#FLSuper32EE: Complete Area Girls’ Results

KISSIMMEE — Local HS girls’ results from Saturday’s Florida Super 32 Early Entry tournament in Kissimmee.

Maya Alvarado (Panda, 97): L-DEC Hayle Peck (Palmetto Ridge), 12-10; FALL Victoria Ceballos (Doral Academy), 3:57.
Helena Alcantar (Panda, 108): TF Adriana Veras (Gladiator), 10-0; FALL Iyonna Church-Ross (SW Fla Elite, 1:10; FALL Sofia Ferran (Mater Lakes), 1:32.

Shelby Sherman (Fearless/Apopka, 115): FALL Donavanne Reinhard (Ponte Vedra), 1:49; L-FALL Maeve Case (Beebe Trained), 2:42.
Kailani Barrientos (Oakleaf Knights, 123): FALL Paris Martinez (Attack), 2:40; TF Rocio Riol (Gladiator), 10-0; L-DEC Callie Alfieri (Palm Harbor Hurricanes), 10-4.
Amy Etienne (Dr Phillips, 172): L-FALL Ferny Hernandez (Gladiator), 1:33; L-FALL Hernandez, 3:06.
Emma Dix (Ponte Vedra, 195): L-TF Alyssa Favara (Garage Boyz), 10-0; L-FALL Favara, :53.

Mary Manis (LHP/St Johns County resident, 103): TF Gabriele Tedesco (Lake Gibson), 10-0; L-DEC Evelyn Holmes-Smith (Assassins/ALA), 13-6; TF Adrianna Barrientos (Oakleaf Dark Knights), 13-2; FALL Natalie Duran (Gladiator), 1:15.
Erin Rizzuto (Ponte Vedra, 108): TF Emily Rivera (Wildcat Nation), 10-0; L-DEC Ferran, 8-6; ID over Sophia Mallon (Ponte Vedra); TF Church-Ross, 12-0.
Cynthia Kowitski (Ponte Vedra, 115): FALL Nadia Ayers (North Port), 2:52; L-FALL Case, 1:51; TF Anna Ward (Naples), 19-8; DEC Nadia Ayers (North Port), 17-15.
Bailey Waltz (Timber Creek, 130): FALL Christina Turner (Eagles), :37; FALL Arianna Ruiz (Mater Lakes), :33; L-DEC Shakirah Townsend (Gladiator), 9-7; L-ID Talia Lugo (Attack).
Olivia Richie (Ponte Vedra, 139): L-FALL Gabriella Perez (Port St Lucie), 1:57; L-DEC Gabriella Tutera (Gamblers), 10-7; FALL Cindy Rodriguez (Attack), :43; FALL Madison Waltz (Timber Creek), 1:26.

Madison Waltz (Timber Creek, 139): FALL Rodriguez, 3:50; L-TF Tutera, 10-0; L-FALL Perez, 2:43; L-FALL Richie, 1:26.

Did not qualify

Adrianna Barrientos (Oakleaf Dark Knights, 103, T-5th): L-DEC Duran, 14-9; DEC Tristany Smallwood (Venice), 9-5; L-TF Manis, 13-2.
Sophia Mallon (Ponte Vedra, 108, T-5th): L-FALL Church-Ross, :42; FALL Veras, 2:40; L-ID Rizzuto.
Donavanne Reinhard (Ponte Vedra, 115, T-5th): FALL Ward, 2:20; L-FALL Sherman, 1:49; L-FALL Ayers, 1:57.

Samantha Sherman (Fearless/Apopka, 123): L-FALL Riol, 1:28; L-FALL Martinez, 1:35.

You can review the brackets HERE: SUPER 32 FLA EARLY ENTRY — GIRLS

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