Local Placers at Camden & Cocoa

At Clearlake Adult Education Center, Cocoa
ECW 3-Style

Local placers

High school
106: 1. Timothy McLean (Dogs of War).
113-120: 4. Austin Riis (Deltona).
195-220: 2. Ethaniel Laupepa (Dogs of War).
HWT: 1. Nathan Hatch (Deltona).

HS Freestyle
110: 1. Timothy McLean (Dogs of War).
HWT: 1. Nathan Hatch (Deltona).

120-126: 1. Ana Vilar (Dogs of War).

MS/HS Girls
110-120: 1. Ana Vilar (Dogs of War).
130: 5. Alisha Vilar (Dogs of War); 6. Raegan Hatch (Deltona).

78-85: 4. Kaden Novak (NSB Oceanside).
90: 1. Kevin McLean (Dogs of War).
95: 1. Joseph Foalima (Dogs of War); 3. Adam Novak (NSB Oceanside).
102: 2. Thomas Stager (Dogs of War)

62-68: 4. Cash Conaway (NSB Oceanside).
75: 3. Fisher Schumacher (NSB Oceanside).
84-92: 4. Casen Smith (NSB Oceanside).
100-110: 1. Joseph Foalima (Dogs of War).

K-8 Freestyle
75: 3. Wyatt Mayfield (NSB Oceanside). 4. Beauen Hatch (Deltona).
95: 3. Kevin McLean (Dogs of War).
105: 3. Thomas Stager (Dogs of War).
120: 3. Raegan Hatch (Deltona).


At Camden County HS
AAU GA Southeastern Championships

Florida placers
Middle school — 110: 3. Matthew Braddock (NFWA); 175-185: 3. Keensdee Roseme (Kame Style).
4-5 — 88: 1. Ryan Hancock (Creeks).

Full results from this event can be found HERE.

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