#Preview: 2A-Region 2 IBT

By MATMEN, Thursday, 9 p.m.

2A-Region 2 IBT

Where: At Brandon.
Defending team champion: Lake Gibson.
Returning individual champions: Colt Brown (Lake Gibson), Elijah Lowe (Lake Gibson), Hayden Whidden (Lake Gibson), Tyler Smith (Brandon), Frank Solorzano (Lake Gibson).
Matmen’s state-qualifier predictions (sure to be wrong) — The finals and third-place predictions are self-explanatory. We’ll then have a quick summary on the locals in the field at each weight class.

Predictions — Final: Lorenzo Macatol (Lecanto, 16th) v Roberto Rodriguez (Brandon, 1st); 3rd place: Jeffrey Messner (Lake Gibson, 19th) v Francesco Alagna (Cypress Creek-WC, 15th).
No locals in field.

Predictions — Final: Elijah Lowe (Lake Gibson, 3rd) v Pedro Sifuentes (East River, 6th); 3rd place: Vincenzo Lee (Springstead) v Erick Vargas (Lakeland, 12th).
Locals: Going to be tough sledding for Lyman’s Micah Jones, with a district champ in round 1. Three matches would be a good Friday.

Predictions — Final: Jayden Robles (Winter Springs) v Christian Fretwell (Lake Gibson, 1st); 3rd place: Evan Bozek (Springstead) v Luke Williams (Brandon, 3rd).
Locals: Both Lyman’s Luke Nilles and Deltona’s Kyle Kerns have chances to win at least one match and could face off in a Saturday consi quarter with a blood-round spot on the line.

Predictions — Final: Colt Brown (Lake Gibson, 2nd) v Gabriel Jones (Brandon, 8th); 3rd place: Jet Griffis (Land O’Lakes, 13th) v Dominick Smith (River Ridge, 12th).
Locals: Lyman’s Jackson Frederickson should be a Saturday qualifier and could be under the radar for the semis. Deltona’s Austin Riis has a shot at the second day, but it would go through the consis to happen.

Predictions — Final: Kevin Kerns (Deltona, 11th) v Gaetano Tedesco (Lake Gibson, 3rd); 3rd place: Michael Dupuy (East River, 13th) v Ryan Phillips (Winter Springs, 2nd).
Locals: If Kerns can push past #16 Ryan Kinsey of Brandon in the quarters, the final should be a clear path. A loss there wouldn’t be 100% fatal, but might mean a blood round against either Tedesco or Phillips, and would probably set up a consi rd 2 against Lyman’s Allyn Rosario, who has Tedecso in rd 1.

Predictions — Final: Josh Gallo (Springstead, 3rd) v Thomas Gernhart (Brandon, 2nd); 3rd place: Nytravious Walker (Lake Gibson, 7th) v Austin Chung (Tampa Freedom, 10th).
Locals: Deltona’s Kyle Yasses drew Chung in round 1, but even with a loss there, he’d have a solid Saturday chance. It’s a little tougher for Lyman’s Elijah Coduto, with Gernhart in round 1 and either Chung, Walker, or Yasses in round 3.

Predictions — Final: Tyler Smith (Brandon, 10th) v Hayden Whidden (Lake Gibson, 1st); 3rd place: Wyatt Green (Land O’Lakes, 14th) v Husam Mustafa (Lake Wales, 15th).
Locals: Lyman’s Cameron Popeck might have a winnable first-rounder but then Smith in the quarters; he should be in the solid mix for Saturday, and could get a district-final rematch with Winter Springs (lost by one).

Predictions — Final: Craig Corbett (Springstead, 14th) v Gianni Maldonado (Lake Gibson, 1st); 3rd place: Evan Martinez (Lakeland, 12th) v Meison Broche (Gateway, 16th).
Locals: I think we’ll see a consi rd-2 rematch of the District 8 final, with Lyman’s Cameron Warner and Horizon’s Ethan Viteri battling for a Saturday spot. Puncher’s chance for Warner to make the blood round.

Predictions — Final: Ransom Randolph (Winter Springs, 5th) v Ty Rodriguez (Brandon, 6th); 3rd place: Nicholas Iserino (Wesley Chapel, 9th) v Connor Hackett (Lake Gibson, 11th).
Locals: Both Lyman’s Julio Menoyo and Deltona’s Gevin De la Cruz are going to have tough goes getting even three matches; Menoyo’s draw is a LITTLE better for three.

Predictions — Final: Jace Brownlow (Lake Gibson, 4th) v Elijah Penton (Winter Springs, 1st); 3rd place: Raymond Shaw (Auburndale, 19th) v Austin Williams (Brandon, 3rd).
Locals: Deltona’s Christian Rivera has a solid 35-match winner in round 1, but could get a 3rd match. Winning first match would be better, because a third match, unfortunately, would be either Shaw or Williams.

Predictions — Final: Tito Solorzano (Lake Gibson, 1st) v Bruno Ingalls (Pasco, 6th); 3rd place: John Fernandez (St Cloud, 15th) v Amir Coston (Auburndale, 17th).
Locals: Lyman’s Vincent Savelli drew Ingalls in round 1, but has a good shot for a third match; whoever he gets there, though, will be a tough out for him.

Predictions — Final: Brody Switzer (Zephyrhills, 10th) v Tristan Vann (Lake Gibson, 6th); 3rd place: Daniel Recla (Land O’Lakes) v Aiden Gatton (Winter Springs, 7th).
Locals: Horizon’s Matteo Lasorsa’s best chance might be to stay moving forward in the top quarter, because the bottom consi looks harsh. Deltona’s Nate Tsang drew Vann in round 1; the first consi might be tough, but not Vann-level tough, although winning a third match might be tricky.

Predictions — Final: Cassidy Grubbs (Pasco, 3rd) v Nicholas Lyle (Brandon, 8th); 3rd place: Brayden Kahelin (Lake Gibson) v Donnell McCray (Jones).
Locals: Horizon’s Bo Kenney drew Kahelin, who’s more solid than the record would indicate, in round 1; it is not a great quarter to be in. Deltona’s Aaron Debouver might actually have a better shot at a third match.

Predictions — Final: Garry Gilbert (Land O’Lakes, 8th) v Nate Gabriel (Auburndale, 2nd); 3rd place: Elijah Abreu (Gateway, 7th) v Jared Apple (Zephyrhills, 12th).
Locals: Don’t be surprised if Deltona’s Nathan Hatch qualifies out, regardless of how his quarterfinal with Abreu might go; there’s good landing spots in the bottom half of the consis, but he’ll have to stay focused on the prize. Horizon’s Samuel Robertson gets Gilbert in rd 1, a third match would be a very good tournament.

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