#Super32: Day 1 Results

Just HS boys contesting today. Youth divisions and HS girls begin on Sunday.

At Greensboro Coliseum NC
Defense Soap Super 32

North Florida Results
Rd of 128: Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail) p. Alex Hyman (GA), 3:21.
Rd of 64: Matthew Botello (MA) d. Vugman, 5-3.
Consi 64 #2: Vugman d. Tyler Riley (CA), 3-2.
Consi 32 #1: Tahir Parkins (PA) d. Vugman, 5-2.

Rd of 128: Jayce Paridon (Fleming Island) d. Kyle Gibson (VA), 7-0.
Rd of 64: Luke Stanich (NJ) md. Paridon, 9-1.
Consi 64 #2: Jack Bastarrika (NJ) d. Paridon, 6-0.

Rd of 126: Joseph Morris (SC) p. Jakob Zawosky (Forest), 1:26.
Consi 64 #1: Mitchell Neiner (WA) p. Zawosky, 2:31.

Rd of 128: Christopher Bacchioni (NJ) d. Nick Hejke (Mosley), 5-0.
Consi 64 #2: Hejke d. Boede Campbell (OH), 4-2.
Consi 32 #1: Kal Miller (MO) md. Hejke, 10-1.

Rd of 32: Gabriel Garibaldo (NY) d. Ralph Sanchez (Apopka), 7-6.
Consi 16 #1: Sanchez d. Devin Kendrex (IN), 2-0.
Consi 16 #2: Nicholas Sahakian (CA) p. Sanchez, 3:25.

Rd of 16: Aidan Fockler (OH) p. Cane Fernandez (Forest), 1:08.
Consi 16 #2: Dylan Galloway (GA) p. Fernandez, 2:18.

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