#1A: Who “Won” Regions?

We know who won 1A-Region 1 last week. Suwannee is your reigning double-Region 1 champion.

But we also like to toss around ideas about the region tournament, that this district is the best, or no, that district is top-heavy but isn’t the best top-to-bottom.

And the little kid-baseball-stats-nerd-turned-wrestling-writer-stats-nerd loves these kinds of discussions.

So, which district “won” each of the four regions?

These numbers might help start the discussion, here’s first a breakdown of the state qualifiers, by numbers per district:

25: District 2.
18: District 3.
10: District 1.
3: District 4.

My Iowa math tells me that’s 56 state qualifiers, which should track.

There’s two ways to evaluate which district “won” each region — points and qualifiers (with medals broken down). The breakdowns by each region follow.

Region 1

Points: 1. District 2 571. 2. District 3 508.5. 3. District 1 304. 4. District 4 244.5.


  • 1. District 2 25 (5 1st, 7 2nd, 7 3rd, 6 4th).
  • 2. District 3 18 (6 1st, 4 2nd, 3 3rd, 5 4th).
  • 3. District 1 10 (2 1st, 3 2nd, 2 3rd, 3 4th).
  • 4. District 4 3 (1 1st, 2 3rd).

The data tells me mostly what the standings did, that District 2 had the strongest district, but District 3 made it closer than I would have thought. That’s either due to the top-heavy firepower of the first half of District 2, or the more consistent depth across 11 different teams in District 3.

I don’t know if I can get all 12 districts done before I go Friday morning to Osceola, in fact I’m pretty sure I can’t, but it’ll be interesting to see how the districts will fare at states next week!

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