Terry Parker Preseason Classic Duals

At Terry Parker
Preseason Classic

Matmen note: All outcomes are exactly as written on the team points portion of the scoresheets, even if there is evidence on the scoresheet that the outcome may not correspond to what was given for team points.

Rd 1
(first match at 113)
Episcopal 60, Terry Parker 24
106: Andrew Rhode (E) p. Matt Mays. 113: Pittman (E) p. William Holmes. 120: Shamar Jones (TP) fft. 126: Turner Glenn (E) p. Daniel Mays. 132: Nicholas Pressley (E) p. Ishamael Cummings. 138: Cohen Chesser (E) p. Jay Midgett. 145: Baylor Maurer (E) p. Kemaury Griffin. 152: Ben Helton (TP) p. Chance Wolffe. 160: Jeff Brown (TP) p. John Fernandez. 170: Justin Rangeloff (TP) fft. 182: Christian McGarity (E) p. Damien Stoll. 195: Chance Faucheaux (E) fft. 220: Maddox Davidson (E) p. Jaylin Seraphin. 285: Mattia Pozzoni (E) p. Kyle Clay.

Oakleaf 60, Orange Park 12
106: Connor Barnes (Oak) p. Miles Hume. 113: Angel Rodriguez (Oak) p. Elijah Grant. 120: Ion Hortinela (Oak) p. Isis Leonard. 126: Sebastian Bonachea (Oak) md. Jonathan Garland, 20-6. 132: Jackson Hemphill (Oak) p. Dionne Hall. 138: Braden Owenby (OP) md. Kellon Duncan. 145: Anthony Dees (Oak) p. Ayden Arigo. 152: Roman Polinsky (Oak) p. Ethan Blair. 160: Jayla Harrison (Oak) p. Jasmine Hecht. 170: Trevion Sermons (OP) tf. Jacob Dewald, 24-8. 182: Jerimiah Baker (Oak) p. Brody Klingler. 195: Bryant Taylor (Oak) p. Cesar Contreras. 220: Isaiah Shevchook (Oak) p. Terrion Butler. 285: Elijah Campbell (OP) d. Tony Gray, 8-2.

Rd 2
(first match at 120)
Oakleaf 62, Terry Parker 12
106: Barnes (Oak) p. M. Mays. 113: Rodriguez (Oak) p. Curnard Juluke. 120: Hortinela (Oak) d. Jones, 7-3. 126: Bonachea (Oak) tf. D. Mays, 18-2. 132: Hemphill (Oak) p. Cummings. 138: Duncan (Oak) p. Midgett. 145: Dees (Oak) p. Griffin. 152: Helton (TP) p. Polinsky. 160: Brown (TP) p. Jacob McClintic. 170: Dewald (Oak) p. Rangeloff. 182: Taylor (Oak) p. Stoll. 195: Double fft. Shevchook (Oak) p. Seraphin. 285: Gray (Oak) p. Andres Jacques.

Episcopal 60, Orange Park 14
106: Rhode (E) p. Hume. 113: Grant (OP) md. Pittman, 13-4. 120: Leonard (OP) fft. 126: Glenn (E) p. Garland. 132: Pressley (E) p. Hall. 138: Chesser (E) p. Justin Garay. 145: Maurer (E) p. Owenby. 152: Wolffe (E) p. Blair. 160: Episcopal p. Hecht. 170: Sermons (OP) tf. Fernandez. 182: McGarity (E) p. Klingler. 195: Faucheaux (E) p. Butler. 220: Davidson (E) p. Contreras. 285: Double fft.

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