#Recap: 1A-Region 1, Day 1

By MATMEN, Friday, 9 p.m.

Second-day pairings for 1A-Region 1 at Wewahitchka:

Semis: Eli Jolicoeur (Suwannee, 5th) v Connor Brown (Wakulla, 7th); Jasper Croom (Florida High, 1st) v Taylor Martinez (Wolfson, 17th).
Consi qtrs: Thomas Pluhar (Rocky Bayou Christian) v Dylan Malott (Rutherford); Oliver Hayden (Beachside) v Nathan Lyttle (South Walton).
Picks still OK?: Not bad, with three medalists in the front half and all four still alive. Everything for the most part looking pretty good.

Semis: Derrick WIlliams (Bay, 1st) v Anthony Fondo (Wakulla, 15th); Justin Contreras (Suwannee, 5th) v Jareb Lauramore (Baker County, 11th).
Consi qtrs: Nathan Mercado (North Bay Haven) v Wyatt Moore (Rocky Bayou Christian); Crew Richter (Fernandina Beach) v Dewan Richardson (Florida High, 15th).
Picks still OK?: If I picked you to qualify out, they look pretty OK. More of a mixed bag on the kids that I thought could be in the mix, some are and some were not.

Semis: Topher Pearson (Suwannee, 7th) v Kyle Brown (Paxon, 17th); Jay Brown (Liberty County, 6th) v Jacob Harless (Bishop Kenny, 16th).
Consi qtrs: Taz Kinghorn (Baker County) v Jake Parker (Wewahitchka, 9th); Ethan Hancock (Union County) v David Drake (Bay, 8th).
Picks still OK?: Pretty OK, all four projected are all in play, and I expected one to be in the consis. Only one injury really marring the whole thing; but still two more years of competition left there.

Semis: David Culley (Wakulla) v Blayden Tharpe (West Nassau, 8th); Brody Boehm (Suwannee, 3rd) v Scott Busey (Episcopal, 14th).
Consi qtrs: Hunter Brown (Liberty County) v Caden Kubatzke (Fernandina Beach, 11th); Hunter Stanley (Florida High) v Elias Spurlin (Stanton, 20th).
Picks still OK?: Like at 120, all four projected are all in play and, again, I expected one in the consis. Again, one miss, and misses are going to happen this weekend. A lot.

Semis: Gibson Moore (South Walton, 16th) v Ishmael Foster (Palatka); Cael Kubatzke (Fernandina Beach, 10th) v Caleb Orr (Wakulla, 14th).
Consi qtrs: Logan Pugh (Yulee) v Keaton Ellis (Liberty County); Troy Carroll (Florida High, 13th) v Zander Stillgess (North Bay Haven).
Picks still OK?: Not as good as the previous two, with only three projecteds left and one in the consis. Some kids I listed as in the mix were not, and others that weren’t still are.

Semis: Elijah Stillgess (Bay, 15th) v Austin Adamson (Yulee, 11th); Brady Jackson (Wakulla, 12th) v Mikade Harvey (Palatka, 2nd).
Consi qtrs: Christopher Hampton (Bishop Kenny) v Ayden Kirby (Suwannee, 16th); Ethan Shea (Union County) v Mark Coniker (Tocoi Creek, 19th).
Picks still OK?: Not too bad as far as that goes, with all projecteds still in and most in the mixes mentioned. Overall, still very much in play for a decent number of correct events.

Semis: Jack Raynor (Bishop Kenny, 18th) v Jae T Thaxton (Wakulla, 7th); Cole Misciagna (Fernandina Beach, 13th) v Marshall White (Suwannee, 12th).
Consi qtrs: Grady Smith (Beachside, 17th) v Romero Black (Rutherford, 11th); Rodney Barnett (Unino County) v Bear Siegal (North Bay Haven, 9th).
Picks still OK?: A lot like 138, here, with all four projecteds still in the field and only one miss where I had one in the mix misplaced.

Semis: Shaun Sandidge (Bay) v Nate Jacobs (Wakulla); Austin McKinney (Suwannee, 4th) v Roberto Cuartero (Bishop Kenny, 3rd).
Consi qtrs: Ajani Zahira (FSDB) v Chance Wolffe (Episcopal); Brendan Lawson (Paxon) v Nicholas Roeder (Florida High).
Picks still OK?: Not bad. A little flip-flop of some things, but what I thought might happen, aside from one consi-rd 2 match, has thus far mostly happened. Watch that McKinney-Cuartero semi. Price of admission-level match.

Semis: Conner Roberts (Wewahitchka, 8th) v John Fernandez (Episcopal, 7th); Austin Howard (3rd) v Enzo Gamba (Fernandina Beach, 2nd).
Consi qtrs: Dylan Danson (Tocoi Creek) v Keaton Schirmer (Rutherford); John Slade (Bishop Kenny) v Dean Wright (Florida High, 10th).
Picks still OK?: Top four projected are all still in the front half, so that’s always a good thing. The Howard-Gamba match is also one to watch and might be on the same mat as McKinney-Cuartero.

Semis: Luke Ghannam (Bishop Kenny) v Dylan Johns (Yulee, 6th); Dustin Wood (Suwannee, 13th) v Anthony Fancher (Fernandina Beach).
Consi qtrs: Bryce Frye (Wolfson) v Colin Hadlock (Union County); Jordan Haigler (Florida High) v Calvin Carpenter (Wewahitchka).
Picks still OK?: Not bad, but one significant miss for me that I did not expect; for the most part, the others are holding to form.

Semis: Alexander Cortese (Union County, 14th) v Nolan McKelvy (West Nassau, 6th); Collin Hearn (Bishop Kenny, 7th) v Christopher Aud (Yulee, 12th).
Consi qtrs: Eddie Craig (Beachside, 9th) v Xander Hawkes (Florida High, 4th); Benjamin Lewis (Suwannee) v Bryson Schirmer (Rutherford, 20th).
Picks still OK?: Pretty significant but not a massive “upset” in the brackets might shuffle up the order a bit, but all four projecteds still in it. Everybody I named is still in it.

Semis: Christian McGarity (Episcopal, 8th) v Gauge Housely (Fernandina Beach, 19th); Alex Smith (Yulee, 2nd) v Danny Thornton (Union County, 18th).
Consi qtrs: Torynn Johns (Suwannee) v Taylor Davenport (Baldwin); Nias Dorsey (Florida High) v Jhalill Richardson (Raines).
Picks still OK?: Yep, very. Top four projecteds are all in the front half and only one wrestler not competing was the difference in the rest of it. Pretty good weight.

Semis: David Mercado (North Bay Haven, 2nd) v Collin Bishop (Florida High, 13th); Cayden RIcks (Yulee, 18th) v Kohl Pippin (Wakulla, 13th).
Consi qtrs: Jason Callahan (Tocoi Creek) v Sam Ballard (Suwannee); Peyton White (Fernandina Beach) v D’Cari Wilson (Raines).
Picks still OK?: Not awful, but one of the messier ones. I figured the four I picked would have one in the consis, and they do. Won’t quite work out as I projected.

Semis: Carlos Sanchez (South Walton) v Gregory Townsend (Raines, 12th); Adleigh Caquimbo (Wakulla) v Braylen Ricks (Yulee, 4th).
Consi qtrs: William Schuster (Fernandina Beach) v Christian Ajose-Adeogun (Florida High); Mark Rinaman (Episcopal) v Scout Harr (Liberty County).
Picks still OK?: Top four projecteds all in the front half, as expected (but still the names are a little surprising due to late runs). Some messups in the next four, to be expected. In all, not bad.

Team: Suwannee made a late rush and holds a 10-point lead, 85-75, over district rival Wakulla, with fellow District 2’s Florida High in third at 73.5, with District 3’s Yulee (56) and Fernandina Beach (55) rounding out the top five. The second five are paced by Union County’s 51 points, followed by Bishop Kenny (48), Episcopal (42), Bay (41) and Tocoi Creek (37).

Updated Region 1 brackets (only) HERE.

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