#SunshineDuals: Day 2 Scorelist

At Orange County Convention Center, Orlando

Championship: South Dade Gladiators 38, CFWAxLHP 23.
3rd: The Outsiders 40, Eagle Empire 28.
5th: Southside Mafia 49, Seminole County 21.
7th: Ford Dynasty fft over Alpha Dogz Elite.
Semis: CFWAxLHP 38, The Outsiders 24; South Dade Gladiators 35, Eagle Empire 28.
Quarters: The Outsiders 45, Alpha Dogz Elite 27; CFWAxLHP 31, Southside Mafia 29; Eagle Empire 38, FordDynasty 27; South Dade Gladiators 45, Seminole County 27.
Pigtails: Alpha Dogz Elite 39, Backyard Boyz 25; Seminole County 56, Alpha 15.
Consi qtrs: Seminole County 38, Backyard Boyz 30; FordDynasty rec bye; Southside Mafia rec bye; Alpha Dogz Elite 65, Alpha 12.
Consi semis: Seminole County 39, FordDynasty 25; Southside Mafia 51, Alpha Dogz Elite 15.

Championship: Young Guns 37, Garage Boyz 32.
3rd: Golden Bears 39, Attack 25.
5th: Cypress Bay 33, Doral Acad./Maximum Performance 29.
7th: TK Talladegas fft over Tm Barracuda.
Semis: Young Guns 42, Attack 23; Garage Boyz 43, Golden Bears 24.
Quarters: Young Guns 52, St Lucie PAL 22; Attack 38, Tm Barracuda 36; Golden Bears 36, TK Talladegas 33; Garage Boyz 47, Kame Style 27.
Pigtails: St Lucie PAL 46, Cypress Bay 30; Kame Style 38, Doral Acad./Maximum Performance 25.
Consi qtrs: Cypress Bay 36, Kame Style 32; TK Talladegas rec bye; Tm Barracuda rec bye; Doral Acad./Maximum Performance 43, St Lucie PAL 30.
Consi semis: Cypress Bay 48, TK Talladegas 34; Doral Acad./Maximum Performance fft over Tm Barracuda.

Championship: Tropics 55, Panther 13.
3rd: Wellington 44, SWAT 16.
5th: Backyard Boyz White 48, Buffalo Stampeders 12.
7th: Backyard Boyz Blue 48, Citrus 30.
Semis: Panther 42, SWAT 28; Tropics 52, Wellington 19.
Quarters: SWAT 39, Backyard Boyz Blue 21; Panther 39, Backyard Boyz White 34; Tropics 73, Citrus 3; Wellington 54, Buffalo Stampeders 9.
Consi semis: Buffalo Stampeders 39, Citrus 35; Backyard Boys White 37, Backyard Boyz Blue 30.
Extra dual: SOWA 54, St Lucie PAL/Tropics 17.

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