#Recap: 3A-Region 1, Day 1

By MATMEN, Friday, 8 p.m.

Second-day pairings for 3A-Region 1 at DeLand:

Semis: Alexavier Panganiban (Creekside, 12th) v Egehan Yilhan (Windermere, 20th); Scott Smith (Forest) v Jacob Rothman (Winter Park, 15th).
Consi qtrs: Nazzio Huyler (Ocoee) v Landon Locantora (Fletcher); Mathew Pishotta (West Port) v Zaiden Rodriguez (Lake Brantley).
Picks still OK?: Still OK, for the most part, with three medalist picks in the semis and all four still in it. Smith is the bracket-buster for now.

Semis: Carmen DiBella (Bartram Trail, 11th) v Marlo Clark (Timber Creek, 7th); Josh Sabbia (Oviedo) v Santiago Carrion (Creekside).
Consi qtrs: Toby Campbell (Forest) v Tyler Bracero (DeLand); Hugh Davis (Buchholz) v Clayton Willits (Lake Brantley).
Picks still OK?: Noooo…not really…top half is OK, bottom half is a wreckage, between losses and not competing.

Semis: Finn Buchanan (Buchholz) v Conner Rodriguez (Oviedo); Phoenix Krauth (DeLand, 11th) v Adrian Pabon-Rivera (Lake Mary).
Consi qtrs: James Zena (Hagerty) v Aydan Ruano (Forest); Shiv Patel (Olympia) v Keegan Clark (Timber Creek).
Picks still OK?: Hot mess. My watch-out-fors are doing much better than my projected qualifiers, as a group.

Semis: Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail, 1st) v Dario Duany (Lake Brantley); Jedidiah Brown (Buchholz, 18th) v Raymond Cavey (West Orange, 11th).
Consi qtrs: Aidan Benson (Timber Creek) v Jaylen Clayton (Evans); Grady Bryant (DeLand) v Brent Ryals (Forest).
Picks still OK?: Mostly still OK, but my colleague Brant had a better line on Cavey than I did.

Semis: Cole O’Brien (Fletcher, 6th) v Cavarius Liddie (Buchholz, 5th); Nikolas Blake (Hagerty, 2nd) v Kole Hannant (Flagler Palm Coast, 13th).
Consi qtrs: Lucas Drone (Windermere) v Peyton Senez (DeLand); Ozy Aquino (Timber Creek) v Lucian Slayden (Nease).
Picks still OK?: Yes, very. Top four all still in the front-half, as we would hope. Nice first-day run for Aquino, an additional qualifier.

Semis: Conner Wright (Creekside, 14th) v Kellen Chapman (DeLand, 15th); Johnathan Dishman (Oviedo) v Tamarion Kendrick (Apopka, 7th).
Consi qtrs: Parker Stamschror (Nease, 17th) v John Hald (Flagler Palm Coast, 12th); Josue Batista (Timber Creek, 19th) v Ryan Culbertson (Seminole).
Picks still OK?: Mostly OK, with three medalists still in front half. Dishman was so under the radar that he was under mine, as well.

Semis: Tyran Schanck (Evans, 14th) v Giovanni Duany (Lake Brantley, 15th); James Gonzalez (Winter Park, 13th) v Seth Galvin (Wekiva).
Consi qtrs: Hayden Herndon (Flagler Palm Coast) v Madden Bourst (Olympia); Antonio Ramos (Mandarin) v Grady Hutchinson (Bartram Trail).
Picks still OK?: Yep. All four medalists reached the top half, most of it (for those who competed) still in good shape.

Semis: Justin St John (Hagerty) v Luke Forsberg (Oviedo); Mathias Franz (DeLand, 12th) v Joey Parker (Winter Park, 5th).
Consi qtrs: Carson Baert (Flagler Palm Coast) v Nick Ghezzi (Lake Mary); Jaydius Bognar (South Lake) v Preston Pena (Bartram Trail).
Picks still OK?: Bottom half is OK, top half is a heap of unexpected movement. Kudos to St John and (to a smaller extent) Forsberg for messing them up.

Semis: Josh Daltro (Fletcher, 9th) v William Muniz (Timber Creek); Jacob Lutz (Nease, 12th) v Kamdon Harrison (Hagerty, 3rd).
Consi qtrs: Isaiah Diltz (Mandarin) v Kelton Howard (Flagler Palm Coast); Thomas Abrahamson (Lake Brantley) v Hudson McCandles (Oviedo).
Picks still OK?: Some maybe good, some maybe sheet, as the TikTok app goes. A couple of them could still work out as tomorrow unfolds.

Semis: Alan Rivera (Nease, 14th) v Jake Jessee (Lake Brantley, 18th); Connor Gilliam (Hagerty, 19th) v Andy Delva (Ocoee).
Consi qtrs: Juan Viera-Paulos (Timber Creek) v Gavin Isaacs (Lake Mary, 9th); Max Szabo (Buchholz) v Josh Davis (Flagler Palm Coast).
Picks still OK?: Not great, but could come out almost sort of OK if tomorrow breaks a couple of ways. Not…100%…surprised at the way today broke.

Semis: John McNames (Bartram Trail, 8th) v Hunter Tate (Hagerty, 11th); Gavin Rodriguez-Cayro (DeLand, 12th) v Malachi Mista (Sandalwood).
Consi qtrs: Daniel Pacheco (Timber Creek) v Tristen Darling (Creekside); William Lancer (Buchholz) v Christopher Swanson (Lake Brantley).
Picks still OK?: The top four projected are all in the front half, but the dark-horse/watch-out-fors/under the radars did not meet the same fate.

Semis: Duffy Mista (Sandalwood, 9th) v Kason Nichols (Buchholz, 4th); Joey Gioa (Oviedo) v Dalton Schell (Flagler Palm Coast, 8th).
Consi qtrs: Ellis Lawson (Forest) v Garrett Perkins (DeLand); Rocco Jonigan (Timber Creek) v Dean Marshall (First Coast).
Picks still OK?: Not…terrible…with three medalists still in the front half. Could still mostly work out, as far as it goes.

Semis: Liam Glassmeyer (Winter Park, 17th) v Michael Frederick (Lake Mary, 16th); Jaelen Simmons (Mandarin, 10th) v Ethaniel Laupepa (Flagler Palm Coast).
Consi qtrs: Keniel Carrasquillo (Ocoee, 8th) v Jayden Smith (Timber Creek); Landon Revis (Hagerty) v Shane Armstrong (Bartram Trail, 5th).
Picks still OK?: Some of my picks worked out OK, some did not, and Laupepa definitely was on one in terms of proving Matmen wrong. Still kinda OK. In a not-really sense.

Semis: Toby Matson (Fletcher, 8th) v Deandre Scott (Ocoee, 5th); Marion Smokes (DeLand, 6th) v Peter Nesheiwat (Timber Creek, 4th).
Consi qtrs: Jacob George (Bartram Trail) v Derric Jacobs (First Coast); Jermael Paul (Evans) v Seth Cruz (University-OC).
Picks still OK?: Another one where the top 4 held serve but there were some what-the moments in the margins where my picks didn’t match reality. That’ll happen.

Team: DeLand holds an eight-point lead over Timber Creek, 73-65, with Bartram Trail (56), Flagler Palm Coast (50) and Oviedo (49.5) rounding out the top five. Buchholz (48), Hagerty (46), Fletcher (43), Creekside (37) and Lake Brantley (35.5) complete the top five.

Updated Region 1 brackets (only) HERE.

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