NHSCA National Duals: Local Results

Saturday-Monday, May 29-31
At Virginia Beach Convention Center

NHSCA National Duals

High School
Indiana Outlaws White (6-2): 26-34 to OH Beach Boys; 43-18 over Rampage; 57-15 over Young Guns White; 52-12 over Shore Thing White; 34-31 over Mat Assassins; 34-15 over Pit Crew (Pool 41); 3-71 to Minion Legends; FFT over Attrition White (Medals Bracket).
Kaden Schaefer (4-3 at 132): L-FALL David McClelland (OH Beach Boys), 1:26; FALL Ty Montgomery (Rampage), 1:06; DEFAULT Bryce Rodriguez (YG White); DEC Braden Scott (ST White), 5-1; DEC MJ Turi (Mat Assassins), 7-0; L-DEC Matt Haycook (Pit Crew), 4-2, SV; L-FALL David Panone (Minion Legends), 1:00.

Clay County resident Kaden Schaefer (left) poses with a friend during competition at the NHSCA National Duals in Virginia Beach, VA, last weekend. Schaefer, who wrestled at Wyoming Seminary Prep (PA) in the 2020-21 academic year, competed in the High School division for Indiana Outlaws White (Photo submitted by Thomas Schaefer via Facebook).

Diamond Fish Blue (0-6): 17-49 to LAW Purple; 26-37 to Journeymen; 9-52 to Felix WA (Pool 24) 33-43 to Scanlan WA; 21-42 to Ragin Raisins Marquis; 24-49 to Becca Black (Consi HS Pool P).
David Luckey (1-5 at 145): L-FALL Michael Trainor (LAW Purple), :57; FFT Journeymen; L-FALL Jackson Stewart (Felix WA), 4:14; L-FALL Jack Berry-Bissessar (Scanlan WA), 1:12; L-FALL Andrew Loniewski (Ragin Raisins Marquis); L-MD Riley Hughes (Becca Black), 8-0.

Middle School
Revival Gray (1-5): 24-44 to Germantown; 0-78 to PA Alliance Red; 49-28 over Ohio Titan Purple (Pool 4); 24-51 to MI-Rev; 39-43 to LAW; 17-54 to Junior Terps Xtreme (Consi MS Pool A)
Bear Siegal (1-5 at 142): TF Adrian Johnson (Germantown), 18-2, 3:11; L-FALL Brayden Zuercher (PA Alliance Red), :54; L-MD Robert McCrork (Ohio Titan Purple), 8-0; L-MD Easton Dickerson (MI-Rev), 12-1; L-FALL Abdul Akala (LAW), 3:42; L-FALL Isaiah Robert (Jr Terps Xtreme), 3:31.
Logan McAlister (5-1 at 230): FFT Germantown; L-TF Anthony Fulmer (PA Alliance Red), 16-1, 2:30; DEC Ian Kulsar (Ohio Titan Purple), 1-0; FFT MI-Rev; FALL Camden Zoll (LAW), :25; FALL David Smith (Jr Terps Xtreme), 1:06.

Area wrestlers, from left, Bear Siegal, Joseph Foalima and Carter de los Santos (with Bear’s father Andy standing behind the group) take a moment for a photo during the weekend’s NHSCA National Duals in Virginia Beach, VA. Bear Siegal competed in the Middle School division for Revival Gray, while Foalima and de los Santos were in the Elementary division, wrestling for Alabama Elite (Photo submitted by Dino de los Santos).

Diamond Fish (3-3): 41-40 over Young Guns White; 55-31 over Buffalo Valley; 27-45 to Rednose Red (Pool 10); 12-67 to 4M Power; 33-40 to Ragin Raisins Concord; 51-24 over Germantown (Champ MS Pool E)
Ryan Luckey (0-6 at 95): L-FALL Easton Mull (YG White), :31; L-MD Brayden Pequignot (Buffalo Valley), 10-1; L-FALL Joey Petriello (Rednose Red), 1:12; L-FALL Gunnar Maciejewski (4M Power), :33; L-FALL Kamden Beatty (Ragin Raisins Concord), :55; L-FALL Chris Noto (Germantown), :55.

Team 922 (6-2): 70-11 over Ride Out; 75-10 over 4M Strength; 53-19 over Shore Thing Blue (Pool 11); 44-26 over Quest School; 60-19 over Rampage; 15-48 to Team USA (Champ MS Pool F); 31-44 to Kingsman; 63-19 over Ragin Raisins Concord (Medals Bracket).
Alex Smith (6-2 at 180): FALL Timothy Freeman (Ride Out), :55; FFT 4M Strength; DEC Mevin Nattessich (Shore Thing Blue), 2-1; L-TF Roman Thompson (Quest), 18-2, 3:34; FALL Joshua Silva (Quest), :41; L-DEC William Ward (Tm USA), 7-0; FALL Xavier Viazcan (Kingsman), :37; FALL Mason Maring (Ragin Raisins Concord), :58.

Alabama Elite (3-3): 40-33 over Triumph Blue; 3-67 to PA Alliance Red; 46-30 over Roughhouse (Pool 12; 18-48 to The Hunt; 0-72 to Young Guns White; 45-22 over Germantown (Champ Elem Pool D).
Carter De Los Santos (1-5 at 90): FFT Triumph Blue; L-FALL Declan Jewell (PA Alliance Red), :43; L-FALL Noah Curren (Roughhouse), :32; L-FALL Kevin Gerhardt (The Hunt), :39; L-FALL Beau Fennick (YG White), 1:40; L-FALL Brian Lopez (Germantown), 1:00.
Joseph Foalima (4-2 at 95): MD Chris Kelesidis (Triumph Blue), 9-0; L-DEC Scott Lamplugh (PA Alliance Red), 7-2; FFT Roughhouse; FFT The Hunt; L-TF Austin Carfley (YG White), 16-0, 1:39; FFT Germantown.
Vlad Chechkovsky (3-3 at 100): FFT Triumph Blue; L-DEC Jake Stein (PA Alliance Red), 1-0; FALL Brody Houser (Roughhouse), 2:30; L-MD Reid Grossman (The Hunt), 12-0; L-MD Alek Palko (YG White), 12-0; FALL Ethan Watson (Germantown), 1:19.
Calvyn Saint Clair (1-5 at 110): L-FALL Jake Volek (Triumph Blue), :37; L-FALL Ricky Jewell (PA Alliance Red), :38; L-FALL Will McNeal (Roughhouse), 2:16; FFT The Hunt; L-FALL CJ Pensiero (YG White), :48; L-FALL Carter Price (Germantown), 2:22.

Area wrestlers congregate for a photo after competition in the weekend’s NHSCA National Duals in Virginia Beach, VA. From left are Elementary competitors Nikita Chechkovsky, Vlad Chechkovsky, Carter de los Santos, Joseph Foalima and Calvyn Saint Clair. All but Nikita Chechkovsky wrestled for Alabama Elite, while Nikita competed for the Storm Wrestling Center (Photo submitted by Dino de los Santos).

Storm Wrestling Center (4-2): 22-38 to All-American; 33-25 over Vougar’s Honors; 43-28 over Revival Yellow (Pool 13); 15-51 to Young Guns Red; 55-15 over Mathawks; 51-25 over Ride Out (Champ Elem Pool A).
Nikita Chechkovsky (2-4 at 100/110): L-DEC Ethan Cartwright (All-American), 6-0; L-DEC Carlos Salazar (Vougar’s Honors), 2-1; FALL Dom Morici (Revival Yellow), :30; L-DEC Connor Hoffman (YG Red), 4-0; FFT Mathawks; L-MD Hayden Harvey (Ride Out), 14-0.

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