#Preview: 2nd Annual Lady Rams TofC

By MATMEN, Friday, 5:45 p.m.

2nd Annual Lady Rams Tournament of Champions

When & where: Saturday at Lake Mary.
Teams in the field: In addition to the host Lady Rams, Bartram Trail, Clay, Dr Phillips, Hagerty, Mainland, Matanzas, Middleburg, Oakleaf, Oviedo, Ponte Vedra, Seminole, St Augustine, Tocoi Creek, University (Orange City), West Port and Westside will be representing the coverage area.
Outside the area, Bayside, Cocoa Beach, Florida Christian, Tampa Freedom, Ft Pierce Central, Gulf, Harmony, Hudson, Jensen Beach, Key West, Lake Wales, Leesburg, Mater Lakes Academy, Mulberry, Osceola, Palm Harbor University, Poinciana, Space Coast, Tavares, Treasure Coast and Winter Springs will be in attendance.
Defending champion: Matanzas.
Returning individual champions: Mariah Mills (Matanzas); Brittney Vincens (Ft Pierce Central); Aubrianna Apple (Clay); Gabriella Perez (Treasure Coast); Jayden Dodge (West Port); Cheyenne Cruce (Middleburg).
Synopsis: Perhaps the last larger IBT for many area girls before the post-season series begins (depending on how big Clay’s event is next weekend). I look for Matanzas to defend its title, but it won’t be an easy task, with Ft Pierce Central, Dr Phillips, Middleburg, Ponte Vedra, Palm Harbor University and Osceola all battloing for top positions. It’s the last chance to really start establishing some pecking orders before the post-season tournament series begins in just days.
State-ranked wrestlers (listed by weight class in ranked order) —
100: Kealonie Vega (Osceola, 1st); Gracie Bradshaw (Middleburg, 4th); Sophie Booe (Palm Harbor University, 9th).
105: Adrianna Barrientos (Oakleaf, 2nd); Victoria Ceballos (Dr Phillips, 7th); Skyla Fisher (Middleburg, 8th); Jaelyn Sunseri (University-OC, 11th); Kyla Crooks (Bartram Trail, 14th); Serena Magnum (Space Coast, 15th).
110: Sofia Ferran (Mater Lakes Academy, 1st); Mariah Mills (Matanzas, 4th); Keana Bush (Hudson, 5th); Brittney Vincens (Ft Pierce Central, 6th); Daniela Tabora-Contreras (Osceola, 10th); Miranda Moes (Palm Harbor University, 11th); Memphis Moses (Middleburg, 12th); Sophia Mallon (Ponte Vedra, 16th).
115: Erin Rizzuto (Ponte Vedra, 2nd); Mayangeliw Colon (Mulberry, 5th); Sara Walsh (Middleburg, 13th); Jocelyn Higgins (Tavares, 14th); Isabella Garcia (Florida Christian, 17th).
120: Kailani Barrientos (Oakleaf, 2nd); Christina Borgmann (Matanzas, 3rd); Natalia Choquegonza (Ponte Vedra, 7th); Arianna Ruiz (Mater Lakes Academy, 11th); Abigail Guillaume (Bayside, 17th).
125: Morningstar Rodriguez (Harmony, 4th); Tiana Fries (Matanzas, 8th); Teigan Slauson (Palm Harbor University, 11th); Kiersten Flanagan (Winter Springs, 14th); Brianna Pena (Seminole, 19th).
130: Brielle Bibla (Matanzas, 1st); Callie Alfieri (Gulf, 3rd); Bryanne Kaminsky (University-OC, 5th); Kelliana Mack (Osceola, 9th); Juliana Caisse (Palm Harbor University, 10th); Julia Martin (Harmony, 14th).
135: Gabriella Perez (Ft Pierce Central, 1st); Aubrianna Apple (Clay, 3rd); Nyla Rocke (Osceola, 12th).
140: Olivia Richie (Ponte Vedra, 2nd); Kendall Bibla (Matanzas, 3rd); Cathia Timas (Osceola, 5th); Janice Quiroa (Mater Lakes Academy, 13th); Jessy Jarret (Dr Phillips, 16th); Jordyn Schmeichel (Bayside, 19th).
145: Jennah Mustafa (Lake Wales, 1st); Katherine Stewart (Bartram Trail, 2nd); Alena Rik (Mater Lakes Academy, 3rd); Lilly Lutrell (Tampa Freedom, 5th); Aryan Benson (Tocoi Creek, 6th); Kaylie Collado (Poinciana, 8th); Josie Sagasser (Ponte Vedra, 9th); Jah’Mya Hill (Mainland, 12th); Degriece Coleman (Westside, 13th); Delaney Graves (Oviedo, 16th); Sofia Shirley-Montijo (Oakleaf, 17th); Annabelle Guillaume (Bayside, 20th).
155: Karla Ortiz (Westside, 3rd); Jayden Dodge (West Port, 5th); Jana El’harake (Oviedo, 6th); Shyann Tate (Hagerty, 7th); Ava Burre (Bartram Trail, 8th); Leidjana Jonassaint (Bayside, 9th); Isabella Tietje (Matanzas, 15th); Allie Bauknight (Harmony, 17th).
170: Jayla Harrison (Oakleaf, 6th); Carin Abdelnour (Palm Harbor University, 11th); Amy Etienne (Dr Phillips, 13th); Brooklyn Watt (Matanzas, 15th).
190: Cheyenne Cruce (Middleburg, 1st); Jazzmine Moore (Oakleaf, 4th); Emily Riveira (Dr Phillips, 7th); Hannah Matalobos (Bartram Trail, 9th); Francheska Robles (Dr Phillips, 10th); Katherine Meza-Perez (Mainland, 11th); Haley Mitchell (Oviedo, 12th); Mia Johnson (Ft Pierce Central, 15th).
235: Cheyenne Wigley (Mainland, 3rd); Ani Brown (Matanzas, 16th); Ahmya Stokes (Lake Mary, 20th).
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