Jr Nationals: FLA 5th in Gold/Silver Pool

At Cox Business Center, Tulsa, OK
USAW Junior Nationals — Greco

Local records:
Derrick Williams (Mosley, 106): 3-5, 1 pin, 1 decision.
Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail, 126): 4-4, 1 pin, 1 win by DQ, 2 techs.

Gold/Silver Pool
Minnesota Gold 42, Florida 23
285: Ethan Vergara (F) d. Elijah Novak (MG) 5-2; 100: Lawson Eller (MG) tf. Rudy Messner (F) 8-0; 106: Michael Olson (MG) tf. Derrick Williams (F) 8-0; 113: Brandon Morvari (MG) d. Tyler Washburn (F) 15-12; 120: Alan Koehler (MG) tf. Patrick Jones (F) 11-2; 126: AJ Smith (MG) tf. Ethan Vugman (F) 8-0; 132: Tyson Charmoli (MG) d. Anderson Heap (F) 3-2; 138: Walker Bents (MG) tf. Cooper Haase (F) 22-12; 145: Brennan Van Hoecke (F) tf. Zach Hanson (MG) 8-0; 152: Brendan Howes (MG) tf. Omer Barak (F) 10-2; 160: Brendon Abdon (F) d. Jed Wester (MG) 6-2; 170: Travis Smith (MG) p. Roman Garcia (F) 2:28; 182: Franklin Ordonez-Fernandez (F) d. Antony Tuttle (MG) 9-6; 195: Sawyer Bartelt (F) tf. Soren Herzog (MG) 9-0; 220: Max Balow (MG) tf. Chris Greil (F) 10-1.

Oklahoma Red 34, Florida 33
100: Aydan Thomas (OR) p. Rudy Messner (F) 1:00; 106: Derrick Williams (F) p. Christopher Kiser (OR) 5:25; 113: Tyler Washburn (F) tf. Treshaun Tecson (OR) 11-2; 120: Christian Fretwell (F) tf. Colden Dyer (OR) 8-0; 126: Eli Kirk (OR) tf. Ethan Vugman (F) 8-0; 132: Rhett Peak (OR) tf. Anderson Heap (F) 10-0; 138: Cael Hughes (OR) tf. Cooper Haase (F) 13-2; 145: Brennan Van Hoecke (F) tf. Boston Powell (OR) 8-0; 152: Layton Schneider (OR) tf. Omer Barak (F) 8-0; 160: Brendon Abdon (F) tf. KJ Evans (OR) 19-8; 170: Roman Garcia (F) tf. Samuel Schmidt (OR) 9-0; 182: Garrett Wells (OR) tf. Kyle Grey (F) 9-0; 195: Sawyer Bartelt (F) d. Jersey Robb (OR) 7-2; 220: Oscar Williams (OR) p. Chris Greil (F) 1:05; 285: Ethan Vergara (F) tf. Hayden Simpson (OR) 13-5.

Florida 51, Wisconsin 19
106: Brayten Casey (Wis) d. Derrick Williams (F) 9-7; 113: Tyler Washburn (F) p. Charles Meudt (Wis) 1:53; 120: Easton Cooper (Wis) tf. Patrick Jones (F) 8-0; 126: Ethan Vugman (F) tf. Brett Birchman (Wis) 8-0; 132: Anderson Heap (F) tf. Rhett Koenig (Wis) 9-1; 138: Gunnar Hamre (Wis) p. Cooper Haase (F) 1:19; 145: Brennan Van Hoecke (F) fft.; 152: Omer Barak (F) p. Cael Kahle (Wis) 2:46; 160: Brendon Abdon (F) tf. Ashton Miess (Wis) 15-6; 170: Zachary Eliszewski (Wis) p. Roman Garcia (F) 0:51; 182: Franklin Ordonez-Fernandez (F) d. David Malin (Wis) 6-4; 195: Sawyer Bartelt (F) p. Brady Elvers (Wis) 1:29; 220: Chris Greil (F) p. Grant Stromberg (Wis) 1:18; 285: Ethan Vergara (F) ID over Jaren Rohde (Wis); 100: Rudy Messner (F) fft.

Florida 37, Illinois 28
(5th out of 32 teams)
113: Tyler Washburn (F) tf. Ethan Spacht (I) 8-0; 120: Christian Fretwell (F) tf. Anthony Ruzic (I) 8-0; 126: Gylon Sims (I) d. Ethan Vugman (F) 11-9; 132: Vincent Robinson (I) d. Anderson Heap (F) 6-3; 138: Nasir Bailey (I) tf. Cooper Haase (F) 8-0; 145: Brennan Van Hoecke (F) tf. Noah Manuel Tapia (I) 11-2; 152: Braden Stauffenberg (I) tf. Omer Barak (F) 12-4; 160: Christopher Minto (F) tf. Blake Hinrichsen (I) 8-0; 170: Bradley Gillum (I) tf. Roman Garcia (F) 9-0; 182: Franklin Ordonez-Fernandez (F) tf. Matthew Jens (I) 13-5; 195: Sawyer Bartelt (F) tf. Nick Nosler (I) 10-0; 220: Ghee Rachal (I) tf. Chris Greil (F) 8-0; 285: Ethan Vergara (F) tf. Jadon Mims (I) 9-0; 100: Rudy Messner (F) fft.; 106: Anthony Alanis (I) d. Derrick Williams (F) 6-5.

Friday: Freestyle competition begins.

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