#TheCalendar2022-23: Wolfson

We have our 29th schedule for 2022-23!

Wolfson is 29th in for the upcoming year. Below are their dates as sent over. The full list of dates we have, which will no doubt grow, can be found HERE. 

All returning head coaches for the 2022-23 season have my work email and can submit a schedule there (I would prefer it there, as I have my work email up 7 days a week, at least 10 hours a day). New head coaches (at least those who haven’t gotten an email from me at my work address) for the coming season can reach out to me on Facebook Messenger or email me at



Duals & dual tournaments:

  • At Terry Parker tri-meet with Beachside, 11/30
  • At Southern Paint Scuffle Duals, Matanzas, 12/3
  • Host tri-meet with Paxon & Stanton, 12/14
  • At Paxon tri-meet, 1/11
  • At Fernandina Beach quad, 1/26
  • At Bishop Snyder, 2/1

IBTs and roundrobins:

  • At Westside Kiwanis, Bishop Snyder, 12/10 (could be a 2-day event).
  • At Marine Corps Challenge, Riverside, 1/7
  • Hosts Wolfpack Challenge, 1/14
  • At Gateway Conference, Sandalwood, 1/20-21
  • At Paxon Invitational, 1/28

FHSAA events:

  • 1A-District 3 Duals, Fernandina Beach hosts, 1/4
  • (if qualifying) 1A-Region 1 duals, District 4 champ to host, 1/12
  • (if qualifying) 1A state duals, 1/20-21, Osceola
  • 1A-District 3 IBT, Episcopal hosts, date TBA.
  • 1A-Region 1 traditional, host TBA, 2/24-25
  • States at Silver Spurs, Kissimmee, 3/2-4
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