#RoadToTheShow: 1A-Region 2 Preview

1A-Region 2

When & where: Palm Bay HS, Melbourne. First session is set for noon Friday. Saturday’s first session set for 10 a.m.; finals usually are at discretion of tournament director and are most often slated for mid-afternoon starts.
Team favorite: Palm Bay should be the favorite to repeat for the title; while Hernando should be the solid favorite for second, look for McKeel, Mulberry, Space Coast, Tenoroc, Villages and Weeki Wachee to all be in play for a top-3 spot.

Brackets can be reviewed HERE:  REGION 2 (PALM BAY)

Matmen’s state picks, sure to be wrong

The picks: 1. Logan Delos Santos (Palm Bay, 3rd); 2. Jonathan Espinosa (Mulberry, 7th). 3. Eric Hurley (Central, Brooksville, 10th). 4. Kyle Pearson (Hernando, 17th).
The local skinny: Seabreeze’s William Sites is looking at Pearson in the quarters, and while Saturday is a good possibility, he will need some breaks to qualify out.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Cole Webb (Cocoa) v Devinn Dunn (Villages).
Dark horse choices: Dunn; Gavin Shelley (McKeel).

The picks: 1. Alex McMiller (Satellite, 5th). 2. Raider Morelli (Space Coast, 6th). 3. Blaine Reed (Crystal River, 7th). 4. Jordyn Valle (Hernando, 18th).
The local skinny: Seabreeze’s River Gray should get a third match Friday, but his draw is not great, with McMiller in round 1 and then either Reed or Morelli in the quarters.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Arron Horr (Cocoa) v Cameron Dillon (Leesburg).
Dark horse choices: Jackson Sommer (Mt Dora, 15th); Asher Nestor (Tenoroc).

The picks: 1. Shaver Jackson (Palm Bay, 7th). 2. TJ Rodier (Hernando, 8th). 3. Anthony Edwards (Space Coast, 14th). 4. Brandon Coleman (Tenoroc, 18th).
The local skinny: No locals at this weight.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Caleb Causey (McKeel) v Presten Pireiro (Astronaut, 17th).
Dark horse choices: Manuel Quinonez (Mt Dora, 15th); Aidan Cooper (Leesburg).

The picks: 1. Mason Medina (Bishop Moore, 9th). 2. Kris Hunter (Tenoroc, 15th). 3. Anthony Dicks (Satellite, 17th). 4. Ashton Breeding (Weeki Wachee, 14th).
The local skinny: Both Deltona’s Kyle Yasses and Seabreeze’s Wyatt Sites have (at least) one winnable front-side match, but their paths to state most likely lies through the bottom half of the consis.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Yasses v Riley Taylor (Space Coast).
Dark horse choices: Blaise Nelson (Villages, 12th); Jean Benavidez (McKeel, 16th).

The picks: 1. Ronald Theilacker (Palm Bay, 1st). 2. James Gadson (Hernando, 11th). 3. Kevin Kerns (Deltona, 7th). 4. Cade Eisenhut (Bishop Moore, 18th).
The local skinny: Kerns has at least a 50-50 chance to make the final. Kent has a chance for state, but he has to get through two of Theilacker/Kerns/Gadson to qualify out.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Eisenhut v Lane Beck (Weeki Wachee, 12th).
Dark horse choices: Dominic Rubino (Master’s Academy, 8th); Blaze Holly (Satellite).

The picks: 1. Daniel Ward (First Academy, 6th). 2. Diego Mojica (Hernando, 11th). 3. Billy Day (Cocoa Beach, 9th). 4. Jamarion Stokes (Palm Bay).
The local skinny: No locals at this weight.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Jamison Pinyan (Atlantic) v Kristian Abercrombie (Mulberry).
Dark horse choices: Damon Wiedmer (Nature Coast); Landon Morgan (Titusville).

The picks: 1. Brandon Cody (Master’s Academy, 1st). 2. Nathan Furman (Palm Bay, 2nd). 3. Ryan Beirne (Satellite, 13th). 4. Caeden Hadry (Space Coast. 14tj).
The local skinny: Seabreeze’s Hayden Herndon should win at least one on the front, but Beirne in the quarters will be tough. Good chances in the consi top half; could see a rematch with Herndon and Deltona’s Matt McCaw in those consis.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Hadry v Jackson Dodge (Hernando).
Dark horse choices: Bradley Torres (McKeel, 20th); Herndon.

The picks: 1. Michael Shannon (Master’s Academy, 6th). 2. Leighton Tinch (Tenoroc, 18th). 3. Dominic Delgado (Leesburg, 16th). 4. Avery Jackson (Palm Bay).
The local skinny: Tough matches for Deltona’s Zane Hair & Seabreeze’s Aiden Hedge; a third match is possible for both and Hair could get to Saturday.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Brandon Ruiz (Hernando) v Deacon Warren (McKeel).
Dark horse choices: Brady Walton (Central, Brooksville); Conner Berry (Mt Dora).

The picks: Vish Williams (McKeel, 3rd). 2. Brycen Turner (Palm Bay, 11th). 3. Kevin Coon (Villages, 5th). 4. Peyton Chancey (Central, Brooksville).
The local skinny: Deltona’s Noah Hancock’s best chance for Saturday is to win his first match, as there will be a very good quarterfinal loser coming into his path through the consis.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Samson Tootle (Space Coast) v Max Marino (Bishop Moore).
Dark horse choices: Caleb Murray (Nature Coast, 20th); Devin Hendrix (Mulberry).

The picks: 1. Michael McCarthy (Satellite, 2nd). 2. Samuel Daniels (Weeki Wachee, 18th). 3. Owen McNabb (McKeel, 5th). 4. Noah Anderson (Atlantic, 19th).
The local skinny: A third match would be a great tournament for Seabreeze’s Brogan Kelly, who’s in a quarterfinal with 92 other wins.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: JoaoPedro Nascimento Baptista (Horizon) v Zachary Emery-Foster (Palm Bay).
Dark horse choices: Nate Greene (Hernando); Allen Wasmund (Space Coast).

The picks: 1. Jaden Markus (Villages. 7th). 2. Octavion Osby (Palm Bay, 9th). 3. Wayne Campbell (McKeel, 6th). 4. Joel Velazquez (Crystal River, 16th).
The local skinny: No local wrestlers at this weight.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Isai Rivera (Tenoroc) v Mason Alsobrook (Space Coast).
Dark horse choices: Abel Manville (Mulberry); Daqyguen Williams (Hernando).

The picks: 1. Caleo Carrera (Palm Bay, 4th). 2. Jaydon Sheely (Space Coast, 20th). 3. Izaiah Jauma (Villages, 8th). 4. Ben Lietz (McKeel, 17th).
The local skinny: Both Seabreeze’s Jackson Pruett and Deltona’s Nate Tsang should get a third match, no matter how their first one goes, but there are talented kids that will be on both halves of the consis, too.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Aiden Rutledge (Titusville) v Jordan Jandro (Weeki Wachee).
Dark horse choices: Javarius Johnson (Lake Region, 15th); Russell Fickett (Mt Dora).

The picks: 1. Darian Gillans (Tenoroc, 6th). 2. Timothy Gray (Crystal River, 14th). 3. Jayshawn Nantce (Hernando, 16th). 4. Keontay Smith (Mulberry, 17th).
The local skinny: Seabreeze’s Pedro Sierra-Bonilla should reach the quarters, but him getting to state is probably through the consis, with a very strong quarterfinal opponent. Deltona’s Wyatt Keckler has a shot for a third match.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Mason Hall-Martinez (Space Coast) v Garrett Harrison (Villages).
Dark horse choices: Derek Green (Cocoa, 20th); Sierra-Bonilla.

The picks: 1. Carlos Gerardino (Palm Bay, 5th). 2. Devin Williams (Hernando. 7th). 3. Joquorius Taylor (Mulberry, 6th). 4. Nathan Hatch (Deltona, 18th).
The local skinny: The quarters will be tricky, but if he gets past that round, it almost won’t matter what happens in the semis for Hatch; the bottom-half consi is a surer path.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Randall Wise (Villages) v Usain Mitchell (Lake Buena Vista).
Dark horse choices: Blake Shaffer (Cocoa); Riley Henchey (Weeki Wachee).

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