Disney Duals: Community 2 Day 1 Results

At Orange County Convention Center, Orlando
Disney Duals — Community 2

Pool M

Standings: Somerset Academy 4-0, Marysville Sepeda 3-0, NWI Gladiators 3-1, Valley City Express 2-1, Adams Central Jets 2-2, Tallahassee War Noles 1-2, Legend Athletics 1-3, Rootstown Raiders 0-3, Berks Catholic 0-4.

  • Round 1: Marysville Sepeda 64, Legend Athletics 10; Somerset Academy 73, Berks Catholic 6; NWI Gladiators 56, Tallahassee War Noles 18; Adams City Jets 69, Rootstown Raiders 11; Valley City Express rec bye.
  • Round 2: Marysville Sepeda 34, NWI Gladiators 33; Legend Athletics 42, Berks Catholic 30; Valley City Express 80, Rootstown Raiders 0; Somerset Academy 64, Adams Central Jets 9; Tallahassee War Noles rec bye.
  • Round 3: Marysville Sepeda 54, Tallahassee War Noles 18; Adams Central Jets 73, Legend Athletics 6; Somerset Academy 54, Valley City Express 9; NWI Gladiators 57, Berks Catholic 18; Rootstown Raiders rec bye.
  • Round 4: Valley City Express 63, Legend Athletics 15; Tallahassee War Noles 43, Berks Catholic 31; NWI Gladiators 45, Adams Central Jets 28; Somerset Academy 67, Rootstown Raiders 12; Marysville Sepeda rec bye.


Saturday’s Pool Pairings (8 a.m. start, mats 13-16)

  • Round 5: Marysville Sepeda v Berks Catholic; Legend Athletics v Rootstown Raiders; Valley City Express v NWI Gladiators; Adams Central Jets v Tallahassee War Noles; Somerset Academy rec bye.
  • Round 6: Marysville Sepeda v Adams Central Jets; Legend Athletics v Somerset Academy; Valley City Express v Tallahassee War Noles; NWI Gladiators v Rootstown Raiders; Berks Catholic rec bye.
  • Round 7: Marysville Sepeda v Valley City Express; Berks Catholic v Adams Central Jets; NWI Gladiators v Somerset Academy; Rootstown Raiders v Tallahassee War Noles; Legend Athletics rec bye.
  • Round 8: Marysville Sepeda v Rootstown Raiders; Legend Athletics v NWI Gladiators; Valley City Express v Berks Catholic; Tallahassee War Noles v Somerset Academy; Adams Central Jets rec bye.
  • Round 9: Marysville Sepeda v Somerset Academy; Legend Athletics v Tallahassee War Noles; Valley City Express v Adams Central Jets; Berks Catholic v Rootstown Raiders; NWI Gladiators rec bye.

Pool N

Standings: Bubbletown 3-0, Boom Squad 3-0, Social Circle 2-1, Westerville North 2-1, Naples 1-2, OH Royals 1-2, Eagle Empire Blue 0-3, Perry Meridian Silver 0-3.

  • Round 1: Naples 72, Perry Meridian Silver 6; Bubbletown 44, Social Circle 27; OH Royals 46, Eagle Empire Blue 33; Boom Squad 55, Westerville North 20.
  • Round 2: Westerville North 72, Perry Meridian Silver 6; Social Circle 51, Naples 10; Boom Squad 48, OH Royals 32; Bubbletown 57, Eagle Empire Blue 15.
  • Round 3: Bubbletown 81, Perry Meridian Silver 0; Social Circle 56, OH Royals 22; Boom Squad 45, Naples 27; Westerville North 45, Eagle Empire Blue 33.


Saturday’s Pool Pairings (8 a.m. start, mats 1-4)

  • Round 4: Perry Meridian Silver v Eagle Empire Blue; Social Circle v Westerville North; OH Royals v Naples; Bubbletown v Boom Squad.
  • Round 5: Perry Meridian Silver v OH Royals; Social Circle v Boom Squad; Bubbletown v Westerville North; Naples v Eagle Empire Blue.
  • Round 6: Perry Meridian Silver v Boom Squad; Social Circle v Eagle Empire Blue; OH Royals v Westerville North; Bubbletown v Naples.
  • Round 7: Perry Meridian Silver v Social Circle; OH Royals v Bubbletown; Naples v Westerville North; Eagle Empire Blue v Boom Squad.

Pool O

Standings: SEO 3-0, NFWA Red 2-1, Southern IN Matmen 2-1, MT Sidney 2-1, Fight Barn White 2-1, Trinity 1-2, Yuligan 0-3, Eagles 0-3.

  • Round 1: Fight Barn White 54, Eagles 30; NFWA Red 42, Trinity 16; SEO 65, Yuligan 12; Southern IN Matmen 37, MT Sidney 27.
  • Round 2: Southern IN Matmen 60, Eagles 12; Fight Barn White 54, Trinity 18; MT Sidney 75, Yuligan 6; SEO 43, NFWA Red 20.
  • Round 3: NFWA Red 59, Eagles 14; Trinity 46, Yuligan 36; MT Sidney 64, Fight Barn White 12; SEO 39, Southern IN Matmen 33.


Saturday’s Pool Pairings (8 a.m. start, mats 5-8)

Round 4: Eagles v SEO; Trinity v Southern IN Matmen; Yuligan v Fight Barn White; NFWA Red v MT Sidney.
Round 5: Eagles v Yuligan; Trinity v MT Sidney; NFWA Red v Southern IN Matmen; Fight Barn White v SEO.
Round 6: Eagles v MT Sidney; Trinity v SEO; Yuligan v Southern IN Matmen; NFWA Red v Fight Barn White.
Round 7: Eagles v Trinity; Yuligan v NFWA Red; Fight Barn White v Southern IN Matmen; SEO v MT Sidney.

Pool P

Standings: Palm Bay 3-0, Oak Harbor Rockets 3-0, West Perry Mustangs 3-0, Terre Haute Black 1-2, Greenwave Grapplers 1-2, MT Billings 1-2, Gilmer 0-3, Franklin Blue 0-3.

  • Round 1: Oak Harbor Rockets 46, Greenwave Grapplers 30; Palm Bay 49, Gilmer 12; West Perry Mustangs 71, MT Billings 4; Terre Haute Black 37, Franklin Blue 33.
  • Round 2: Greenwave Grapplers 55, Franklin Blue 24; Oak Harbor Rockets 47, Gilmer 28; West Perry Mustangs 72, Terre Haute Black 6; Palm Bay 66, MT Billings 3.
  • Round 3: Palm Bay 51, Greenwave Grapplers 21; West Perry Mustangs 47, Gilmer 25; Oak Harbor Rockets 75, Terre Haute Black 6; MT Billings 55, Franklin Blue 12.


Saturday’s Pool Pairings (8 a.m. start, mats 9-12)

  • Round 4: Greenwave Grapplers v MT Billings; Gilmer v Franklin Blue; West Perry Mustangs v Oak Harbor Rockets; Palm Bay v Terre Haute Black.
  • Round 5: Greenwave Grapplers v West Perry Mustangs; Gilmer v Terre Haute Black; Palm Bay v Franklin Blue; Oak Harbor Rockets v MT Billings.
  • Round 6: Greenwave Grapplers v Terre Haute Black; Gilmer v MT Billings; West Perry Mustangs v Franklin Blue; Palm Bay v Oak Harbor Rockets.
  • Round 7: Greenwave Grapplers v Gilmer; West Perry Mustangs v Palm Bay; Oak Harbor Rockets v Franklin Blue; MT Billings v Terre Haute Black.
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