#Preview: Border Wars X

Border Wars X

When & where: Friday & Saturday at South Walton.
Local teams (includes ranking): Arnold, Bay, Chiles, Choctaw, Crestview, Destin, Fernandina Beach (1A-16th), Ft Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze, Mosley, Niceville, North Bay Haven, Rocky Bayou Christian, Rutherford, Suwannee (1A-8th), Tate, Wakulla.
Area returning champions: None.
Milestones in play: A five-win weekend would put Chiles senior Garrett Marschka at 125 career victories. Niceville senior Ethan Pinto needs only two victories this weekend to hit 100 wins for his career, while Wakulla senior Jae T Thaxton needs three wins to reach the 100-win mark. With 10-win weekends (which might not be possibie based on numbers in the field), three wrestlers would hit new milestones. Suwannee senior Austin Howard would clear the 150-win barrier, while Bay’s Derrick Williams and North Bay Haven’s David Mercado, both juniors, would reach 100.
Area state-ranked wrestlers —
106: Williams (Bay, 1A-2nd); David Drake (Bay, 1A-4th); Connor Brown (Wakulla, 1A-6th); Eli Jolicoeur (Suwannee, 1A-8th); Landon Burbidge (Ft Walton Beach, 2A-18th).
113: Topher Pearson (Suwannee, 1A-3rd); Zak Vosburgh (Ft Walton Beach, 2A-12th); Leonardo Sanchez (Bay, 1A-17th).
120: Isaac Brinson (South Walton, 1A-9th); Sam Tolomeo (Chiles, 2A-18th); Coby Shields (Gulf Breeze, 2A-20th); Nik Saldana (Fernandina Beach, 1A-20th).
126: Brody Boehm (Suwannee, 1A-4th); Caden Kubatzke (Fernandina Beach, 1A-10th); Pinto (Niceville, 2A-14th); Elijah Stillgess (Bay, 1A-14th); Michael Mancuso (Gulf Breeze, 2A-17th); Gibson Moore (South Walton, 1A-17th).
132: Marschka (Chiles, 2A-6th); Colson Elliott (Gulf Breeze, 2A-10th); Marshall White (Suwannee, 1A-13th); Sebastian Schultz (Mosley, 2A-16th); Cael Kubatzke (Fernandina Beach, 1A-16th); Landon Brown (Crestview, 2A-17th).
138: Romero Black (Rutherford, 1A-6th); Wyatt Welch (Wakulla, 1A-13th).
145: JJ Martinez (Niceville, 2A-4th); Cole Misciagna (Fernandina Beach, 1A-10th); Bear Siegal (North Bay Haven, 1A-11th); Steven Banfield (Ft Walton Beach, 2A-12th); Garret Rudick (Gulf Breeze, 2A-15th); Ayden Kirby (Suwannee, 1A-20th).
152: Austin McKinney (Suwannee, 1A-5th); Jae T Thaxton (Wakulla, 1A-9th); Alexander Davidson (Ft Walton Beach, 2A-10th).
160: Enzo Gamba (Fernandina Beach, 1A-3rd); Austin Howard (Suwannee, 1A-4th); Keaton Schirmer (Rutherford, 1A-12th).
170: Dustin Wood (Suwannee, 1A-15th); Daruis Brundidge (Ft Walton Beach, 2A-18th).
182: Lucas Crawford (Ft Walton Beach, 1A-4th); Bryson Schirmer (Rutherford, 1A-17th).
195: Mercado (North Bay Haven, 1A-2nd); Carter Tobik (Ft Walton Beach, 2A-8th); Dillon Elliott (Chiles, 2A-15th); Marshall Dixon (Mosley, 2A-16th); Torynn Johns (Suwannee, 1A-20th).
220: Kohl Pippin (Wakulla, 1A-13th).
285: Nick Lee (South Walton, 1A-4th); Phillip Dillard (Gulf Breeze, 7th); Logan McAlister (North Bay Haven, 1A-15th); Edward Johnson (Rutherford, 1A-20th).
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