#SunshineMen: Top Area Performances

Here’s a list of the stronger performances at the Sunshine National Duals event in Orlando this weekend.

Disclaimer before we start: It’s very hard to know all the kids in the area, particularly when that area has grown recently. So if your son should be on this list and isn’t, it’s because I’m still fuzzy on the area. That should change before long. I reviewed 48 guys that I’m sure go to a school that competes in Region 1 for boys wrestling. There may be more. So be kind in letting me know once this posts, if there’s a change that needs to be made.

8 wins
Cayden Bevis (Young Guns, 8-0, 6 pins, decision).
Ralph Sanchez (CFWAxLHP, 8-0, 4 pins, major, decision).
Ethan Vugman (Southside Mafia, 8-0, 6 pins, major, decision).

7 wins
Nick Hejke (Southside Mafia, 7-1, 5 pins, tech, decision).
Aiden Moore (Young Guns, 7-1, 2 pins, injury-default).
Ethan Larsen (Kame Style, 7-2, 6 pins).
Wyatt Leduc (Kame Style, 7-2, pin, 5 decisions).
Derrick Mosley (Kame Style, 7-2, 4 pins, 2 decisions).
Isaiah Shevchook (Kame Style, 7-2, 3 pins, decision).

6 wins
Lochlan Higgins (Alpha WC, 6-2, 5 pins).
Tamarion Kendrick (CFWAxLHP, 6-2, pin, tech, major, 3 decisions).
Joseph Rice (Backyard Boyz, 6-2, 2 pins, win by DQ, decision).
Bryce Dodge (Alpha Dogz Elite, 6-3, 5 pins).
Cane Fernandez (Seminole County, 6-4, 5 pins).

5 wins
Joseph Gonzalez (CFWAxLHP, 5-0, 4 pins, major).
Ransom Randolph (CFWAxLHP, 5-1, pin, tech, decision).
Kamdon Harrison (Alpha WC, 5-2, 3 pins, decision).
Blake Watts (Alpha WC, 5-2, 4 pins, decision).
Nikolas Blake (Alpha WC, 5-3, 3 pins).
Trenton Dominguez (CFWAxLHP, 5-3, 2 pins, major, 2 decisions).
Hunter Tate (Alpha WC, 5-3, pin, 2 decisions).
Luke Boree (Kame Style, 5-4, 3 pins, 2 decisions).

4 wins
Landon Revis (Alpha WC, 4-4, pin, decision).
Jean Vasquez (CFWAxLHP, 4-4, 2 pins, major, decision).

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