#TheSeason2021-22: Forest

We are once again compiling #TheSeason recaps.

We will sweep through each district, one at a time, until all 100 teams are completed. As we have no other sets of season records, we go to the next district with a random selection, which was Forest. We had a few sets of missing results in this one. Records are as available from results reported. Where possible, adjustments have been made to final records to reflect what was reported to the district host; where not possible to adjust, other wrestlers appearing in this recap will have asterisks attached to their records. The asterisk should be a note to the reader that the record is not complete.

This completes Round 1 on the Florida side.


You can see everything I have on the Wildcats in 2021-22 here      –>  21-22 RECORDS

Win/loss record: 2-3 in duals as available.


  • Bobcat Roundrobin, December 4 (9 teams; no team scores).
  • 14th at 40th Annual Brooksville Kiwanis, December 10-11 (34 teams).
  • 5th at 5th Annual Amanda St John Memorial Holiday, December 18 (13 teams).
  • 11th at Joe Bees Memorial Battle of the Border, January 7-8 (15 teams).
  • 22nd at 36th Flagler Rotary, January 28-29 (33 teams).
  • 5th at 3A-District 2 IBT, February 18 (8 teams).
  • 14th at 3A-Region 1 IBT, February 25-26 (31 teams).
  • T-49th at 3A State IBT, March 3-5 (72 teams).


  • Inaugural Flagler Rotary, January 28

Missing events:

  • Tri-meet, January 13
  • Hermann Duals, January 21-22
  • Marion County Duals, February 9
  • Remainder of TD Talbott Legion Duals, February 12

Projected boys key returners (15+ matches or post-season experience this past season) for 2022-23 (with year in school as of next season): Aydan Ruano (junior, 37-9 at 106, District 2 champ, Region 1 champ, 0-2 at states); Jamon Stromwall (junior, 1-11* at 113, 0-2 at District 2); Brent Ryas (junior, 7-13* at 120, District 2 6th); Ashton McClaskey (junior, 5-12* at 132/138, did not compete in post-season traditional); Maddox Mosieur (junior, 10-9* at 138, did not compete in post-season traditional); Jeffery Toribio (junior, 1-10* at 145, District 2 6th); Cameron Glowach (junior, 4-18* at 152, District 2 6th); Andrew Lawrence (junior, 5-15* at 170, District 2 6th); Blake Schmidt (junior, 0-6* at 182, 0-2 at District 2); Ellis Lawson (sophomore, 10-12 at 220, 0-2 at District 2); Cane Fernandez (senior, 23-11 at 285, District 2 champ, Region 1 4th, 1-2 at states).

Projected losses (10+ reported matches or post-season experience this past season) via graduation unless otherwise noted: Jose Kincaid (9-2* at 113, did not compete in post-season traditional); Leeana Vazquez (7-13* at 120, did not compete in post-season traditional); Jakob Zawosky (19-10* at 132, District 2 3rd, 1-2 at Region 1); Wesley Marren (10-8 at 138, District 2 5th); Antonio Brown (14-13* at 160, District 2 runnerup, 1-2 at Region 1).

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