#Preview: Keystone Memorial

Robert Northway “Keystone” Memorial

When & where: Friday & Saturday at the Clay County Fairgrounds (hosted by Fleming Island).
Teams in the field: In addition to the hosts (2nd in 2A), Bolles, Ed White, Florida High (13th in 1A), Ft Walton Beach (15th in 2A), Lincoln (10th in 2A), Middleburg (18th in 2A), Oakleaf, Palatka, St Johns Country Day, Suwannee (8th in 1A), Terry Parker, West Nassau, along with out-of-area team Heritage, will be in the field.
Returning team champion: Fleming Island won last year’s IBT event; this year’s format is callout on Friday and duals on Saturday. There will be girls’ competition on Saturday, also in callout, weight-blocked format.
Synopsis: In addition to the host Golden Eagles, several FHSAA region-round qualifiers from the coverage area will be in the event. Middleburg has already won a district duals event, and a few teams in contest for district duals titles today are in the mix. That said, I wouldn’t expect anyone to hang in for long against the hosts after their performance Wednesday night at district duals in New Smyrna Beach, in which they gave up one decision loss in three duals.
Boys’ state-ranked wrestlers (listed by weight class in ranked order) —
106: Eli Jolicoeur (Suwannee, 1st-1A); Matthew Newman (Fleming Island, 2nd-2A); Jasper Croom (Florida High, 2nd-1A); Solomon Peterson (Heritage, 5th-2A); Jordan Mukaddam (Fleming Island, 12th-1A); Joe Tucker (Lincoln, 13th-2A); Connor Barnes (Oakleaf, 19th-2A).
113: Shane Duhaylungsod (Fleming Island, 7th-2A); Angel Rodriguez (Oakleaf, 8th-2A); Vaniel Caceres (Lincoln, 9th-2A); Dewan Richardson (Florida High, 12th-1A); Justin Contreras (Suwannee, 14th-1A).
120: Laird Duhaylungsod (Fleming Island, 2nd-2A); Topher Pearson (Suwannee, 2nd-1A); Landon Higginbotham (West Nassau, 7th-1A); Grady Woodard (Middleburg, 10th-2A); Aiden Baker (Heritage, 11th-2A); Zak Vosburgh (Ft Walton Beach, 12th-2A).
126: Jayce Paridon (Fleming Island, 2nd-2A); Brody Boehm (Suwannee, 5th-1A); Sebastian Bonochea (Oakleaf, 8th-2A); Blayden Tharpe (West Nassau, 9th-1A); Jashawn Washington (Lincoln, 12th-2A).
132: Wyatt Leduc (Middleburg, 6th-2A); Ishmael Foster (Palatka, 15th-1A); Keon Barrientos (Oakleaf, 16th-2A).
138: Mikade Harvey (Palatka, 2nd-1A); Zaire Fernanders-Jackson (Lincoln, 17th-2A); Troy Carroll (Florida High, 20th-1A).
145: Gabriel Ferreira (Heritage, 3rd-2A); Kaden Schaefer (Fleming Island, 7th-2A); Logan Moore (Middleburg, 12th-2A); Marshall White (Suwannee, 12th-1A); Jeff Brown (Terry Parker, 16th-2A).
152: Matthew Kotler (Fleming Island, 3rd-2A); Austin McKinney (Suwannee, 7th-1A); Keith Cole (Heritage, 8th-2A).
160: Austin Howard (Suwannee, 3rd-1A); Connor Edwards (Lincoln, 7th-2A); Alexander Davidson (Ft Walton Beach, 8th-2A); Dean Wright (Florida High, 9th-1A); Christopher Chop (Fleming Island, 10th-2A); Kaleb Gabrielsen (Heritage, 12th-2A); Roman Polinsky (Oakleaf, 20th-2A); Nicholas Roeder (Florida High, 20th-1A).
170: Ronan Bozeman (Fleming Island, 4th-2A); Dustin Wood (Suwannee, 11th-1A); Bryant Taylor (Oakleaf, 16th-2A).
182: Joshua Sandoval (Fleming Island, 4th-2A); Xander Hawkes (Florida High, 4th-1A); Nolan McKelvy (West Nassau, 11th-1A); Connor Roberts (Ft Walton Beach, 17th-2A).
195: Jakob Nowak (Lincoln, 5th-2A); Isaiah Shevchook (Oakleaf, 6th-2A); Walter Poe (Fleming Island, 16th-2A); Daruis Brundidge (Ft Walton Beach, 20th-2A).
220: Jhoel Robinson (Fleming Island, 1st-2A); Carter Tobik (Ft Walton Beach, 6th-2A); Collin Bishop (Florida High, 12th-1A); Jordan Jackson (Ed White, 13th-2A).
285: Ethan Hoffstetter (Fleming Island, 2nd-2A); Ryder Luck (Lincoln, 13th-2A).
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Girls’ state-ranked wrestlers (listed by their IBT weight class in ranked order) —
100: Gracie Bradshaw (Middleburg, 4th); Lily Bradshaw (Middleburg, 5th); Sayuri Caceres (Lincoln, 8th).
105: Adrianna Barrientos (Oakleaf, 2nd); Skyla Fisher (Middleburg, 10th).
110: Memphis Moses (Middleburg, 14th).
120: Kailani Barrientos (Oakleaf, 1st).
140: Jaylyn Middleton (Florida High, 14th).
155: Jayla Harrison (Oakleaf, 6th); Sofia Shirley-Montijo (Oakleaf, 11th).
190: Cheyenne Cruce (Middleburg, 1st); Jazzmine Moore (Oakleaf, 4th).
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