#RoadToTheShow: 3A-Region 1 Preview

3A-Region 1

When & where: Flagler Palm Coast, Palm Coast. First session is set for noon Friday. Saturday’s first session set for 10 a.m.; finals usually are at discretion of tournament director and are most often slated for mid-afternoon starts.
Team favorite: Will the host Bulldogs (14th) pull off the region title? Will Buchholz (13th)’s star power and full team figure in a little more this weekend? Could Hagerty (17th) or Apopka (16th) figure into the chase? Where will a Fleming Island-less District 1 top team group slot in? I think the chase is between the hosts and Hagerty.

Brackets can be reviewed HERE:  REGION 1 (FLAGLER PALM COAST)

Matmen’s state picks, sure to be wrong

The picks: 1. Jean Vazquez (Timber Creek, 16th). 2. Angel Rodriguez (Oakleaf, 20th). 3. Aydan Ruano (Forest). 4. Jaiden Zajni (Nease).
The skinny: Vazquez is pretty far ahead of the rest of the weight class, but after that, almost nothing would surprise me about 106. I wouldn’t be surprised if three from one district make it out.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Victor Hopton (DeLand) v Conner Rodriguez (Oviedo).
Dark horse choices: Franco Bustamante (Windermere); Timothy McLean (Flagler Palm Coast).

The picks: 1. Trenton Dominguez (Timber Creek, 8th). 2. Grady Bryant (DeLand, 13th). 3. Lochlann Higgins (Hagerty, 15th). 4. Josh Sabbia (Oviedo).
The skinny: Dominguez is the solid if not outright overwhelming favorite, and while Bryant and Higgins could have a nice quarterfinal fight to get to Dominguez in the final, 4th could get a bit of a shakeup.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Sabbia v Jason Choi (Nease).
Dark horse choices: Carson Baert (Flagler Palm Coast); Ion Hortinela (Oakleaf).

The picks: 1. Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail, 3rd). 2. Tamarion Kendrick (Apopka, 7th). 3. Kole Hannant (Flagler Palm Coast, 6th). 4. Jackson Fredrickson (Lyman).
The skinny: A very solid top-3 appears set to emerge out here, and there’s a few possiblities for the fourth to come out of the bottom half consi. That’s where the drama should be. Could be a complete surprise in that spot.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Jedidiah Brown (Buchholz) v Lincoln Morales (Oakleaf).
Dark horse choices: Phoenix Krauth (DeLand); Keegan Clark (Timber Creek).

The picks: 1. John Hald (Flagler Palm Coast, 6th). 2. Keon Barrientos (Oakleaf). 3. Cavarius Liddie (Buchholz, 7th). 4. Jalen Moliere (Apopka, 19th).
The skinny: Hald emerges as the favorite on points after his district win, but Barrientos has had solid success too. This could be a wildcard weight class.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Lucas Drone (Windermere) v Kellen Chapman (DeLand, 18th).
Dark horse choices: Conner Wright (Creekside); Chapman/Drone winner.

The picks: 1. Venumadhava Mirel (Buchholz, 8th). 2. Jameel Smith (Mandarin, 11th). 3. Marcus McGee (Oakleaf, 10th). 4. David Mejia (Hagerty, 19th).
The skinny: Almost all of the so-called “favorites” get at least one, if not two, tough tests before facing each other. This class has a good amount of depth. While I’m only listing two, there are lots of dark horses here.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Ryan Culbertson (Seminole) v Parker Stamschror (Nease).
Dark horse choices: Jorge Gonzalez (Winter Park); Jakob Zawosky (Forest, 18th).

The picks: 1. Keanan Sexton (Creekside, 20th). 2. Kai Higgins (Lake Brantley). 3. Rocco Vargas (Apopka, 7th). 4. Tyler Drone (Windermere, 19th).
The skinny: There’s a ton of possibilities here. I’d say unless you were fourth in district, you’ve got a chance. Probably the most wide-open bracket I’ve seen out of 60+ so far that I’ve reviewed.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Mathias Franz (DeLand) v Cameron Warner (Lyman).
Dark horse choices: Abdelkrin Salomon (Seminole); Josue Batista (Timber Creek).

The picks: 1. Aiden Moore (Buchholz, 2nd). 2. Bonosky Fidel (Apopka). 3. Joey Parker (Winter Park, 11th). 4. Felipe Costa (Flagler Palm Coast, 20th).
The skinny: Less wide-open than 138, to be sure, but there’s plenty of possibilities for the top half finalist and top-half consis rep.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Lane Wishart (DeLand) v Lukas Crawley (Oviedo).
Dark horse choices: Wishart; Preston Pena (Bartram Trail, 15th).

The picks: 1. Blake Watts (Hagerty, 7th). 2. Timothy King (Flagler Palm Coast, 12th). 3. Jacob Lutz (Nease). 4. Lee Leavell (Creekside).
The skinny: I’m only sure(ish) of the final; after that, 3-8 could see as many as 10 kids fill those spots. A lot of seniors in this group who have grown into becoming dependable points scorers here.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Max Szabo (Buchholz) v Sean Javier (Apopka).
Dark horse choices: Jerry Vargas (Windermere, 19th); Tyler Pinkowski (West Port).

The picks: 1. Kamdon Harrison (Hagerty, 6th). 2. Bryce Dodge (Flagler Palm Coast, 7th). 3. Ransom Randolph (Apopka, 11th). 4. Diego Rivera (Creekside, 15th).
The skinny: There will be a couple of kids that go home thinking one got away from them after this weekend is complete. Bottom-half semi and final, if chalk picks hold, should be great matches.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Jeryl Lewis (Wildermere) v Antonio Brown (Forest).
Dark horse choices: Eric Gilreath (Ocoee); Roman Polinsky (Oakleaf, 16th).

The picks: 1. Ethan Gomez (Hagerty, 4th). 2. Blane DeFord (Flagler Palm Coast, 7th). 3. Tristen Carbonell (Winter Park, 10th). 4. John McNames (Bartram Trail, 14th).
The skinny: Some powerhouses in this weight class; I think the first four should have a little separation from the rest of the group, but you never know…
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Wordner Edoward (Seminole) v Mason Ganion (Oakleaf).
Dark horse choices: Kurt Vollenweider (Windermere); Dennis Proulx (Timber Creek, 11th).

The picks: 1. Tony Carter (Mandarin, 2nd). 2. Marcelo Gonzalez (Flagler Palm Coast, 7th). 3. Kason Nichols (Buchholz, 6th). 4. Gavin Rodriguez-Cayro (DeLand, 16th).
The skinny: Like 160, there’s going to be 2-3 kids that are state level that will not get to go. District 2 appears to have a little bit of leg up on the rest of the field, as groups compared to other groups.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Rodriguez-Cayro v Onjel Caraballo (Oakleaf, 8th).
Dark horse choices: Connor Gilliam (Hagerty, 18th); Rodriguez-Cayro/Caraballo winner.

The picks: 1. Hunter Tate (Hagerty, 8th). 2. Jaelen Simmons (Mandarin, 16th). 3. Garrick Schwartz (Flagler Palm Coast, 9th). 4. Jamari Chisolm (Buchholz).
The skinny: The first and the third, I think the names are right coming out of the bottom half, but the second and the fourth have to earn it. They could see each other in the quarters, and the loser does not have a super-great path. Doable, but not super-great.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Andrew Knowles (DeLand) v Jayden Velazquez (Lake Howell).
Dark horse choices: DJ McCray (Olympia); Knowles-Velazquez winner.

The picks: 1. Ralph Sanchez (Apopka, 2nd). 2. Marion Smokes (DeLand, 12th). 3. Vincent Approbato (Creekside, 17th). 4. Landon Revis (Hagerty).
The skinny: Sanchez might be the heaviest favorite in each of the weight classes, aside from perhaps Vugman at 120, who’s comparable, and maybe Vazquez at 106. Like 195 but flipped, we could see a couple of different names in the final and again going for third/fourth.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Keniel Carrasquille (Ocoee) v Shane Armstrong (Bartram Trail).
Dark horse choices: Ben Gaddis (Oakleaf, 18th); Liam Glassmeyer (Winter Park).

The picks: 1. Jordan Mitchell (Oakleaf, 5th). 2. Cane Fernandez (Forest, 14th). 3. Peter Nesheiwat (Timber Creek, 11th). 4. Seth Davis (Flagler Palm Coast, 15th).
The skinny: There’s a lot of room for a hard-charger in this weight class. Somebody’s going to surprise the heck out of me, here; it happens every year.
First-round match I’m most intrigued by: Davis v Deandre Scott (Ocoee).
Dark horse choices: Joshua Maldonado (Lake Howell, 16th); Holley Saintmelus (Wekiva).

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