18U FS Women’s Nat’l Duals: FLA 2nd in Pool A

At Cox Business Center, Tulsa OK
Junior Women’s FS National Duals

Pool A
Florida 36, Colorado 27
(first match at 122)
100: Kealonie Vega (F) p. Mia Hargrove, 5:06. 106: Janessa George (Co) p. Clare Booe, 3:00. 112: Hannah Hall (F) d. Alexsys Jacquez, 10-1. 117: Sophia Anderson (F) fft. 122: Juliana Diaz (F) tf. Alexis Segura, 12-2. 127: SaVannah Cosme (Co) p. Kailey Rees, 2:31. 132: Sarah Savidge (Co) tf. Teigan Slauson, 10-0. 138: Alina Antillon (Co) p. Neikisha Francois, :26. 144: Taylor Miess (Co) tf. Lilly Luttrell, 11-0. 152: Larissa Gallo (F) d. Aspen Barber, 18-10. 164: Yarissa Gallo (F) d. Alissa DuBois, 16-12. 180: Sierra Chavez (F) d. Blythe Cayko, 9-0. 200: Alyssa Favara (F) p. Taylor Knox, 3:46. 225: Andrea Smith (F) p. Daysia DeHerrera, 1:08.

California 52, Florida 12
(first match at 132)
100: Madison Avila (Ca) d. Vega, 8-2. 106: Greta Gustafson (Ca) d. Booe, 15-12. 112: Hall (F) tf. Valeria Ahumada, 10-0. 117: Diaz (Ca) tf. Arieana Arias, 10-0. 122: Leah Gaitan (Ca) tf. Riley White, 12-1. 127: Solana Mottola (Ca) p. Rees, :33. 132: Hailey Chapman (Ca) p. Slauson, 4:43. 138: Maci Avila (Ca) tf. Francois, 10-0. 144: Katelyn Cardoza (Ca) p. Luttrell, 3:00. 152: Nile Jernigan (Ca) p. L. Gallo, 3:14. 164: Hannah Ricioli (Ca) p. Y. Gallo, 1:23. 180: Maliya Castillo (Ca) d. Chavez, 9-4. 200: America Lopez (Ca) p. Favara, :56. 225: Sam Calkins (Ca) p. Kiara Brin, 1:09.

Gold/Silver Pool
Round 1
Pennsylvania Blue 35, Florida 32
(first match at 144)
100: Vega (F) d. Jayleah Pletz, 7-6. 106: Lexia Schechterly (PB) tf. Booe, 11-0. 112: Hall (F) p. Ava Bayless, 4:23. 117: Diaz (F) tf. Marissa Rumsey, 10-0. 122: Savannah Witt (PB) p. White, 2:21. 127: Montana DeLawder (PB) p. Rees, 3:41. 132: Slauson (F) ID over Lily Sherer. 138: Sofia Holodick (PB) p. Francois, 2:45. 144: Charlotte Gilfoil (PB) p. Luttrell, :50. 152: L. Gallo (F) fft. 164: Abbie Miles (PB) p. Y. Gallo, 1:33. 180: Chavez (F) p. Aurelia Santoyo, 2:51. 200: Trinity Monaghan (PB) p. Favara, 1:26. 225: Smith (F) p. Karlie Benjamin, :59.

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