#FLSuper32EE: DiBella Win Leads Northern Qualifiers

KISSIMMEE — Local middle school results from today’s Florida Super 32 Early Entry tournament in Kissimmee.

Mario DiBella (NFWA, 105): FALL Gustavo Ferreira (Heritage Panthers), 1:35; FALL Kellen Mesina (Mater Lakes), 4:01; FALL Adaias Ortiz (CFWA/LHP), 3:41.

Vlad Chechkovsky (Bold City, 112): DEC Jack Lietz (unattached), 4-2; DEC Cael Helm (Hernando), 4-0; L-DEC Brandon Higgins (The Outsiders), 9-2.

Parker Richards (Bronco Elite, 136): L-FALL Kyle King (FL Scorpions), 1:46; L-FALL Jonathan Moreno (Gladiator), 2:24.
Bear Siegal (Gulf Coast Grappling, 145): L-DEC Mac Andrews (Wellington), 5-0; FALL Luke Thornton (unattached); 2:29; L-FALL Jeremiah Chavis (Hernando), 1:26; TF Tison Rivers (Clay), 18-3.

Chase Wolgamuth (Seminole Cty, 70): L-DEC Case Gustafson (FL Scorpions), 6-0; L-DEC Benito Barnhart (Naples Bears, 5-1); L-DEC Ethan Raley (FL Scorpions), 4-1.
Landon Martin (Clay, 120): L-FALL Kawayran Vazquez (Jesuit Tigers), 2:23; FALL Isaac Fayer (Mocco), 3:28; L-TF Benjamin Wolgamuth (SW Fla Elite), 16-0.

Did not qualify

Nikita Chechkovsky (Bold City, 105): L-DEC Mesina, 7-2; FALL Devinn Dunn (Buffalo Stampeders), 1:56; L-MD Ferreira, 12-0.

Riley Alcantar (Panda, 80): L-DEC Keagan Masina (Mater Lakes), 2-0, SV; L-DEC Cannon Sommer (Triangle), 7-0.
Levi Osborne (Mighty Oak Combat, 80): L-FALL Masina, :35; L-FALL Zachary Leto (Caveman), :12.
Chris Graham (NFWA, 120): L-MD Ethan Tran (Mater Lakes), 11-0; L-MD B. Wolgamuth, 10-2.

Tison Rivers (Clay, 145): L-FALL Thornton, 2:35; L-FALL Andrews, 1:36; L-FALL Chavis, 1:50; L-TF Siegal, 18-3.

Full middle school brackets HERE: FLORIDA SUPER 32 EARLY ENTRY — MIDDLE SCHOOL

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