#Super32: 6 Area Placers Take Podium

At Greensboro (NC) Coliseum
Defense Soap Super 32

Rd of 16: Mary Manis (Ponte Vedra/LHP) VSU1 Klaribel Kirk (OK), 12-2, 3:03; Valarie Solorio (Panama City Beach/WyoSem PA) VSU Alexandra Sebek (IL), 10-0, 1:00.
Quarters: Erica Pastoriza (PA) VPO1 Manis, 8-4; Gigi Bragg (MN) VPO1 Solorio, 5-2.
Consi 8 #2: Solorio VSU Amelia Murphy (PA), 10-0, 1:36; Manis VFA Annalise Maralit (SC), 1:19.
Consi 4: Solorio VFA Brooke Corrigan (WI), :58; Manis VPO1 Katey Valdez (CO), 4-1.
Consi semis: Solorio VSU Pastoriza, 10-0, 3:58; Manis VIN over Kealonie Vega (FL-Freedom).
3rd place: Solorio VSU Manis, 10-0, 3:18.

Rd of 32: Juliana Diaz (Dr Phillips) VSU Jillian Timberlake (WV), 10-0, :22.
Rd of 16: Diaz VSU1 Raegan Briggs (OH), 14-4, 2:23.
Quarters: Diaz VPO1 Kiely Tabaldo (CA), 10-4.
Semis: Jaclyn Dehney (NH) VFA Diaz, 1:26.
Consi semis: Diaz VPO1 Jenavi Alejandro (NV), 1-1.
3rd place: Taina Fernandez (MD) VPO1 Diaz, 10-1.

Rd of 32: Jada Llamido (Hagerty) VSU Leyna Rumpler (PA), 10-0, 2:39.
Rd of 16: Llamido VSU Tessa Lopardo (GA), 12-0, :36.
Quarters: Grace Stern (PA) VSU Llamido, 10-0, 3:02.
Consi 8 #2: Llamido VPO1 Alexis Ross (IA), 3-2.
Consi 4: Llamido VSU Janida Garcia (CA), 11-0, 2:23.
Consi semis: Llamido VPO1 Kendall Bostelman (PA), 8-5.
3rd place: Llamido VFA Paige Wehrmeister (MO). 2:17.

Quarters: Ella Pagel (MN) VSU1 Henlee Haynes (Mosley), 16-6, 2:45 (Haynes did not compete further due to injury).

Middle School
Rd of 32: Liam Davis (St Johns/LHP) p. JJ Beauvais (AZ), 1:43.
Rd of 16: Davis d. Eric Casula (OK), 2-0.
Quarters: Davis d. Chris Dennis (PA), 3-2.
Semis: Jayden James (NJ) md. Davis, 8-0.
Consi semis: Davis d. Rylan Seacrist (OH), 3-1.
3rd place: Dale Corbin (VA) d. Davis, 1-0.

Rd of 32: Brady Hand (VA) d. Mario DiBella (Jacksonville), 6-0.
Consi 16 #1: Dom Prosperi (OH) md. DiBella, 8-0.

Rd of 64: Max Wirnsberger (PA) p. Nikita Chechkovsky (Jacksonville), 1:57.
Consi 32 #2: Nate Keller (NJ) md. N. Chechkovsky, 12-0.

Rd of 32: Blake Hostetter (PA) md. Clinton Legg (Alafaya), 8-0; Blaze Van Gundy (OH) p. Vlad Chechkovsky (Jacksonville), 1:49.
Consi 16 #1: Salah Tsarni (MD) md. V. Chechkovsky, 12-1; Jackson Weller (NJ) d. Legg, 4-0.

Rd of 16: Steve Mytych (PA) md. Daemeon Coleman (Milton), 9-0; Michael Nicosia (PA) tf. Jayden Coleman (Milton), 17-0, 4:00.
Consi 8 #1: Elliott Harris (AL) d. D. Coleman, 4-0; J. Coleman d. Jordan Arenz (NJ), 3-2.
Consi 8 #2: Knox Ayala (IA) md. J. Coleman, 12-1.

Rd of 16: Roman Tuttle (VA) d. Riley Alcantar (Milton), 11-4.
Consi 16 #2: Alcantar p. Chase Morrison (MI), :35.
Consi 8 #1: Andrew Gomez (PA) d. Alcantar, 6-2.

Quarters: Mitchell Rowland (NC) p. Matthew Braddock (Fleming Island), 2:26.
Consi 4: Braddock p. Asher Anthony (VA), :28.
Consi semis: Braddock p. Mark Evans (SC), 2:56.
3rd place: Rowland d. Braddock, 4-2.

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