#Panhandle: Host Mosley Runs Table For Weekend Title

LYNN HAVEN — Mosley had a too-quick exit from the 2A-District 1 dual team tournament midweek last week at Gulf Breeze.

But the Dolphins showed some duals strength at home over the weekend in the Panhandle Classic, going 10-0 to win the two-day duals tournament.

Mosley (12-3 in duals for the season) won its pool on Friday, with a 5-0 record. The Dolphins defeated Wewahitchka (71-6), Bay (57-21), Marianna (78-6), Destin (66-16) and Northside Methodist (ALA), 65-12.

In the top-flighted Pool A on Saturday, Mosley put up another 5-0 record, though Round 2’s opponent, Niceville, put up a stern test before falling, 42-39, in what was the effective championship dual. The Dolphins also took wins over North Bay Haven (5425), Bay (66-18), Rocky Bayou Christian (60-24) and South Walton (59-24) for the tournament title.

The Dolphin coaches applied a mix-and-match approach in the first day of the tournament, sending out 25 different wrestlers over the course of Friday’s wrestling. . All but one had their hand raised at least once.

Five Mosley wrestlers were unbeaten over the course of the weekend, led by Nick Hejke (152, 6 pins & tech), who was 9-0. Hejke also set a new Bay County record for career wins over the course of the weekend, and has eight more weeks to add to that record.

Valarie Solorio (106, 6 pins & tech), Derrick Williams (113, 4 pins), Calvin Williams (120/126, 5 pins & tech) and Robert Wills (285, 6 pins) each were 8-0 for the Dolphins.

Marshall Dixon (195/220, 3 pins) was the only Mosley wrestler to appear in all 10 duals, posting an 8-2 record. John Mengel (182, 4 pins and win by DQ) was 7-1, while Ronald McKaye (170, 4 pins) was 5-2 in a regular role and Sebastian Schultz (138, 4 pins) 5-4. Andre Trice (182/195, pin) added a 4-4 tournament, with Eric Sapp (126/132, 3 pins) chipped in a 4-2 regular-role performance for the Dolphins.

Mosley will next go to Wewahitchka’s two-day Gator Brawl tournament, which has historically included both full roundrobins and also roundrobin pools leading to flighted brackets in past years. That tournament begins on Friday.

Here’s how the rest of the 16 Florida teams in the tournament fared this past weekend:

Niceville (19-8 for season, 8-1 in event): The Eagles won their Friday pool with a 4-0 mark, taking wins over Rocky Bayou Christian (51-30), Tate (57-15), Milton (81-0) and Rutherford (60-12), with Saturday wins over Bay (66-9), Rocky Bayou Christian (48-33), South Walton (42-36) and North Bay Haven (48-28).

Bryce Travis (160, 6 pins) and Martin Black (170/182, 6 pins) both were 9-0 max-pointers for Niceville.

Harrisen Wall (182/195, 7 pins) was 8-1 for the Eagles, while Garrett Jarvis (120, 7 pins), Ethan Pinto (126, 4 pins) and Asa Adams (285, 2 pins & decision) all were 7-2. JJ Martinez (145, 3 pins & 2 decisions) was 6-2, with Aidan Kyllonen (152, 3 pins) adding a 5-1 regular-role record, Colt Dannenmueller (138, 3 pins & 2 decisions) going 5-3 and James Opitz (220, 2 pins & decision) 5-4 for the Eagles. Ty Hawkins (170, 3 pins) was 4-1 in a regular role, with Alexis Krumnow (132, 3 pins) adding a 4-4 weekend for Niceville.

The Eagles will be at Suwannee’s Billy Saylor Duals this coming Friday and Saturday.

South Walton (unknown season record, 8-2 in event): The Seahawks won their pool on Friday, going 5-0 with wins over Choctaw (48-31), Liberty County (68-6), Bozeman (60-18), Arnold (71-5) and North Bay Haven (64-18). On Saturday, South Walton had wins over Rocky Bayou Christian (48-36), Bay (63-12) and North Bay Haven (60-24).

Max Brewster (120, 7 pins & 2 techs) bonus-pointed his way to a 10-0 weekend, while Dylan Billingsley (145, 2 pins, tech & 2 decisions) also was a 10-0 unbeaten for South Walton.

Brett Canut (106, 5 pins & 2 decisions) and Nick Lee (285, 5 pins & injury-default) both were 9-1 for the Seahawks, while Gibson Moore (132/138, 5 pins) was 7-1, Isaac Brinson (126/132, 4 poins) 7-2, with John Lopez (160, 2 pins & major), Kaden Shaw (182/195, 3 pins) and Elijah Ramirez (195/220, 5 pins & tech) all going 7-3. Shane Lane (170, 3 pins) added a 5-5 weekend as well for South Walton.

The Seahawks will be at Fernandina Beach’s War on the Shore duals tournament on Saturday.

North Bay Haven (unknown season record, 6-4 in event): The Buccaneers were 4-1 on Friday, with wins over Arnold (75-6), Bozeman (75-6), Choctaw (51-24) and Liberty County (66-14). On Saturday, NBH took wins over Rocky Bayou Christian (54-30) and Bay (57-24).

David Mercado (195/220, 4 pins & tech) bonus-pointed his way to a 10-0 tournament, leading the team.

Logan McAlister (220, 7 pins) was 8-1 and Bryan Hurtado (138/145, 4 pins/major/decision) 8-2 for North Bay Haven, with Tristen Le (126/132, 4 pins & decision) going 7-2. Gavin Ricca (106/113, 4 pins & decision), Bear Siegal (145/152, pin & decision) and Kam D’Niroux (285, 4 pins) all were 6-3, with Jack Hauck (152/160, pin) going 5-3 and Peyton Saluto (182) 4-3 in regular roles.

North Bay Haven will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Rocky Bayou Christian (unknown season record, 4-5 in event) The Knights had three Friday wins, downing Tate (48-24), Milton (60-15) and Rutherford (60-21). On Saturday, RBCS wrapped the tournament with its fourth win, 54-30, over Bay.

Ethan Heathershaw (132/138, 7 pins) paced the Knights with an 8-0 weekend.

Luke Latham (132/138, 8 pins) and Peyton Andersen (170, 3 pins, injury default & decision) both were 8-1 for Rocky Bayou, while Wyatt Moore (106/113, 4 pins) was 6-2 and Jeremiah O’Sullivan (220, 3 pins) 6-3. Thomas Pluhar (106/113, 3 pins) and Caleb Zwalve (182/195) both were 5-4, with Russell Merrifield (182/195, 3 pins) was 5-2 for the Knights in a regular role.

Rocky Bayou Christian will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Bay (unknown season record, 4-6 in event): The Tornadoes were 4-1 on Friday, with wins over Marianna (48-24), Destin (48-24), Northside Methodist (45-24) and Wewahitchka (39-36).

David Drake (113/120, 4 pins & decision) posted Bay’s top record, going 7-1 over the course of the weekend.

Corban Cherry (145, 2 pins & 2 decisions) was 7-2 in the event, while Elijah Stillgess (126/132, 6 pins) had a 6-4 tournament, Michelle Brickley (106/113, 2 pins) at 5-4 and Leonardo Sanchez (120/126, 3 pins & decision) at 5-5. In regular roles, Trenton Wood (152, 2 pins) and Nicholas Wood (152, pin) combined for a 7-3 weekend effort.

Bay will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Choctaw (15-11 for season, 8-2 in event): The Indians had three Friday wins over Arnold (54-24), Bozeman (60-24) and Liberty County (6-15), but ran the table Saturday, with dual wins over Tate (41-27), Rutherford (48-36), Northside Methodist (54-11), Arnold (60-18) and Wewahitchka (42-27).

Bradack Carroll (152/160, 3 pins/major/decision) and Jesse Sarver (182/195, 5 pins) both led the Indians with 10-0 tournament records.

Deagan Kilpatrick (113/120, 6 pins & tech) was 9-1 for Choctaw, wihle Caden McKinney (220, 6 pins & decision) put in 8-1 work. Chris Bularon (182/195) was 7-3 for the Indians, while Chase Pelfrey (285, 4 pins) had a 6-1 record in a regular role. Garrett Younghanse (145/152, pin) was 6-3, with Jacob Johns (126, 4 pins) and Antonio Daquep (132, 5 pins) both going 6-4.

Choctaw will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Rutherford (unknown season record, 6-3 in event): The Rams had Friday wins over Milton (72-6) and Tate (48-34), going 4-1 on Saturday with wins over Arnold (60-12), Wewahitchka (42-36), Northside Methodist (58-18) and Tate (42-33).

Romero Black (138, 6 pins, major & decision) was Rutherford’s team leader, with a 9-0 weekend record.

Keaton Schirmer (170, 4 pins) was 6-1 in a regular role for the Rams, while Dylan Malott (106/113, 3 pins), Cyrus Nichols (120, 3 pins) and Tyler Hall (182/195, 3 pins) all were 6-3. Gabriel Breen (106/113) and Giovanni Vinczan (132, 4 pins) were both 5-3, with Seth’lyn Banks (152) adding a 4-4 mark for Rutherford.

Rutherford will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Wewahitchka (8-10 for season, 6-4 in event): The Gators were 3-2 on both days, with Friday wins over Destin (54-18, Northside Methodist (40-36) and Marianna (60-18), with Saturday dual victories over Northside Methodist (45-30), Arnold (48-24) and Tate (40-36).

Wewa sent out 20 wrestlers over the course of the weekend and all but one had their hand raised during the weekend, with Justin Johnson (126, 3 pins, major & 2 decisions) going 9-0 after sitting out the first round.

Briceson Davis (285, 4 pins) was the only Gator to appear in all 10 duals this past weekend, going 7-3, while Conner Roberts (145/152, 5 pins) was 6-3. In regular roles, Kaylee Easter (132, 5 pins) was 5-0 and Jake Parker (106/113, 4 pins & major) putting up a 5-1 mark. Both Tyler Johnson (113, pin) and Wesley Spencer (120, pin) were 4-2 for the Gators.

Wewahitchka will host Gator Brawl this coming weekend.

Tate (5-14 for season, 3-6 in event): The Aggies had a Friday win over Milton (66-12) and Saturday wins over Northside Methodist (48-24) and Arnold (51-0).

Landen George (220, 8 pins) was a 9-0 max-pointer to led Tate’s charge through the weekend.

Landon Hutto (160, 4 pins & major) was 8-1, with Caiden Stone (145, 3 pins/major/decision) and Carson White (152, 3 pins) both posting 7-2 records. Julian Agosto (113, 2 pins & 2 decisions) and Roman Sison (138, 4 pins/tech/decision) both were 6-3, with Kaden McDonald (170, pin & decision) adding a 5-4 tournament for Tate.

The Aggies will travel to Pinellas Park and compete in the Jerry Mita Invitational on Friday & Saturday.

Arnold (unknown season record, 2-8 in event): The Marlins took Friday wins over Liberty County (42-36) and Bozeman (42-24).

Christian McDonald (170, 6 pins) was Arnold’s team leader, putting up an 8-2 weekend record.

Anthony Bradbury (106/113, 2 pins), Alexander Neisler (132/138, 3 pins & major) and Ian Samarripa (160, 2 pins) all were 5-5 for the Marlins.

Arnold will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Marianna (4-5 for season & event): The Bulldogs didn’t find any wins until Saturday, but swept that second day, with victories over Bozeman (30-24), Milton (42-18), Liberty County (30-24) and Destin (36-24).

Trett Phillips (160, 2 pins) and Zeb Saunders (170, 2 pins) both led Marianna, as both posted 7-2 records for the weekend.

Zeth Harris (285, 4 pins) was 6-2 and Josh Mercer (132, 5 pins) 6-3 for the Bulldogs, with Landon Hollister (106, pin) posting a 5-3 mark and Cody Lewis (152, 2 pins) going 5-4 in the tournament for Marianna.

Marianna will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Bozeman (unknown season record, 3-6 in event): The Bucks opened with a 37-36 criteria win Friday over Liberty County, with Saturday wins over Destin (42-29) and Milton (31-30 in criteria).

Daniel Pierce (138, 3 pins) was Bozeman’s team leader, posting an 8-1 weekend record.

William Groves (170, 4 pins) was 7-2 for the Bucks, while Morgan Duvall (126, pin) contributed a 6-3 tournament.

Bozeman will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Destin (3-6 for season & event): The Sharks, a newly-minted independent team, had a Friday win over Marianna (33-24) and Saturday wins over Liberty County (31-30, criteria) and Milton (30-24).

Charlie Valentine (132, 7 pins) was Destin’s leader on the mats, going 9-0 over the two days.

Zachary Thomas (145/152, 3 pins) was 8-1 for the Sharks, while Matheus Barcelos (152/160, pin/major/decision) and Noah Gentry (160/170, 5 pins) both were 7-2. Jimmy Singleton (113, tech) chipped in a 5-4 tournament for Destin.

We don’t have a schedule for the Sharks, so we are not sure when their next event will be contested.

Milton (2-9 for season, 1-7 in event): The Panthers opened Pool C Saturday competition with a 30-24 win over Liberty County for their only team win of the weekend.

Kyle Flores (285, 3 pins) led Milton with a 6-2 weekend.

Shyann Donaldson (195) was 5-3 for the Panthers, while Ryan Jackson (132/138, 2 pins) came in at 4-4 and Kaylyn Sons (126/132, pin & decision) added a 3-3 tournament in a regular role for Milton.

Milton was at Crestview for a Monday night dual and will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

Liberty County (1-8 for season & event): The Bulldogs picked up their lone win in their final dual of the weekend, a 30-24 victory over Bozeman.

Despite starting just six wrestlers and finishing with five, Liberty County had four finish with better than .500 records. Jay Brown (113/120, 4 pins, tech & decision) led the way for the Bulldogs with a 9-0 record.

Keaton Ellis (106, 5 pins) and Hunter Brown (120/126, 6 pins & decision) both were 8-1 over the course of the weekend, while Alyssa Daniels (220, pin) added a 5-4 tournament effort.

Liberty County will be at Wewahitchka this coming weekend.

You can see a complete set of box scores, 80 strong, all reported HERE.

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