#BraggingRights: 3A-Region 2

Cutting to the chase…

We’re three-quarters done with our analysis of which district won each of the 12 region tournaments in Florida. Next up is Region 2 in 3A. As the data worked itself out, it was District 8, with southwestern coastal teams like Riverdale, Manatee, Venice and North Port, carrying top honors.

We’ll start with a count of the most points scored by district.

District 8 didn’t put forward the individual team champion — that was region host Osceola, which scored nearly two-thirds of District 5’s points — but it did have the 2-4-6-7 teams contained in it, and none of the other districts had that kind of depth. The race for second, though, was very close, as just a little over one point per region slot separated second from fourth.

  • District 8: 580 points
  • District 7: 367
  • District 5: 312
  • District 6: 295.5

How about state qualifiers?

District 8 wasn’t quite as dominant in this region as the 16s were in Region 4, but the 8s did have the lion’s share of state qualifiers, bagging nearly half of them, with nearly half the finalists (13 of 28). Districts 7 and 5 each had the same number of champions (four each), but the 7s had a measurable amount of increased depth in terms of third- and fourth-place finishers in comparison to the other districts.

  • District 8: 26 qualifiers (5 1st, 8 2nd, 8 3rd, 5 4th).
  • District 7: 13 qualifiers (4 1st, 2 2nd, 3 3rd, 4 4th).
  • District 5: 9 qualifiers (4 1st, 2 2nd, 2 3rd, 1 4th).
  • District 6: 8 qualifiers (1 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd, 4 4th).

I also like to look at the depth each region has. One measuring indicator I use is to calculate the depth of each district by compiling the win-loss records of each district’s competitors. District 8 had surged out to a double-digit lead in total wins by 126, and that lead held up throughout the weight classes.

  • District 8: 132-86
  • District 7: 98-100
  • District 6: 86-107
  • District 5: 75-98

In 3A-Region 2, it was District 8 that ran the table.

Now, for the What Ifs. In MOST cases, there will be a true 4th; there would not be a true 2nd if the runnerup and 3rd-place wrestler met in the semis or quarters, that match would be determinative.

106: True 2nd — Runnerup Blane Taranto (Venice) would face 3rd-place Nathan Roche (Gulf Coast). This would be a rematch of the District 8 final, which Taranto won by an 11-7 count. True 4th — Matches Riverview’s Eliezer Torres (qualified 4th) against Strawberry Crest’s Josiah Ortiz. That would be a rematch of the District 6 final, which Torres won, 10-2.
113: True 4th — Matches Newsome’s Brayden Johnson (qualified 4th) against Bloomingdale’s Jeremiah Sawicky. In the District 6 final, Johnson won by second-period fall.
120: True 2nd — Runnerup Noah Wadle (Manatee) would face 3rd-place Bryce Taranto (Venice). In the District 8 final, Wadle won by a 5-1 decision. True 4th — Matches East Lake’s Kobe Litov (qualified 4th) against Palm Harbor University’s Conner Reeves. Litov won by 11-2 major over Reeves in the District 7 final.
126: True 2nd — Runnerup Nate Luders (Riverdale) would face 3rd-place Nicholas Romero (Riverview). True 4th — Matches Venice’s Gage Wiggins (qualified 4th) against Sickles’ Jeremiah Hunter.
132: True 4th — Matches Bloomingdale’s Zachery Allison (qualified 4th) against Steinbrenner’s Frank Diaz.
138: True 2nd — Runnerup Alex Soto (Riverdale) would face 3rd-place Gannon Wertz (North Port). In the District 8 final, Soto won that matchup with an 8-0 major. True 4th — Matches Palm Harbor University’s Joseph Cuttitta (qualified 4th) against Bloomingdale’s Jose Milord.
145: True 2nd — Runnerup Quinn White (North Port) would face 3rd-place Andy Fellove (Sickles). True 4th — Matches Riverview (Sarasota)’s Elijah Hurt (qualified 4th) against Manatee’s Trenton Johnson. Hurt knocked off Johnson, 6-2, in the District 8 third-place match.
152: True 2nd — Runnerup Malachi Soto (Riverdale) would face 3rd-place Gunner Holland (Osceola). True 4th — Matches Lakewood Ranch’s Travis Ference (qualified 4th) against George Jenkins’ Jalen Williams.
160: True 4th — Matches Sickles’ Cole Tolley (qualified 4th) against Osceola’s Mohammed Bakkali.
170: True 2nd — Runnerup Nicolas Giompalo (Manatee) would face 3rd-place Ranson Coons (Lakewood Ranch) in what would have been a rematch of the District 8 bottom half semifinal, which Giompalo won in that round by a 5-0 count. True 4th — Matches Strawberry Crest’s Lex Strickland (qualified 4th) against Leto’s Jefferson Batista.
182: True 2nd — Runnerup Maks Dimarov (East Lake) would face 3rd-place Maxamus Kyser (Palm Harbor University) in a rematch of the District 7 final, which Kyser had won by 11-2 major. True 4th — Matches Riverdale’s Jonathan Lavandera (qualified 4th) against Ridge Community’s Andrew Bentham.
195: True 2nd — Runnerup Nathan Peoples (George Jenkins) would face 3rd-place Eldon Woolf (Riverdale). No true 4th.
220: True 2nd — Runnerup Philippe Langelier (Riverview) would face 3rd-place Shayne Parris (Riverdale). True 4th — Matches Bartow’s Azarious Williams (qualified 4th) against Steinbrenner’s Colin Bernstein.
285: True 4th — Matches Venice’s Trenton Kintigh (qualified 4th) against Riverview’s Damian Opitz.

Next up — time permitting this week — will be Region 2 in 2A.

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