Turkey Preseason First-Place Matches

At North Bay Haven
The Turkey Preseason

Championship matches
Adult division: Cody Dixon (Panda) d. Robert Brown (Panther), 6-0.

126-under: Kyle Mahler (unattached) tf. Bodie Barlup (North Bay Haven).
132-under: Justin Johnson (Gulf Coast Grapplers) d. Gary Gessendorf (Crestview Bulldogs), 8-7.
210-under: David Mercado (Gulf Coast Grappling) p. Tripp Rogers (North Bay Haven).

101 lb-under: Noah Trevithick (Grappling House) p. Isaac Parrish (Gulf Coast Grappling).
115-under: James Oliver (Gulf Coast Grappling) tf. Kendal Haynie (Grappling House).
122-under: David Crilly (Gulf Coast Grappling) p. Landon Hollister (unattached).
132-under: Caleb Fuster (North Bay Haven) p. Tyler Johnson (Gulf Coast Grapplers).
142-under: Joshua Mercer (Marianna) d. Cade Creamer (unattached), 7-0.
152-under: Alexander Bacon (Gulf Coast WC) d. Dane Friis (unattached), 2-0.
195-under: Wyatt Jones (Coastline) p. Magnus Holman (North Bay Haven).

72-under: Zander Eubanks (Niceville) p. Greysan Bardinelli (Panda).
84-under: Dominic Cicco (Grappling House) d. Ethan Rupp (Gulf Coast WC), 4-0.
90-under: Bear Weselowski (Grappling House) d. Jamison McGivney (Gulf Coast WC), 6-1.
96-under: John Cheney (Grappling House) p. Gabe Carpenter (Panda).
105-under: Aden Cortez (Panda) d. Brady Gifford (Niceville), 4-2.
125-under: Spartan Koslov (Niceville) d. Andrew Nowak (Grappling House), 6-3.
135-under: Miles Smith (Niceville) p. Fox Smith (Gulf Coast Grapplers).
145-above: Reid Skrmetta (unattached) tf. Harrison Horne (Grappling House).

62 lb-under: Jayden Coleman (Panda) p. Gavin Vickers (Gulf Coast Grapplers).
68-under: Daemeon Coleman (Panda) md. Liam Snyder (Well Trained), 9-0.
74-under: Weston Middleton (Grappling House) p. Stephen Hovis (Panda).
80-under: Brenton Adams (Panda) d. Matthew Luoma (Grappling House), 6-0.
86-under: Anderson Yahne (Niceville) p. Emily Mengel (unattached).
92-under: Bear Weselowski (Grappling House) p. Luke Morrison (Gulf Coast WC).
102-under: Mason Carpenter (Panda) p. DJ Read (Grappling House).
115-under: Stone Smith (Gulf Coast Grapplers) d. James Mengel (unattached), 2-0.
115-above: Mason Ray (unattached) d. Andrew Nowak (Grappling House), 5-2.

49 lb-under: Wyatt Cossich (Panda) d. Joe Rodak (unattached), 8-5.
55-under: Sawyer McIlwain (Gulf Coast WC) tf. Cora Bardinelli (Panda).
61-under: Bill Cheney (Grappling House) d. Kage Stiffler (Assassin), 6-2.

38 lb-under: Thomas Scott (Niceville) d. Nicholas Steiner (Niceville), 4-2.
44-under: Justice Sherman (Pace) p. Kutter Eubanks (Niceville).
50-under: Joe Rodak (unattached) p. Abel Weselowski (Grappling House).
56-under: Jackson Steiner (Niceville) p. Skyden Roehm (Assassin).
56-above: Benjamin Musselwhite (Gulf Coast WC) md. Nolan Faulk (Gulf Coast Grapplers).

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