#Super32EE (FLA): Full Local Women’s Results

Full local results from the Florida Super 32, women’s division.

Maya Alvarado (CFWA/LHP): DEC Camdyn Elliott (Well Trained), 9-5; DEC Melissa Gallo (South Dade), 6-5; TF Sophie Booe (Palm Harbor), 10-0; TF Mackenzie Allcroft (Ft Pierce), 10-0; L-TF Kealonie Vega (Attack), 12-0.
Camdyn Elliott (Well Trained): L-DEC Alvarado, 9-5; TF Allcroft, 10-0; FALL Gallo, 2:52; L-FFT Vega; TF Booe, 10-0.

Alexis Brown (unattached): FALL Madison Carroll (Well Trained), 1:08; FALL Hayle Peck (Palmetto Ridge), 1:25; L-TF Reagan Thomas (Beacons), 10-0; FALL Stacy Pule (Attack), 2:24.
Madison Carroll (Well Trained): L-FALL Brown, 1:08; L-FALL Thomas, 1:27; L-FALL Pule, 4:00; L-FALL Peck, :32.

Shelby Sherman (Fearless) — Quarters: TF Keana Bush (Hudson), 10-0; Semis: TF Rebekkah Kincade (South Dade), 10-0; Championship: L-TF I-Cart Galumette (Severepain), 13-0.
Helena Alcantar (Panda) — Quarters: L-TF Galumette, 11-0; Consi quarters: TF Jaelyn Sunseri (Orange City Titans), 10-0; Consi semis: FALL Kinkade, :14; Third place: L-FALL Sofia Ferran (Golden Bears), 1:33.
Jaelyn Sunseri (Orange City Titans) — Rd of 16: L-FALL Kinkade, 3:58; Consi rd 2: DEC Aaliyah Triplett (unattached), 12-10; Consi quarters: L-TF Alcantar, 10-0.

123 (no locals at 115)
Kailani Barrientos (Oakleaf Knights) — Rd of 16: TF Julianna Caisse (Palm Harbor), 10-0; Quarters: TF Samantha Sherman (Fearless), 10-0; Semis: DEC Aireaana Gavere (Well Trained), 6-2; Championship: TF Leah Guthrie (PWC), 10-0.
Leah Guthrie (PWC) — Quarters: TF Leslie Reinhard (Ponte Vedra), 12-0; Semis: FALL Mia Weisbrod (PAL Tropics), 3:00; Championship: L-TF Barrientos, 10-0.
Aireaana Gavere (Well Trained) — Quarters: FALL Julia Salgado-Campos (Hernando), :20; Semis: L-DEC Barrientos, 6-2; Consi semis: FALL Caisse, 1:16; 3rd place: FALL Sherman, :20.
Samantha Sherman (Fearless) — Quarters: L-TF Barrientos, 10-0; Consi quarters: FALL Keira Suro (Attack), 3:14; Consi semis: DEC Weisbrod, 11-8; 3rd place: L-FALL Gavere, :20.
Leslie Reinhard (Ponte Vedra) — Quarters: L-TF Guthrie, 12-0; Consi rd 2: L-FALL Caisse, 1:43.

Kiiaana Gavere (Well Trained) — Quarters: FALL Aurora Guadiana (Wellington), 1:43; Semis: DEC Alejandra Notni (Maximum Performance/Doral), 5-4; Championship: DEC Kalyse Hill (Trojan), 12-4.
Shamari Smith (Apopka) — Quarters: L-FALL Vivianna Caullett (Wellington); Consi quarters: DEC Chloe Parets (South Dade), 11-6; Consi semis: L-FALL Notni, :49.

Olivia Richie (Ponte Vedra) — Rd of 16: FALL Cathia Timas (Attack), :46; Quarters: FALL Jennah Mustafa (Winter Haven), 3:50; Semis: FALL Tristin Robinson (Patriots Dothan), :35; Championship: FALL Gabriella Perez (Ft Pierce), 2:00.
Bry Kaminsky (Orange City Titans) — Quarters: DEC Anisah Paz (South Dade), 6-2; Semis: L-FALL Perez, 3:01; Consi semis: L-DEC Mustafa, 10-4.
Nehemie Gregoire (Fearless) — Rd of 16: L-FALL Mustafa, 2:55; Consi rd 1: FALL Timas, 3:25; Consi rd 2: L-FALL Caroline Gilstrap (ET), 2:30.

Josie Sagasser (Ponte Vedra): FALL Gabrielle Proctor (Legend Athletics), 1:14; FALL Emma Tweedy (Fearless), 1:41.
Gabrielle Proctor (Legend Athletics): L-FALL Sagasser, 1:14; FALL Tweedy, 1:25.
Emma Tweedy (Fearless): L-FALL Sagasser, 1:41; L-FALL Proctor, 1:25.

Jada Jones (Fearless) — FALL Sofia Bentz (Wellington), :21; FALL Lainey Driggett (Sunshine RTC), 1:05; L-DEC Grace Leota (Hernando), 5-0; TF Brooklyn Watt (Legend Athletics), 13-0.
Brooklyn Watt (Legend Athletics) — L-FALL Driggett, 2:43; L-FALL Bentz, 1:47; L-FALL Leota, 1:10; L-TF Jones, 13-0.

Kiona Upegui (Buchholz) — FALL Lindsey Vega (South Dade), :34; FALL Vega, :32.


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