Panhandle Preseason Kickoff Finals

Effective championship matches from Saturday’s Panhandle Preseason Kickoff at Florida State University School, Tallahassee:

Adult division: James George (Assassin) win by fft over Hayden Reeves (Tm Wakulla).

113-under: Dominick Durham (unattached) p. DJ Richardson (FSUS); Connor Brown (Tm Wakulla) d. Durham, 7-3; Brown d. Richardson, 4-3 (all 3 had 4 wins).
132-under: David Culley (Tm Wakulla) md. Gary Gessendorf (Crestview), 11-0.
152-under: Jae T Thaxton (Tm Wakulla) md. Ethan Pinto (Niceville), 8-0.
172-under: Connor Edwards (Lincoln) md. Nicholas Roeder (FSUS), 12-2.
210-under: Jakob Nowak (Lincoln) md. Jordan Baker (Lincoln), 8-0.

94-under: Riley Alcantar (Panda) d. Keegan Deeds (Well Trained), 6-0.
101-under: Riley Alcantar (Panda) p. Matthew Thaxton (Tm Wakulla).
115-under: Dominick Durham (unattached) p. Alexis Brown (Milton Panther).
122-under: Troy Thaxton (Tm Wakulla) p. Anthony Fondo (Tm Wakulla).
132-under: Zakary Jurado (Lincoln HS) p. Sterling Hollingsworth (Grappling House).
142-under: Auston Ryals (Tm Wakulla) d. Garrett Jarvis (Niceville), 9-3.
152-under: Arthur Vanderpool (Monsta) p. Vincent Crump (Grappling House).

84-under: Dominic Cicco (Grappling House) p. Johnathan Ellinger (Niceville).
90-under: Bear Weselowski (Grappling House) p. Michael Hovis (Panda).
105-under: John Cheney (Grappling House) p. Diego Silva (FSUS).
125-under: Aaron Linares (unattached) p. Andrew Nowak (Grappling House).
145-under: John Schee (FSUS) p. Bryce Lang (Tm Wakulla).

56-under: Landon Pease (unattached) d. Luke Blair (Niceville), 4-0.
68-under: John Leale (FSUS) d. Evan Bingel (Tm Wakulla), 6-4.
74-under: Stephen Hovis (Panda) d. Susanna Cheney (Grappling House), 4-3.
86-under: Weston Middleton (Grappling House) p. Mason Brown (Milton Panther).
102-under: Bear Weselowski (Grappling House) p. Raymond Brown (unattached).
115-under: Stone Smith (Gulf Coast Grapplers) d. Lucas Teel (Well Trained), 6-0.

55-under: Jackson Reynolds (unattached) p. Jace Fennessey (Milton Panther).
61-under: Casey Weselowski (Grappling House) d. Cadence Aultman (SGAC), 9-2.
67-under: Reece Fish (Niceville) p. Ben Tyson (Grappling House).
88+: Jacob Loggins (Tallahassee War Noles) p. Levi Justin (Grappling House).

44-under: Will Pafford (Tm Wakulla) d. Link Blair (Niceville), 8-6.
50-under: Drake Guthrie (Niceville) d. Abel Weselowski (Grappling House), 12-8.
56-under: Jackson Steiner (Niceville) md. Reid Aultman (SGAC), 9-0.
56+: Austin Castillo (Grappling House) d. Cayden Marks (Tm Wakulla), 11-8.

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