Olivia Richie

  • 3-1 (3rd) at Lady Clash of the Titans
  • 1-1 (2nd) at Ponte Vedra Girls IBT
  • 4-2 (4th) at Southern Belle
  • 4-1 in post-season state tournament (see above)

2021-22 boys’ captain: Luke Calamari

  • 1-2 at Ponte Vedra Duals
  • 1-2 at 2A-District 3 Duals
  • 4-3 at Keystone Memorial
  • 3-2 (6th) at Clay Rotary
  • 1-2 in post-season series

2021-22 girls’ captain: Josie Sagasser

  • 4-0 (1st) at Lady Clash of the Titans
  • 2-1 (2nd) at Ponte Vedra Girls IBT
  • 2-0 (1st) at Southern Belle
  • 5-1 in post-season state tournament (see above)

2020-21 Zander Laurin Warrior: Cynthia Kowitski

  • Placed in all three regular-season tournaments (4th at Lady Clash, 3rd at Ponte Vedra, 4th at Southern Belle)
  • Had key win at district duals as part of boys’ squad that helped Sharks advance to Region 1 for first time in program history, as well as a pin in the dual against the school’s main rival
  • Has been a team leader and one of the first girls in the Lady Sharks program from its inception
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