#GFCDay1: 3 Area Elites Assure Places, Bibla 2x 2nd

MYRTLE BEACH, SC — Full results for the coverage area from Saturday’s competitions in the Grappler Fall Classic. Wrestling continues on Sunday.

Grappler Fall Classic Folkstyle

Boys HS Elite
(Semis & placing matches Sunday)
98: Liam Davis (St Johns/LHP)
QTRS: FALL Lincoln Sledzianowski (Naples), 3:34.
SEMIS: v Colyn Limbert (OH).

112: Trenton Dominguez (Timber Creek)
R32: FALL Lacy Harvey (OH), 3:41.
R16: L-DEC Tyler Washburn (Palmetto Ridge), 6-4, SV.
R2CONSI: L-DEC Mathew Velasco (Somerset Academy), 4-2.

152: Joe Gonzalez (Winter Park)
R64: FALL Nathan Westcott (MI), 1:19.
R32: FALL Payne Perkins (CA), 4:42.
R16: DEC Brandon Cody (Master’s Academy), 7-1.
QTRS: DEC Brendon Abdon (Lake Gibson), 3-2.
SEMIS: v Darius Marines (MI).

152: Roberto Cuartero (Bishop Kenny)
R32: L-FALL Connor Powell (Hillgrove GA), 3:53.
R3CONSI: DEC Elias Corona (CA), 7-0.
R4CONSI: L-FALL Austin Collins (SC), 3:00.

160: Ransom Randolph (Apopka)
R32: L-TF Domonic Baker (VA), 17-2.
R2CONSI: FALL Nate Booth (OH), 2:56.
R3CONSI: FALL Trave’air Barbour (MI), 3:54.
R4CONSI: L-DEC Hunter Andel (OH), 8-1.

160: Collin Hearn (Bishop Kenny)
R32: L-TF Nicholas Vafiadis (VA), 21-6.
R3CONSI: DEC Carson Wince (NC), 6-3.
R4CONSI: L-FALL Jaylon Riggins (MI), 1:44.

215: Ralph Sanchez (Apopka)
R16: FALL Avant Jackson (Collins Hill GA), 4:50.
QTRS: L-FALL Caden Ferris (MI), 2:14.
R2CONSI: DEC Owen Moss (Gilmer GA), 4-0.
C-QTRS: v Logan Webster (Sequoyah GA).

Girls HS
102: Adrianna Barrientos (Oakleaf)
QTRS: FALL Jamie Heart (NC), 1:20.
SEMIS: L-MD Mary Manis (Ponte Vedra/LHP), 11-2.
C-SEMIS: L-FALL Jeulenea Khang (NC), :32.
5TH: L-FFT Heart (6th place).

102: Mary Manis (Ponte Vedra/LHP)
SEMIS: MD Adrianna Barrientos (Oakleaf), 11-2.
FINAL: L-FALL Kealonie Vega (Osceola), 5:42. (2nd place).

120: Brielle Bibla (Tocoi Creek)
QTRS: FALL Lacey Gilbert (KY), 3:13.
SEMIS: FALL Kailani Barrientos (Dark Knights), :15.
FINAL: L-DEC Isabel Rodriguez (NC), 9-7, SV. (2nd place).

120: Kailani Barrientos (Dark Knights)
QTRS: DEC Brooke French (Whitefield Academy GA), 6-2.
SEMIS: L-FALL Brielle Bibla (Tocoi Creek), :15.
C-SEMIS: L-DEC Cameron Galvin (FreedomORL), 10-4.
5TH: DEC Aajia Jones (SC), 11-8 (5th place).

126: Brielle Bibla (Tocoi Creek)
R2 (bye R1): FALL Melania Szawranskyj (OH), 5:11.
R3: FALL Michaiah Allen (NC), :28.
R4: FALL Callie Alfieri (Gulf), 1:03.
R5: L-FALL May Prado (Lassiter GA), 1:59 (2nd place).

132/139: Kendall Bibla (Tocoi Creek)
QTRS: L-FALL Lauren Walton (KY), :48.
C-QTRS: L-MD Sofia Delgado (Miami), 13-0.
7TH: BYE (7th place).

Boys 14-under
80: Connor Barnes (Dark Knights)
R1: L-FALL Johnny Barron (NJ), 2:29.
R2: L-FALL Ethan Smith (MI), 1:40.
R3: L-FALL Ace Chittum (TN), :59.
R4: L-FALL Layne Martin (MI), 1:35.
R5: L-MD Santino DiMatteo (NJ), 14-2 (6th place).

105: Angel Rodriguez (Dark Knights)
R16: L-MD Pace Lilenfeld (GA), 9-1.
R1CONSI: L-FALL Landon Quiroga (Melbourne), 1:48.

110: Ion Hortinela (Dark Knights)
R1: L-FALL Jackson Golding (CA), :28.
R3 (bye R2): L-TF Brandon Higgins (The Outsiders GA), 15-0.
R4: DEC Mason Fox (FLA), 8-2.
R5: L-FALL Hunter Prosen (The Outsiders GA), 2:44 (4th place).

120: Sebastian Bonachea (Dark Knights)
R16: MD Cole Sides (TX), 11-3.
QTRS: FALL Justin Prince (NC), :46.
SEMIS: L-MD Laudan Henry (NJ), 11-2.
C-SEMIS: L-FALL Isaac Johns (KY), 2:54.
5TH: L-FALL Cameron Helton (TN), 4:00 (6th place).

155: Ronin Gault (Lake Mary)
R1: DEC Matt Phillips (GA), 4-2.
R3 (bye R2): L-FALL Marrion Nelson (Orlando), :47 (2nd place).

Boys 12-under
91/96: Colton Bell (Ocala)
QTRS: L-FALL Dylan Villers (TN), 2:20.
C-SEMIS: L-FALL Hunter Eek (MI), 3:45.
5TH: FALL Jonathan Graham, 1:58 (5th place).

101/112: Matthew Braddock (Fleming Island)
R1: L-FALL Mitchell Rowland (NC), 2:49.
R2: FALL Alexander Moody (NC), 2:51.
R4 (bye R3): DEC Camden Herron (NC), 6-4.
R5: L-DEC Anders Tibbs (MI), 6-0 (3rd place).

Boys 10-under
75: Bryce Fiore (St Augustine)
R1: MD Ethan Halstead (NC), 9-1.
R2: FALL John Plott (SC), 1:01.
R3: DEC Carter Evans (NC), 10-3 (CHAMPION).

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