#BraggingRights: 3A-Region 4

Cutting to the chase…

We’re two-thirds done with our analysis of which district won each of the 12 region tournaments in Florida. Next up is Region 4 in 3A. In case you didn’t know how this would go, and that District 16 would dominate the scene, I want to officially welcome you to Florida, as you’ve just moved here in the last week or so.

Dominate doesn’t quite cut it, though, once you look at the data.

We’ll start with a count of the most points scored by district.

District 16 not only tripled the point total of any one of the others, not only held a nearly 300-point lead over the entire rest of the region, but the individual region team champion, the 16’s Southwest Miami, had enough points to beat District 14 by itself; with a couple more max-point wins, the Eagles would have had more points than runnerup District 15.

  • District 16: 950 points.
  • District 15: 296.5
  • District 14: 291.5
  • District 13: 79

How about state qualifiers?

With two exceptions (126 and 220), the weight-class final matched two wrestlers from District 16. Six of those weights were rematches of the South Dade/Southwest Miami rivalry. Every champion came from District 16. The district also had half of the thirds and fourths. It swept all of the state qualifier spots from 160 through 195. All 16, appropriately enough.

  • District 16: 40 qualifiers (14 1st, 12 2nd, 9 3rd, 5 4th).
  • District 15: 8 qualifiers (0 1st, 2 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th).
  • District 14: 8 qualifiers (0 1st, 0 2nd, 2 3rd, 6 4th).
  • District 13: No qualifiers.

I also like to look at the depth each region has. One measuring indicator I use is to calculate the depth of each district by compiling the win-loss records of each district’s competitors. The data was clear. District 16 had its fewest number of wins in any given weight class, nine, only at 220 and 285; at every other weight class, it had at least 10. At 195, where it had two additional qualifiers, the 16s were 18-6. I still have four more regions to look at, but I have not seen a weight class rack up that many wins in this past season’s region tournaments.

  • District 16: 185-75
  • District 14: 87-109
  • District 15: 86-109
  • District 13: 25-90

District 16, by any objective measure, is overwhelmingly the strongest district in 3A-Region 4.

Now, for the What Ifs (recall that I brought up the idea of a true second and a true fourth-place finisher). In MOST cases, there will be a true 4th; there would not be a true 2nd if the runnerup and 3rd-place wrestler met in the semis or quarters, that match would be determinative.

106: True 4th — Matches Cypress Bay’s Andrew Punzalan (qualified 4th) against South Broward’s Gabriel Maynard. This would be a rematch of the District 14 final, in which Punzalan won by second-period fall.
113: True 4th — Matches Coral Reef’s Anthony Madriz (qualified 4th) against Miami Palmetto’s Cameron Gallivan. In the District 16 third-place match, Madriz took a 10-4 decision.
120: No true 2nd or 4th.
126: True 4th — Matches Dr Krop’s Jerry Molina (qualified 4th) against Miami Palmetto’s Angel Fernandez.
132: True 4th — Matches Doral Academy’s Enrique Sanchez (qualified 4th) against Goleman’s David Perez. This would be a rematch of the District 15 final, in which Sanchez won by first-period fall.
138: True 4th — Matches Cypress Bay’s Connor Ivory (qualified 4th) against South Broward’s James Blanchard. The wrestlers are district rivals, but did not meet in the District 14 tournament (could have met during the regular season).
145: True 4th — Matches Cypress Bay’s Rafael Diniz (qualified 4th) against Doral Academy’s Enzo Santoro.
152: True 2nd — Runnerup Adrian Ochoa (Southwest Miami) would face 3rd-place Erik Rodriguez (Cypress Bay). No true 4th.
160: True 4th — Matches Columbus’ Rocco D’ascoli (qualified 4th) against Miami Palmetto’s Armando Cardona. The District 16 rivals met in the consi semis of that tournament, with D’ascoli taking a 3-2 decision.
170: True 4th — Matches Coral Gables’ Johan Budel (qualified 4th) against Braddock’s Jason Munoz. The District 16 rivals met in the consi semis of that tournament, with Budel winning by a 10-7 count.
182: True 2nd — Runnerup Ansel Cervantes (Southwest Miami) would face 3rd-place George Montero (Coral Reef). The wrestlers are district rivals, but did not meet in the District 16 tournament (could have met during the regular season). True 4th — Matches Columbus’ Richard Marquez (qualified 4th) against Dr Krop’s Tomas Lado.
195: True 4th — Matches Miami Palmetto’s Richard Alexander (qualified 4th) against Miramar’s Daniel Jean-Charles.
220: True 2nd — Runnerup Edensky Phele (North Miami) would face 3rd-place Imari Milton (Miramar). No true 4th.
285: True 4th — Matches Dr Krop’s Julius Weaver (qualified 4th) against Hialeah Gardens’ Carlos Masis.

Next up — time permitting this week — will be Region 2 in 3A, which will close out our analysis of 3A regions.

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