16U FS National Duals: FLA takes 3rd in Pool A

At Grand Park Sports Campus, Westfield IN
16U (Cadet) FS National Duals

Pool A
Florida 42, Idaho 35
(first match at 285)
88: Hunter Anderson (I) fft. 94: Derrick Williams (F) fft. 100: Mack Mauger (I) tf. Fredrick Mitchum, 13-0. 106: Matthew Martino (I) d. Christian Fretwell, 6-4. 113: Treygen Morin (I) tf. Ethan Vugman, 15-4. 120: Anderson Heap (F) tf. Grayson Williams, 10-0. 126: Tanner Frothinger (I) fft. 132: Jason Mara (I) tf. Gavin Balmeceda, 16-5. 138: Cade White (I) d. Brandon Cody, 5-2. 145: Hudson Rogers (I) d. Gianni Maldonado, 6-4. 152: Kendrick Hodge (F) tf. Cole Lockart, 11-0. 160: Cordell White (F) tf. Gavin Williamson, 10-0. 170: Brian Burburija (F) p. Jonathan Seamons, 1:54. 182: Carson Gooley (I) d. Connor Hackett, 10-7. 195: Sawyer Bartelt (F) p. Paul Shaner, :14. 220: Branden Marrero (F) tf. Shilo Jones, 13-2. 285: Caleb Rodriguez (F) p. Nathan Willoughby, 2:39.

New Jersey 44, Florida 23
(first match at 106)
88: Double fft. 94: Williams (F) tf. Ryan Haynes, 16-6. 100: Carson Walsh (NJ) tf. Mitchum, 10-0. 106: Fretwell (F) d. Patrick O’Keefe, 9-8. 113: Anthony Knox (NJ) tf. Vugman, 14-3. 120: Luke Stanich (NJ) d. Heap, 7-0. 126: Nathan Taylor (NJ) fft. 132: Tyler Vazquez (NJ) tf. Reid Noble, 12-1. 138: Alessio Perentin (NJ) d. Cody, 6-0. 145: August Hibler (NJ) d. Maldonado, 7-0. 152: Max Nevlin (NJ) p. Hodge, 1:30. 160: White (F) d. Louie Cerchio, 14-10. 170: Burburija (F) d. Harvey Ludington, 12-3. 182: Jared Schoppe (NJ) p. Connor Hackett, :31. 195: Bartelt (F) tf. Alexander Uryniak, 10-0. 220: Jarett Pantuso (NJ) d. Marrero, 13-4. 285: Rodriguez (F) d. Hunter Matthews, 5-2.

Consi semis
Florida over Utah, no score or match-by-match results reported to Track

3rd Place
Florida 42, Idaho 34
(first match at 106)
88: Hunter Adamson (I) fft. 94: Williams (F) fft. 100: Mack Mauger (I) tf. Mitchum, 10-0. 106: Matthew Martino (I) d. Fretwell, 10-3. 113: Treygen Morin (I) d. Vugman, 8-6. 120: Heap (F) tf. Grayson Williams, 10-0. 126: Tanner Frothinger (I) fft. 132: Jason Mara (I) tf. Noble, 13-2. 138: Cade White (I) d. Cody, 4-2. 145: Maldonado (F) tf. Manuel Valdez, 10-0. 152: Hodge (F) tf. Cole Lockart, 12-0. 160: White (F) tf. Xander Zollinger, 14-3. 170: Burburija (F) tf. Jonathan Seamons, 10-0. 182: Carson Gooley (I) tf. Hackett, 10-0. 195: Bartelt (F) p. Paul Shaner, :46. 220: Marrero (F) tf. Shilo Jones, 13-2. 285: Rodriguez (F) tf. Nathan Willoughby, 14-4.

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