#Preview: 1A State IBT

By MATMEN, Wednesday, 3 p.m.

1A State IBT

When & where: Thursday-Saturday at Silver Spurs Arena. Thursday start at 12:30 p.m., with one round of competition on each side of the bracket. Friday start at 9:15 a.m., with two rounds of competition on each side. Saturday start at 9:30 a.m. with consi semis & medal-round wrestling. Finals are scheduled for 4:15 p.m.
Defending team champion: Jensen Beach.
Returning individual champions: Sebastian Degennaro (Jensen Beach), Gavin Nolan (Clearwater CC), Nicholas Yancey (Cardinal Gibbons), Frankie Florio (Cardinal Gibbons), Jewell Williams (Jensen Beach), Kendrick Hodge (Somerset Academy), Christian Moder (First Baptist-Naples).
Synopsis: Three South Florida teams — duals champion Jensen Beach, along with Somerset Academy and First Baptist-Naples, should be the top teams in the hunt for the team title on Saturday. It’ll be a battle of hammers for Somerset and FBN against Jensen Beach’s strong consistency (and the Falcons have a hammer or two themselves). Could see Lemon Bay, Cardinal Gibbons, Palm Bay, Zephyrhills Christian and possibly northern teams Suwannee and Florida High.

Matmen’s state-medal predictions (sure to be wrong) —

The medals are self-explanatory, it’s a sketch of the bracket as I see it, with a little bit of emphasis to “prove me wrong” to local kids in the north that may affect my sketch. I want my kids to get medals by any means necessary, by their own skill first and foremost, but if they want to take an additional oomph of motivation from me, that’s good for them — and me — as well. The unranked wrestler under the radar is not necessarily who I think is the “best” unranked wrestler, but the one not previously listed in the top eight who might have a vulnerable ranked kid in his path that could be susceptible to an upset.

Final: Reid Yakes (Zephyrhills Christian, 3rd) v Jake Austin (Somerset Academy, 4th).
3rd: Jasper Croom (Florida High, 1st) v Mason O’Dell (Mater Lakes Academy, 2nd).
5th: Eli Jolicoeur (Suwannee, 7th) v Ben Norris (Jensen Beach, 5th).
7th: Connor Barnes (Wakulla, 6th) v Adrian Day (Cocoa Beach, 8th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Everett Stephens (First Baptist-Naples).

Final: Derrick Williams (Bay, 1st) v Jovani Solis (Somerset Academy, 2nd).
3rd: Justin Contreras (Suwannee, 5th) v Nathan Varley (Sarasota Military, 7th).
5th: Jack Oliver (Lemon Bay, 4th) v Blaine Reed (Crystal River, 8th).
7th: Mario Del Vecchio (Cocoa Beach, 3rd) v Al’Zaveon Harris (Gibbs, 10th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Gian Ortiz (Jensen Beach).

Final: Sebastian Degennaro (Jensen Beach, 1st) v Jonathan Moder (First Baptist-Naples, 2nd).
3rd: Anthony O’Dell (Mater Lakes, 3rd) v Topher Pearson (Suwannee, 6th).
5th: Jay Brown (Liberty County, 5th) v Logan Kelly (Lemon Bay, 4th).
7th: Jordyn Valle (Hernando) v Jake Parker (Wewahitchka, 7th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: William Parker (Cardinal Gibbons).

Final: Ryan Mooney (Jensen Beach, 1st) v Matthew Velasco (Somerset Academy, 2nd).
3rd: Brody Boehm (Suwannee, 4th) v Asher Bacon (First Baptist-Naples, 3rd).
5th: Ethan Tran (Mater Lakes Academy, 6th) v Brycen Warren (Lemon Bay, 5th).
7th: Mason Medina (Bishop Moore, 7th) v Blayden Tharpe (West Nassau).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: David Culley (Wakulla).

Final: Roman Maldonado (Palm Bay, 2nd) v Tristan Sainz (Somerset Academy, 1st).
3rd: Gavin Nolan (Clearwater CC, 4th) v Andres DiGregoli (First Baptist-Naples), 3rd).
5th: Charlie Armstrong (Jensen Beach, 5th) v Talon Maple (Zephyrhills Christian, 6th).
7th: Jonathan Hudson (Cardinal Gibbons, 7th) v Cael Kubatzke (Fernandina Beach, 10th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Gibson Moore (South Walton).

Final: Mikade Harvey (Palatka, 2nd) v Nicholas Yancey (Cardinal Gibbons, 1st).
3rd: Justin Brady (Lemon Bay, 7th) v Ronald Theilacker (Palm Bay, 3rd).
5th: Mikel Pierce-Walker (Jensen Beach, 6th) v Kevin Concepcion (Somerset, 8th).
7th: Eric Hodge (Mater Lakes Academy, 5th) v TJ Rodier (Hernando).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Austin Adamson (Yulee).

Final: Frankie Florio (Cardinal Gibbons, 4th) v Michael Kersey (First Baptist-Naples, 1st).
3rd: Jewell Williams (Jensen Beach, 5th) v Michael Sainz (Somerset Academy, 3rd).
5th: James Gadson (Hernando, 9th) v DJ Richards (Mt Dora, 2nd).
7th: Ricky Bowermaster (Weeki Wachee, 8th) v Jae T Thaxton (Wakulla, 6th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Aiden Hutchins (Zephyrhills Christian).

Final: Austin McKinney (Suwannee, 2nd) v Nathan Furman (Palm Bay, 1st).
3rd: Roberto Cuartero (Bishop Kenny, 3rd) v Dylan Fox (Jensen Beach, 4th).
5th: Luis Bellon (Somerset Academy, 8th) v Daniel Ward (First Academy, 7th).
7th: Pablo Santamaria (Bayside) v Javier Lopez (Zephyrhills Christian, 9th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Shaw Garrett (Hernando).

Final: Kendrick Hodge (Somerset Academy, 1st) v Austin Howard (Suwannee, 3rd).
3rd: Enzo Gamba (Fernandina Beach, 2nd) v Conner Roberts (Wewahitchka, 6th).
5th: Gavin Patton (First Baptist-Naples, 4th) v Nick Sheets (Lemon Bay, 7th).
7th: Alexander Noman (Avon Park, 9th) v Bennett Sweitzer (Canterbury, 5th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Zach Emery-Foster (Palm Bay).

Final: Kyle Grey (Lincoln Park Academy, 2nd) v Koen Hoffman (Lemon Bay, 1st).
3rd: Dylan Johns (Yulee, 4th) v Owen McNabb (McKeel Academy, 3rd).
5th: Richard Tauriello (Cardinal Gibbons, 6th) v Brycen Turner (Palm Bay, 5th).
7th: Calogero Mazzrillo (Mater Lakes Academy, 9th) v Jeremiah Chavis (Zephyrhills Christian, 7th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Dustin Wood (Suwannee).

Final: Christian Moder (First Baptist-Naples, 1st) v Chase Alden (Lemon Bay, 2nd).
3rd: Dominic Pantuso (Cardinal Gibbons, 7th) v Carson Schiavello (Clearwater CC, 3rd).
5th: Nolan McKelvy (West Nassau, 4th) v Malachi Harriel (Jensen Beach, 9th).
7th: Joel Velazquez (Crystal River, 6th) v Jonathan Moreno (Somerset Academy, 8th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Allen Wasmund (Space Coast).

Final: Nate Sopotnick (Jensen Beach, 3rd) v Michael Mocco (Cardinal Gibbons, 1st).
3rd: Alex Smith (Yulee, 2nd) v Octavion Osby (Palm Bay, 4th).
5th: Robb Philippus (Hudson, 6th) v Andrew Crouch (Berkeley Prep, 5th).
7th: Jaydon Sheely (Space Coast, 10th) v Caleb Dickerson (Sarasota Military, 7th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Rafael Lopez (Somerset Academy).

Final: Elijah Austin (Zephyrhills Christian, 5th) v DJ Gillins (Tenoroc, 1st).
3rd: David Mercado (North Bay Haven, 2nd) v Damian Soto (Mater Lakes Academy, 3rd).
5th: Ben Arnett (Lemon Bay, 7th) v Tim Gray (Crystal River, 4th).
7th: Gavyn Uribes (Hudson, 8th) v Nathan Chen (Pinecrest Prep, 6th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Christopher Brunson (Palm Bay).

Final: Devin Williams (Hernando, 3rd) v Caleb Rodriguez (First Baptist-Naples, 1st).
3rd: Leonard Christian (Palm Bay, 5th) v Andre Otto (Key West, 2nd).
5th: Braylen Ricks (Yulee, 4th) v Dartavius Saintelus (King’s Academy, 7th).
7th: Bruce Smith (Mulberry, 6th) v Darren Georges (SLAM Academy, 10th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Carlos Sanchez (South Walton).

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