Personal Note

Thank You Sponsors

It’s been long past time since I sent out thank-yous. My mother is raging in eternity that I have misplaced my manners.

This offseason, we published over 100 #TheSeason recaps across two states. This is a unique feature not found elsewhere close, anyway. These are early-radar scouting reports on a good chunk of your immediate competition. We made several appearances at offseason events — around a dozen or so, maybe 15, most recently road-tripping to Osceola for Super 32.

And we began prepping for the season to come.

We didn’t have many days off this “off-season.” A few, but not many. And starting today, there’s likely not to be any off-days between now and April.

The donations from folks like these — who’ve donated online or sent via regular mail — have my gratitude, however belated my public thanks are. Life becomes a little easier with them. This is particularly true in this fall season, the first one since 2015 where I have not covered a dozen football games for local media. I’ve liked having Friday nights free to do things like buy groceries, or work, or as importantly, not work, but it’s made the budget a bit tighter.

We’ve started our Georgia preview writing — our first of seven was just completed today — and we’re still working with coaches to collect schedules. So far, for both states, we’re a little over 40 in hand out of around 120 or so. As we get close to October, we’re going to try to follow college wrestlers once again through our #NextLevel feature.

If you have opportunity to donate in the near-future — and I recognize that may be difficult, but believe me, any amount is helpful — I would ask you to reach out via Venmo or Paypal; if you prefer an alternative means, hit me up on Facebook and we’ll work something out.

Our most recent donations have come from the following folks, some Georgia and some Florida:

  • Kevin Glavin
  • St Johns Wrestling Academy
  • John Villenueva
  • Rod Maritato
  • Joey Secoy
  • Matthew Lawrence
  • Scott Snyder
  • John & Jennifer Mulvany
  • Bryan Fortay

The work continues, more or less without stopping. Thanks for continuing to read us — I know you have other options — and for your consideration.

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