#IOF: Crestview Local Champs

Here’s a list of local Florida-based champions from Saturday’s IOF event at Crestview.

14-under Boys
75: Jakob Trujillo (Niceville Eagles).
85-90: Keegan Deeds (WELL Trained Elite).
95: Keegan Deeds (WELL Trained Elite).
102: Gavin Samons (WELL Trained Elite).
110: Gavin Samons (WELL Trained Elite).
117-125: Spartan Koslov (Niceville Academy).
135: Sky Wnetrzak (WELL Trained Elite).
160: Harrison Hill (Angry Turnip).
HWT: Daniel Clement (Grappling House).

14-under Girls
130-140: Adalyne Fowls (WELL Trained Elite).

12-under Boys
65-70: Kolt Palmer (WELL Trained Elite).
80: Henry Burfitt (WELL Trained Elite).
85: Zeyn Dillon (Panda).
90: Bear Wesolowski (Grappling House).
95: John Cheney (Grappling House).
102: Braxton Wells (WELL Trained Elite).
120: Spartan Kozlov (Niceville Academy).
130: Miles Smith (Niceville Academy).
HWT: Jackson Clark (Angry Turnip).

11-under Girls
65-75: Susanna Cheney (Grappling House).

10-under Boys
55: Luke Blair (Niceville Academy).
65: Liam Snyder (WELL Trained Elite).
70: Kolt Palmer (WELL Trained Elite).
75: Weston Middleton (Grappling House).
80: Bram Montour (Niceville Academy).
85: Sawyer Decker (WELL Trained Elite).
92: Bear Wesolowski (Grappling House).
100: Mason Carpenter (Panda).
110: Stone Smith (Gulf Coast Grapplers).
HWT: Carter Broussard (WELL Trained).

8-under Boys
50: Jackson Steiner (Niceville Eagles).
55: Hector Rosales (Beach Bombers).
66: Reece Fish (Niceville Academy).
72: Logan Samons (WELL Trained Elite).
85-100: Jace Spruiell (WELL Trained Elite).

8-under Girls
62-75: Carey Wesolowski (Grappling House).

6-under Boys
40: Theodore Kania (Crestview Youth).
45: Luke Blair (Niceville Academy).
55: Barrett Giadrosich (Panda).
62: Barrett Giadrosich (Panda).


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