Women’s Jr Natls: FLA In Bronze/Copper Pool

At Cox Business Center, Tulsa, OK
USAW Women’s Junior Nationals — FS

Pool D
Colorado 36, Florida 28
144: Desza Munson (Col) p. Lilly Luttrell (F) 2:56; 152: Aspen Barber (Col) p. Ferny Hernandez (F) 5:15; 164: Alyssa Favara (F) tf. Jenna Joseph (Col) 12-2; 180: Henlee Haynes (F) p. Taylor Knox (Col) 1:49; 200: Cheyenne Cruce (F) d. Blythe Cayko (Col) 5-4; 225: Ciara Monger (Col) d. Andrea Smith (F) 7-2; 100: Mary Manis (F) tf. Katey Valdez (Col) 12-1; 106: Clare Booe (F) tf. Alexsys Jacquez (Col) 19-8; 112: Janessa George (Col) p. Helena Alcantar (F) 2:19; 117: Mia Hargrove (Col) tf. Abby DiCenzo (F) 10-0; 122: Kailani Barrientos (F) d. Breaunnah Robles (Col) 12-4; 127: Christina Turner (F) d. Alexis Segura (Col) 8-3; 132: Sarah Savidge (Col) p. Aurora Guadiana (F) 0:31; 138: Taylor Miess (Col) d. Gabriella Perez (F) 8-2.

Florida 44, Ohio Scarlet 20
152: Mya Bethel (F) tf. Aubrey Reese (OS) 10-0; 164: Alyssa Favara (F) p. Alleana Brown (OS) 0:38; 180: Henlee Haynes (F) p. Chloe Vining (OS) 0:18; 200: Cheyenne Cruce (F) fft.; 225: Andrea Smith (F) p. Xsaria Puente (OS) 0:10; 100: Ava Miller (OS) tf. Skyla Fisher (F) 10-0; 106: Clare Booe (F) p. Scotlyn Adams (OS) 0:42; 112: Isabella Savage (OS) p. Helena Alcantar (F) 1:38; 117: Emma Rinehart (OS) d. Abby DiCenzo (F) 12-6; 122: Kailani Barrientos (F) tf. Gwenivere Matt (OS) 10-0; 127: Gennaveve Matt (OS) tf. Christina Turner (F) 14-4; 132: Aurora Guadiana (F) p. Leena Blanton (OS) 2:07; 138: Gabriella Perez (F) d. Kelcey Dew (OS) 12-6; 144: Lyndsee Young (OS) d. Lilly Luttrell (F) 7-2.

Missouri 2 48, Florida 19 (4th in pool)
164: Alyssa Favara (F) p. Hailey Romero (M2) 1:35; 180: Isabella Renfro (M2) p. Henlee Haynes (F) 2:36; 200: Brooke Bennett (M2) p. Cheyenne Cruce (F) 0:55; 225: Faith Spicer (M2) p. Andrea Smith (F) 0:49; 100: Mary Manis (F) p. Jade Brundige (M2) 1:09; 106: Clare Booe (F) p. Gabby Hampton (M2) 0:14; 112: Audrey Scherer (M2) d. Helena Alcantar (F) 16-7; 117: Chaire Perks (M2) p. Abby DiCenzo (F) 1:22; 122: Kailani Barrientos (F) d. Kendra Bliss (M2) 12-4; 127: Marissa Sanabria (M2) tf. Christina Turner (F) 10-0; 132: Janiah Jones (M2) p. Aurora Guadiana (F) 0:48; 138: Eve Herlyn (M2) p. Gabriella Perez (F) 4:38; 144: Taylor Johnson (M2) p. Lilly Luttrell (F) 2:57; 152: Cali Dupree (M2) p. Ferny Hernandez (F) 3:38.
Thursday: Florida in Bronze/Copper Pool.

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