#Metro: 9 Region 1 Wrestlers Win Weight-Class Titles

WINTER PARK — In the end, Freedom’s depth was just enough to overcome both Apopka and Timber Creek and allow the Patriots to win the 2021-22 Metro Conference title Saturday.

Freedom finished with 250 points, 9.5 better than the runnerup Blue Darters and 14 better than the Wolfpack, with Cypress Creek fourth at 146.

Windermere pushed past the hosts, 134-129, to grab fifth place. Ocoee, with 110.5 points, was eighth and Dr Phillips 10th with 82.

In the second 10, Olympia was 11th (79 points), Wekiva 13th (71), Evans 16th (59) and West Orange 19th (34). University (Orlando) was 22nd and did not score.

Below follows a summary of placing wrestlers classified in Region 1 at each weight class, where applicable —

106: Timber Creek’s Jean Vazquez won the title, pinning his way through the draw with four pins, including Friday falls over Horizon (:45, rd of 16) and Windermere’s Franco Bustamante (1:42, quarters). On Saturday, Vazquez had pins over Oak Ridge (2:50, semis) and over Freedom’s Jeremiah Joseph (3:22) in the championship. Bustamante came back after the quarterfinal loss with four pins in the consis, falling Oak Ridge (4:43) for third. Apopka’s Shelby Sherman, a semifinalist, wound up sixth, medical-forfeiting to Cypress Creek in the fifth-place match.

113: Timber Creek’s Trenton Dominguez made it back-to-back Wolfpack champs, pinning his way into the final, where he majored Freedom’s Evan Martinez with an 8-0 shutout. Earlier, Dominguez had Friday pins over Cypress Creek (:30, rd of 16) and Olympia’s Shiv Patel (1:30, quarters), with a third fall over Boone (1:58) in the semis. After a quarterfinal loss by fall to East River, Apopka’s Carter White rallied back for two pins in the consis to make podium, eventually taking sixth after losses by fall in the consi semis and to Jones (1:40) in the fifth-place match.

120: Apopka’s Tamarion Kendrick kept Region 1 atop the podium, bonus-pointing through each round, including in the finals, where he falled Lake Nona’s Christian Reinhardt (3:20) to win the championship. On Friday, Kendrick pinned Horizon (:59, rd of 16) and teched Olympia’s Brae White (18-2 in 3:44), with an 11-0 semifinal shutout over Cypress Creek. After a loss by fall to Reinhardt in the quarters, Timber Creek’s Marlo Clark won three consi-side matches, placing fifth with a 10-4 decision victory over Ocoee’s Nathan Ramirez, who’d reached the semis after two Friday max-point wins.

126: Region 1 wrestlers won four in a row, with Apopka’s Jalen Moliere taking the title after bonus-pointing through the field, including a finals pin (1:06) over Lake Nona’s Michael Prado for the bracket win. Moliere had three Friday pins over West Orange’s Giordanny Perez (2:19, rd of 32), Freedom (3:08, rd of 16) and Boone (:21, quarters), with a 13-5 major in the semis over Evans’ Jaylen Clayton. Clayton (2 front-side wins) added two more in the consis for third, turning back Windermere’s Lucas Drone, 8-6, in the consi semis, followed by an 11-5 win over Timber Creek’s Aiden Benson for third, which duplicated his 9-3 quarterfinal win over Benson on Friday. Drone wound up sixth, falling, 9-6, to East River in the fifth-place match.

132: Winter Park’s Jorge Gonzalez made it five Region 1 wins in a row, with a 9-3 decision in an all-area final over Olympia’s Madden Bourst. Gonzalez bonus-pointed through each round prior to the final, with a forfeit over Lake Buena Vista (rd of 16) and fall over Windermere’s Francisco Delgado-Mendez (3:02, quarters), plus a 12-1 major over West Orange’s Chris Perez in the semis. Bourst had a Friday pin over Boone (:23, rd of 16) and tech over Timber Creek’s Michael Enck (17-0 in 5:57, quarters), pushing past Wekiva’s Joshua Raphael, 11-10, in the semis. Perez (2 front-side pins) added a third over Jones in the consi semis, with a 9-8 win over Raphael (front-side pin & major, pin over Delgado-Mendez in the consi semis). Delgado-Mendez wound up sixth, losing by tech (15-0 in 5 minutes) to Jones.

138: Apopka’s Rocco Vargas reached the final behind three pins over Boone (1:21, rd of 16), West Orange’s Stacey Rhodes (1:22, quarters) and over Windermere’s Tyler Drone (2:49, semis) before falling in the championship match to Freedom’s Eric Aja, 7-1. Drone (3 front-side wins) added two more in the consis, with a 6-0 win over Edgewater in the semis, and an 8-5 win over Timber Creek’s Josue Batista for third. Batista lost his only front-side match, but took five consi-side wins to get to the third-place match.

145: Winter Park’s Joseph Parker didn’t give up a point all weekend in taking the title, with Friday pins over Timber Creek’s Barak Matviak (1:56, rd of 16) and Jones (1:12, quarters), coming back Saturday with a 6-0 semifinal win over Colonial and an 8-0 major over Apopka’s Bonosky Fidel in the championship match. Fidel had bonus-pointed through all rounds before the final, with pins over Dr Phillips’ Davy Bancey (2:50, rd of 16) and Oak Ridge (:44, quarters), plus an 11-2 major over Freedom in the semis. Wekiva’s Seth Galvin, who’d lost by fall to Freedom in the quarters, took four wins on the back for third, with a 12-2 major over Colonial in the semis and 13-2 major over Bancey, who’d had four consi-side wins of his own in making podium, for third place.

152: Windermere’s Jerry Vargas reached the final, where he took a loss by fall (1:11) to Freedom’s Elijah Alvarez. In getting to the final, Vargas had a fall over Lake Nona (3:39, rd of 16) and decisions over Cypress Creek (9-3, quarters) and East River (6-4 in sudden victory). Timber Creek’s Daniel Pacheco, who’d lost in the quarters, was fifth with three consi-side wins, including a 7-6 medal-round win over Dr Phillips’ Daniel Melendez, a reprise of their rd-of-16 matchup (which Pacheco won by fall). Melendez won three consi-side matches just to make podium.

160: In an all-area final, Apopka’s Ransom Randolph falled 3A-District 4 rival Eric Gilreath of Ocoee in 5:33 to win the championship. Randolph bonus-pointed through the tournament, with Friday pins over Dr Phillips’ Ryan Cesar (2:09, rd of 16) and East River (3:04, quarters), plus a 10-1 major in the semis over Colonial. For his part, Gilreath had three pins Friday (2:39 over Cypress Creek, 5:39 over Timber Creek’s Jovan Santana in rd of 16, 1 minute over Olympia’s Zach Winkelkotter in quarters), surviving a 14-13 decision over Oak Ridge in the semi.

170: Winter Park’s Tristen Carbonell gave the hosts their third title of the day, with Friday bonus-point wins over University (Orlando)’s Cristopher Pena (pin in 2:31, rd of 16) and over Ocoee’s Andy Delva (16-0 TF in 4:46, quarters), followed by Saturday decisions over Cypress Creek (7-5) in the semis and a 2-1 win over Timber Creek’s Dennis Proulx for the title. Proulx had pins over East River (:38, rd of 16) and Oak Ridge (1:06, quarters), with a 9-3 semifinal win over Horizon. After a quarterfinal loss to Cypress Creek, Windermere’s Kurt Vollenweider had four bonus-point wins for third, including an 8-0 major over Cypress Creek in the bronze-medal match.

182: Ocoee’s Ethan Smith was the top Region 1 finisher in the weight class; after a loss in sudden victory to Evans’ Edward Clayton in the quarters, Smith took four wins in the consis, with a 9-6 semifinal win over Apopka’s Carlson Michel and 17-2 TF (3:35) over Clayton in the third-place match. Clayton (2 front-side wins) fell to East River, 5-0, in the semis, but pinned Dr Phillips’ Amir Motassim (4:20) in the consi semis. Michel edged Motassim in sudden victory, 4-3, for fifth.

195: After a loss by fall to the eventual runnerup from Freedom in the quarters, Dr Phillips’ Andrew Ocegueda finished fourth, tops among Region 1 competitors. Ocegueda (front-side pin) had three bonus-point wins in the consis to make podium, pinning East River in the semis before losing by fall (:54) to Cypress Creek in the bronze-medal match. After a 16-5 loss to the eventual champion from Jones in the quarters, Timber Creek’s Nico Perez won three times on the back to take fifth, with a 7-2 decision over East River in the place match.

220: Apopka’s Ralph Sanchez pinned his way through the tournament, with a fall in the all-Region 1 final over Winter Park’s Liam Glassmeyer in 2:45 for the championship. Sanchez had earlier pins over Jones (:38, rd of 16), Wekiva’s Charles Hall (1:12, quarters) and Ocoee’s Keniel Carrasquille (1:32, semis) before the final. Glassmeyer had two pins of his own over University’s Zell Cataraja (:45, rd of 16) and Evans’ Kevin Gustave (3:19, quarters) before edging Cypress Creek, 6-5, in the semi. After a rd-of-16 loss to East River, Timber Creek’s Chris Pacheco won four times to get back to the third-place match, where he lost by fall (3:11) to Freedom. Carrasquille, who had two front-side wins to reach the semis, wound up sixth.

285: Timber Creek’s Peter Nesheiwat pinned his way to the final round, where he fell by a 3-2 count to Freedom’s Roshaun Dudley in the championship match. Earlier, Nesheiwat had pins over East River (1:27, rd of 16), Lake Buena Vista (2:18, quarters) and Apopka’s Zaire Warner (3:27, semis). Wekiva’s Holly Saintmelus, who fell in the quarters by a 3-2 count to Dudley, had three pins on the back to get back to the third-place match, with a loss by fall (4:17) to Cypress Creek. Ocoee’s Deandre Scott (2 front-side pins) reached the semis, falling 7-4 there to Dudley and then again by fall to Cypress Creek in the consi semis, but came back to decision Warner, 6-2, for fifth. Warner had three front-side wins to reach the semis and assure a place.

Complete brackets from the tournament can be found HERE.

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