#Preview: Clay Rotary (Boys)

By MATMEN, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

Clay Rotary (Boys)

When & where: Friday & Saturday at Clay.
Teams in the field: In addition to the host Blue Devils, Atlantic Coast, Baker County, Baldwin, Bartram Trail, Bay, Bishop Kenny, Bishop Snyder, Bolles, Buchholz, Episcopal, Fletcher, Forest, Interlachen, Mandarin, Matanzas, Middleburg, Mosley, North Bay Haven, Oakleaf, Palatka, Pedro Menendez, Ponte Vedra, Raines, Riverside, Sandalwood, South Walton, St Augustine, St Johns Country Day, Terry Parker, Tocoi Creek, Union County, University Christian and West Nassau will be competing. From outside the coverage area, Clearwater Central Catholic, Hernando, Key West, McKeel Academy and Villages will be there.
Defending team champion: Clay.
Returning individual champions: Derrick Williams (Bay); Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail); Roberto Cuartero (Bishop Kenny); Kevin Coon (Villages); Jordan Mills (Matanzas); Dominic Martin (Clay); David Mercado (North Bay Haven).
Synopsis: Clay has still proven it is a top-3 team in the coverage area, and that strength should be enough to keep the Blue Devils defending the team title this weekend. Hernando, Matanzas, Buchholz, Middleburg and Oakleaf should all be contending for top-3 spots, however. Definitely going to be several new champions in the lower weights, as there are many returning upper-weight champs who will be expecting to defend.
State-ranked wrestlers (listed by weight class in ranked order) —
106: Jacob Bucci (Clay, 2A-1st); Timothy McLean (Matanzas, 2A-5th); Matthew Braddock (St Johns Country Day, 1A-9th); Nathan Lyttle (South Walton, 2A-16th).
113: Derrick Williams (Bay, 1A-1st); Kaden Golder (Matanzas, 2A-4th); Shamar Jones (Terry Parker, 2A-10th); Angel Rodriguez (Oakleaf, 2A-11th); Bryan Davis (Middleburg, 2A-13th); Kyle Pearson (Hernando, 1A-13th); Carmen DiBella (Bartram Trail, 3A-14th); Jareb Lauramore (Baker County, 1A-15th); Devinn Dunn (Villages, 1A-17th).
120: Jordyn Valle (Hernando, 1A-6th); Landon Higginbotham (West Nassau, 1A-7th); Turner Glenn (Episcopal, 1A-10th); Aydan Ruano (Forest, 3A-11th); Rylan Herrera (Clay, 2A-14th); Grady Woodard (Middleburg, 2A-18th); Leonardo Sanchez (Bay, 1A-20th).
126: Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail, 3A-1st); Scott Busey (Episcopal, 1A-5th); Isaac Brinson (South Walton, 1A-8th); Braden Glavin (Clay, 2A-9th); Blayden Tharpe (West Nassau, 1A-9th); Toryion Stallings (Matanzas, 2A-10th); Jonathon Walker (Baker County, 1A-15th); Jedidiah Brown (Buchholz, 3A-16th); Dylan Johns (Middleburg, 2A-19th); Cael Phillips (Hernando, 1A-19th).
132: Gavin Nolan (Clearwater CC, 1A-1st); Wyatt Leduc (Middleburg, 2A-3rd); Cole O’Brien (Fletcher, 3A-5th); Cavarius Liddie (Buchholz, 3A-6th); Kenneth Pritz (Hernando, 1A-8th); Blaise Nelson (Villages, 1A-10th); Nicholas Pressley (Episcopal, 1A-14th); Dostmukham Bakhtiyorov (Key West, 1A-16th); Ishmael Foster (Palatka, 1A-17th); Keon Barrientos (Oakleaf, 2A-18th); Gibson Moore (South Walton, 1A-18th); Ian Halfacre (Union County, 1A-19th).
138: Mikade Harvey (Palatka, 1A-2nd); Dominic Fouche (Clearwater CC, 1A-10th); TJ Rodier (Hernando, 1A-11th); Jason Flynn (Key West, 1A-15th); Jean Benavidez (McKeel Academy, 1A-19th); Mark Coniker (Tocoi Creek, 1A-20th).
145: Logan Moore (Middleburg, 2A-8th); James Gadson (Hernando, 1A-9th); Bear Siegal (North Bay Haven, 1A-11th).
152: Bradley Torres (McKeel Academy, 1A-9th); Preston Pena (Bartram Trail, 3A-12th); Chance Wolffe (Episcopal, 1A-15th); Keith Ratliff (Baker County, 1A-16th); Brett Wilke (Villages, 1A-17th); Dylan Parkinson (Matanzas, 2A-20th); John Beke (McKeel Academy, 1A-20th).
160: Kevin Coon (Villages, 1A-5th); John Fernandez (Episcopal, 1A-8th); Josh Daltro (Fletcher, 3A-10th); Max Szabo (Buchholz, 3A-11th); Landon Wright (Matanzas, 2A-16th); Roman Polinsky (Oakleaf, 2A-20th), Rasean Rayam (Baker County, 1A-20th).
170: Jordan Mills (Matanzas, 2A-2nd); Owen McNabb (McKeel Academy, 1A-4th); Dominic Martin (Clay, 2A-12th); Brennan Doherty (Episcopal, 1A-12th); Luke Ghannam (Bishop Kenny, 1A-16th); Bryant Taylor (Oakleaf, 2A-19th).
182: Carson Schiavello (Clearwater CC, 1A-3rd); Ben Lietz (McKeel Academy, 1A-6th); Nolan McKelvy (West Nassau, 1A-7th); John McNames (Bartram Trail, 3A-8th); Collin Hearn (Bishop Kenny, 1A-8th); Christian McGarity (Episcopal, 1A-10th); Malachi Mista (Sandalwood, 3A-16th), Alexander Cortese (Union County, 1A-17th).
195: Kason Nichols (Buchholz, 3A-3rd); David Mercado (North Bay Haven, 1A-3rd); Isaiah Shevchook (Oakleaf, 2A-5th); Duffy Mista (Sandalwood, 3A-8th); Lawson Perry (Episcopal, 1A-11th); Jayshawn Nantce (Hernando, 1A-12th); Nicholas Caudill (Villages, 1A-17th); Weston Andrews (Key West, 1A-20th).
220: Nick Lee (South Walton, 1A-4th); Kedtric Wilbourn (Clay, 2A-5th); Shane Armstrong (Bartram Trail, 3A-6th); Jaelen Simmons (Mandarin, 3A-9th); Thomas Jones (Riverside, 2A-10th); Ralph Riche (Key West, 1A-11th); Tucker Cody (Middleburg, 2A-14th).
285: Devin Williams (Hernando, 1A-2nd); Andre Otto (Key West, 1A-3rd); Cane Fernandez (Forest, 3A-5th); Toby Matson (Fletcher, 3A-6th); Will Kelly (Clay, 2A-16th); Gregory Townsend (Raines, 1A-16th); Jacob George (Bartram Trail, 3A-18th); Randall Wise (Villages, 1A-18th).
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