#Preview: Hammer Invitational

Hammer Invitational

When & where: Thursday at Oakleaf.
Area teams in the field: Apopka, Baker County, Bishop Kenny, Fleming Island, Fletcher, Keystone Heights, Oakleaf, Orange Park, Palatka, Riverside, Sandalwood, West Nassau.
Remainder of the field: Cocoa; Harmony; Melbourne; Merritt Island.
Returning team champion: Fleming Island.
Synopsis: The tournament is shaping up to be a rather nicely-competitive one day event, with the addition of teams like Harmony and Merritt Island from the central and east-central parts of the state. Fleming Island will be the favorite to repeat in the second installment of this tournament, but those teams will not be easy to overcome. Fletcher, Bishop Kenny, the host Knights and Sandalwood should also be in the mix for top-five spots.
State-ranked wrestlers (listed by weight class in ranked order)* —
106: Matthew Newman (Fleming Island, 2A-2nd); Landon Quiroga (Merritt Island, 2A-8th); Cole Webb (Cocoa, 1A-9th); Jordan Mukaddam (Fleming Island, 2A-11th); Tristan Horn (Harmony, 3A-15th); Connor Barnes (Oakleaf, 2A-18th).
113: Shane Duhaylungsod (Fleming Island, 2A-7th); Angel Rodriguez (Oakleaf, 2A-8th); Jackson Holcomb (West Nassau, 1A-10th); Jareb Lauramore (Baker County, 1A-14th).
120: Laird Duhaylungsod (Fleming Island, 2A-2nd); Landon Higginbotham (West Nassau, 1A-8th); Tanner Hinman (Harmony, 3A-13th); Gavin Howe (Melbourne, 3A-19th); Titus DeYoung (Merritt Island, 2A-20th).
126: Jayce Paridon (Fleming Island, 2A-2nd); Sebastian Bonochea (Oakleaf, 2A-8th); Blayden Tharpe (West Nassau, 1A-9th).
132: Rey Ortiz (Harmony, 3A-2nd); Keon Barrientos (Oakleaf, 2A-14th); Cole O’Brien (Fletcher, 3A-18th); Ishmael Foster (Palatka, 1A-18th).
138: Shawn McCallister (Harmony, 3A-4th); Tamarion Kendrick (Apopka, 3A-5th); Christopher Hampton (Bishop Kenny, 1A-19th).
145: Mikade Harvey (Palatka, 1A-4th); Kaden Schaefer (Fleming Island, 2A-6th); Carson Estrada (Harmony, 3A-7th); Judge DeYoung (Merritt Island, 2A-8th).
152: Roberto Cuartero (Bishop Kenny, 1A-2nd); Matthew Kotler (Fleming Island, 2A-3rd); Keith Ratliff (Baker County, 1A-16th).
160: Josh Daltro (Fletcher, 3A-4th); Dylan Quiroga (Merritt Island, 2A-5th); Antonio Falotico (Harmony, 3A-7th); Christopher Chop (Fleming Island, 2A-8th); Trevion Sermons (Orange Park, 2A-13th); Roman Polinsky (Oakleaf, 2A-17th); Rasean Rayam (Baker County, 1A-20th).
170: Ronan Bozeman (Fleming Island, 2A-5th); Jacob Pitcher (Merritt Island, 2A-8th); Luke Ghannam (Bishop Kenny, 1A-14th); Bryant Taylor (Oakleaf, 2A-19th).
182: Joshua Sandoval (Fleming Island, 2A-4th); Dominick Smith (Merritt Island, 2A-7th); Collin Hearn (Bishop Kenny, 1A-11th); Nolan McKelvy (West Nassau, 14th).
195: Duffy Mista (Sandalwood, 3A-3rd); Isaiah Shevchook (Oakleaf, 2A-7th); Seven Tornga (Merritt Island, 2A-14th); Walter Poe (Fleming Island, 2A-16th).
220: Jhoel Robinson (Fleming Island, 2A-1st); Kaleb Ivie (Merritt Island, 2A-8th); Thomas Jones (Riverside, 2A-10th).
285: Nelson Toro (Harmony, 3A-1st); Toby Matson (Fletcher, 3A-2nd); Ethan Hoffstetter (Fleming Island, 2A-2nd); Blake Shaffer (Cocoa, 10th).
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