#BraggingRights: 1A-Region 4

Cutting to the chase…

Today is our final region to analyze: 1A-Region 4. Which part of south Florida ruled the southern Atlantic? I went in with some preconceptions, some of which were confirmed, but there was some very interesting things happening there.

We’ll start with a count of the most points scored by district.

Thanks to to the 1-3 finish from Somerset Academy and Mater Lakes Academy, District 15 built an early lead that District 13’s Jensen Beach and American Heritage (Delray Beach), with their 2-4 finishes, cut into. The 13s had better depth, but ultimately the larger 15 group had just enough — about half a point per weight class — to take the win here.

  • District 15: 473 points
  • District 13: 465.5
  • District 14: 248
  • District 16: 173

How about state qualifiers?

Here, it was District 13 that carried the day, complicating our analysis. Sure, District 15’s six titles were the most in the region, but the 13s had more finalists (12-10) and had an equal amount of depth to the 15s (6 3rd, 4 4th for both).

  • District 13: 22 qualifiers (5 1st, 7 2nd, 6 3rd, 4 4th).
  • District 15: 20 qualifiers (6 1st 4 2nd, 6 3rd, 4 4th).
  • District 14: 9 qualifiers (3 1st, 3 2nd, 1 3rd, 2 4th).
  • District 16: 5 qualifiers (0 1st, 0 2nd, 1 3rd, 4 4th).

I also like to look at the depth each region has. One measuring indicator I use is to calculate the depth of each district by compiling the win-loss records of each district’s competitors. This was INCREDIBLY close. With one weight class to go, District 15 and 13 were separated by just one win. But, the 15s, thanks to a 1-2 finish from their ace heavies, were able to seal the deal.

  • District 15: 92-61 (60.13% win percentage)
  • District 13: 86-61 (58.50% win percentage)
  • District 14: 53-64
  • District 16: 46-91

While there’s certainly an argument for District 13 — which I would not have necessarily, for lack of a better term, expected, and kudos to them — District 15 holds a slight lead in 1A-Region 4.

106: True 4th — Matches Coral Shores’ Vincent Biondoletti (qualified 4th) against SLAM’s Jason Ramirez. That would be a rematch of the District 16 final, which Biondoletti won by second-period fall.
113: True 2nd — Runnerup Ryan Mooney (Jensen Beach) would face 3rd-place Matthew Velasco (Somerset Academy). No true 4th.
120: True 2nd — Runnerup Mathew Palermo (Cardinal Gibbons) would face 3rd-place Jewell Williams (Jensen Beach). No true 4th.
126: True 2nd — Runnerup Andrew DeSola (American Heritage, Delray Beach) would face 3rd-place Mater Lakes Academy’s Luis Arboleda. True 4th — Matches Somerset Academy’s Raymond Greene (qualified 4th) against American Heritage (Plantation)’s Armando Wisdom.
132: True 4th — Matches Jensen Beach’s Tyler Savastano (qualified 4th) against American Heritage (Plantation)’s Alexander Wisdom.
138: No true 2nd or 4th.
145: True 2nd — Runnerup Bas Diaz (Somerset Academy) would face 3rd-place Rafael Romero (American Heritage, Delray Beach). No true 4th.
152: True 2nd — Runnerup Omer Barak (American Heritage, Delray Beach) would face 3rd-place Tehran Piza (Jensen Beach). This would be a rematch of the District 13 final; Piza won that match by a 9-8 count. No true 4th.
160: True 2nd — Runnerup Bransen Byrd (Jensen Beach) would face 3rd-place Izac Martinez (Clewiston). That also was a rematch of the District 13 final; in that round, Byrd took a 5-3 decision. True 4th — Matches Cardinal Gibbons’ Daniel Korchensky (qualified 4th) against Mater Lakes Academy’s Jesse Diaz.
170: True 2nd — Runnerup Danny Diaz (Somerset Academy) would face 3rd-place Mater Lakes Academy’s Achilles Rocha. That’s a rematch of the District 15 final, in which Rocha won, 13-9. True 4th — Matches Jensen Beach’s Matt O’Hara (qualified 4th) against Cardinal Gibbons’ Richard Tauriello.
182: True 4th — Matches Mater Lakes Academy’s Matthew Cruanes (qualified 4th) against Cardinal Gibbons’ Austin Cooper.
195: No true 2nd or 4th.
220: True 2nd — Runnerup Andrew Burnette (Jensen Beach) would face 3rd-place Max Ryan (Key West). True 4th — Matches Mater Lakes Academy’s Branden Marrero (qualified 4th) against American Heritage (Plantation)’s Josh Hartman.
285: True 2nd — Runnerup Matthew Jimenez (Somerset Academy) would face 3rd-place Jertavis Black (Cardinal Gibbons). While we don’t have complete results on the two teams, they did meet in the first day of state duals, with Jimenez taking a 7-1 decision. True 4th — Matches Key West’s River Cutino-Lyda (qualified 4th) against SLAM’s Keven Kinsman, which would be a rematch of the District 16 final, in which Cutino-Lyda won by first-period fall.

So that’s it for the region series. If anybody wants a more detailed breakdown of the stats, either from regions or states, I’ll hang on to my notes for a bit. Just email me at the email address on the home page.

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