#Milestones: 9 To Post

Record-keeping for us is MOSTLY complete through Week 3. (I want to wait on fully working out the numbers on teams that competed at Rocky Rumble when I get the last extra dual scoresheet, not sure when that’s going to be).

But in the process of our process, we saw a few milestones tick over for Weeks 2 and 3. Some of these we might have reported, might have reported out none of them; apologies if there are repeats.

150+ wins:

  • Kamdon Harrison, Hagerty (at Johnny Rouse Duals, 12/16-17)
  • Brody Boehm, Suwannee (at Yulee Duals, 12/16-17)

125+ wins:

  • Dominic Martin, Clay (at Dual in the Dunes, 12/10)

100+ wins:

  • Roberto Cuartero, Bishop Kenny (at Capital City Classic, 12/9-10)
  • David Mercado, North Bay Haven (at 1A-District 1 Duals, 12/15)
  • Brielle Bibla, Matanzas (at Let Freedom Ring, 12/17)
  • Topher Pearson, Suwannee (at Yulee Duals, 12/16-17)
  • Ethan Pinto, Niceville (at Rocky Rumble, 12/17)
  • Gavin Rodriguez-Cayro, DeLand (at Johnny Rouse Duals, 12/16-17)

NOTE: These are only those wrestlers who achieved a career-wins milestone in Weeks 2 and 3. We will report out any similar situations for Weeks 4 and 5 (which would be last and this week) hopefully — IF RESULTS ARE RECEIVED — by the end of this weekend. I can think of one wrestler in the area who was likely to go over 150+ last week for one of our 3A programs — but we don’t have his team’s scoresheets in hand yet, and we can’t report what we can’t verify. We have not done record-keeping for Week 4 at all; we may, if time permits, start up some of it as soon as tonight.

If your wrestler did go over in Weeks 2 or 3 and are not listed here, it could be due to the fact that career records for most Orlando-area wrestlers are not fully known to me. Your coaches would need to get with me in those instances. Wrestlers who went over a milestone in Week 1 we had a pretty good handle on records at the start of the season

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