Brunswick Results From Saturday

Results from Saturday’s tournament at Brunswick HS in Georgia. These are exactly as provided by the tournament staff

Brunswick Summer Showdown

Group 1
John Petrovcik NBWA 4-0 1st
Westly Callis River City 3-1 2nd
Lyon Holmes Black Hive 2-2 3rd

Group 2
Chase Downing Storm 3-0 1st
Jace Clayton SWC 2-1 2nd
Clayton SGWC 1-2 3rd

Group 3
Garner Lott Coffee 2-0 1st
Asher Boutwell SWC 1-2 2nd
Silas Edwards Palatka 0-2 3rdl

Group 4
Walker Bunch Storm 4-1 1st
Malachi Burris Foundation 4-1 2nd
Bryce Fiore NBWA 4-1 3rd

Group 5
Mackenzie Taylor Charlton 3-0 1st
Jaxon Claytor SWC 2-1 2nd
Briggs Baker Coffee 1-2 3rd

Group 6
Dathan Flakes SWC 4-0 1st
Rockland Howard ST. Johns 3-1 2nd
Easton Bartels Force 2-2 3rd

Group 7
Cole Sowers Reverence 4-0 1st
Cane Smorlasky NFWA 3-1 2nd
Breanna Higgins Camden 2-2 3rd

Group 8
Josie Davis Riptide 3-0 1st
River Williams Glynn 2-1 2nd
Brady Hartman West Nassau 1-2 3rd

Group 9
Shane Sowick Creekside 2-0 1st
Dallas Storm 1-1 2nd
Rowan Vickers Force 0-2 3rd

Middle School
Group 10
Angel Rodriquez Oakleaf 4-0 1st
Carson Lutz Glynn 3-1 2nd
Mathew Braddock NFWA 2-2 3rd

Group 11
Mario Dibella NFWA 4-0 1st
Eli Jolicoeur Suwanee 3-1 2nd
Eric Frazier Coffee 2-2 3rd

Group 12
Clayton Hicks Riptide 4-0 1st
Carmen Dibella NFWA 3-1 2nd
Harbin Bruce Glynn 2-2 3rd

Group 13
Brandon Higgins Camden 4-0 1st
Chris Graham Springs 3-1 2nd
Parker Richards Middleburg 2-2 3rd

Group 14
Michael Farrow Riptide 2-1 1st
Cooper Beck NFWA 2-1 1st
Kailaini Barrientos Oakleaf 2-1 1st

Group 15
Andrew SGWC 3-0 1st
Noah Chauncey Suwanee 2-1 2nd
Aiden Miller Glynn 1-2 3rd

Group 16
Phil Cuttino Glynn 3-0 1st
Rocco Marshall Riptide 2-1 2nd
Rhett Ellison Glynn 1-2 3rd

Group 17
Makom Burris Foundation 4-0 1st
David Lyons SGWC 3-1 2nd
Bennett Sams Glynn 2-2 3rd

High School
Group 18
Eli Jolicoeur Suwanee 2-0 1st
Carson Lutz Glynn 0-2 2nd

Group 19
Mathew Newman NFWA 4-0 1st
Mario Dibella NFWA 3-1 2nd
Brandon Higgins Camden 2-2 3rd

Group 20
Ethan Myers NFWA 5-0 1st
Blayden West Nassau 4-1 2nd
Jonathan Westbury UNA 3-2 3rd

Group 21
Shane Duhaylungsod NFWA 5-0 1st
Clayton Hicks Riptide 4-1 2nd
Stunner Hutchinson Riptide 3-2 3rd

Group 22
Larid Duhaylungsod NFWA 5-0 1st
Grady Woodard Middleburg 4-1 2nd
Elmer Linares Storm 3-2 3rd

Group 23
Jayce Paridon NFWA 5-0 1st
Cooper Beck NFWA 4-1 2nd
Jackson Holcomb West Nassau 3-2 3rd

Group 24
Milkade Harvey NFWA 5-0 1st
Joseph Forte NFWA 4-1 2nd
Aiden Bee Glynn 3-2 3rd

Group 25
John Obrien Black Hive 5-0 1st
Austin Mckinney NFWA 4-1 2nd
John Dodson UNA 3-2 3rd

Group 26
Dylan Beck NFWA 5-0 1st
Phil Cutino Glynn 3-2 2nd
Grady Ponte Vedra 3-2 2nd
Keon Barrientos Oakleaf 3-2 2nd

Group 27
Marcus Mcgee NFWA 5-0 1st
Wilson Nguyen Ancient City 4-1 2nd
Marshall White Suwanee 3-2 3rd

Group 28
Timothy Frank Screven 4-0 1st
Brantley Wilson Glynn 3-1 2nd
Christian Socarras NFWA 2-2 3rd

Group 29
Marcus Norman Riptide 5-0 1st
Comari Cone Riptide 4-1 2nd
Cade Morgan Glynn 3-2 3rd

Group 30
Luke Boree Clay 5-0 1st
Tyson Musgrove NFWA 4-1 2nd
Ethan Wigotow St. Thomas 3-2 3rd

Group 31
Mathew Kotler NFWA 5-0 1st
Peter Burvenich Reverence 4-1 2nd
Tate Morris SGWC 3-2 3rd

Group 32
Brayden Lovingood UNA 5-0 1st
Jacob Heartline Ancient City 4-1 2nd
Clay Starling Suwanee 3-2 3rd

Group 33
Cody Thompson Screven 5-0 1st
Blake Ethridge Riptide 4-1 2nd
Diego Rivera Creekside 3-2 3rd

Group 34
Joseph Rice NFWA 4-0 1st
Lucas Ketcham Glynn 3-1 2nd
Jaden Lyons SGWC 2-2 3rd

Group 35
Joesph Rice NFWA 5-0 1st
Leon Charlton Riptide 4-1 2nd
Ryan Kline Black Hive 3-2 3rd

Group 36
John Mcnames NFWA 5-0 1st
Samuel Lafferty NFWA 4-1 2nd
Bash Hutchinson Riptide 3-2 3rd

Girls Brackets
Group 37
Breanna Higgins Camden 2-0 1st
Josie Davis Riptide 1-1 2nd
Sydney Callis River City 0-2 3rd

Group 38
Kailanini Barrientos Oakleaf 2-0 1st
Carlee Morrison Monsta 1-1 2nd
Celia Flowers Charlton 0-2 3rd

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