#Preview: Westside Roundrobin

By MATMEN, Friday, 4 p.m.

Westside Roundrobin

When & where: Saturday at Westside.
Teams in the field: In addition to the host Wolverines, Baker County (girls only per schedule), Baldwin, Beachside, Belleview, Ed White, Mandarin, Paxon (also listed under Wolfson’s IBT), Riverside, Sandalwood and University Christian are listed as attending.
Defending champion: Vero Beach, last year’s team champion, is not returning.
Returning individual champions: Preston Davis (Westside).
Synopsis: Could be a open battle between a few teams for the title. I lean toward Baker County as having the deepest group, but the hosts, Beachside, Paxon and Sandalwood also have strong possibilities. With only one returning champion from last year — the Vero Beach group was pretty dominant in this field a year ago — the fight for championships should be a good one to see.
State-ranked wrestlers (listed by weight class in ranked order) —
113: Caleb Mullinix (Belleview, 12th-2A); Jareb Lauramore (Baker County, 14th-1A).
120: Kyle Brown (Paxon, 9th-1A).
138: Olleon Hickmon (Westside, 12th-2A).
145: Grady Smith (Beachside, 18th-1A).
152: Nathan Williams (Westside, 13th-2A); Keith Ratliff (Baker County, 16th-1A).
182: Malachi Mista (Sandalwood, 17th-3A); Eddie Craig (Beachside, 18th-1A); Eric McLaughlin (Belleview, 19th-2A).
195: Duffy Mista (Sandalwood, 3rd-3A).
220: Jaelen Simmons (Mandarin, 10th-3A); Thomas Jones (Riverside, 10th-2A); Jordan Jackson (Ed White, 14th-2A).
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