#Preview: 3A State IBT

By MATMEN, Wednesday, 3 p.m.

3A State IBT

When & where: Thursday-Saturday at Silver Spurs Arena. Thursday start at 12:30 p.m., with one round of competition on each side of the bracket. Friday start at 9:15 a.m., with two rounds of competition on each side. Saturday start at 9:30 a.m. with consi semis & medal-round wrestling. Finals are scheduled for 4:15 p.m.
Defending team champion: South Dade.
Returning individual champions: Gabriel Tellez (Southwest Miami), Tyler Washburn (Palmetto Ridge), Anderson Heap (Osceola), Nicholas Romero (Riverview), Cooper Haase (Osceola), Gunner Holland (Osceola), Dominic Joyce (North Port), Ansel Cervantes (South Dade), Sawyer Bartelt (South Dade).
Synopsis: South Dade is lining up to add another 3A team title to its mix once again this year. Look for Osceola and Southwest Miami to provide the closest competition, although DeLand, Wellington, Ft Pierce Central and Harmony all could be in the mix for a team trophy should either the Kowboys or Eagles falter this weekend.

Matmen’s state-medal predictions (sure to be wrong) —

The medals are self-explanatory, it’s a sketch of the bracket as I see it, with a little bit of emphasis to “prove me wrong” to local kids in the north that may affect my sketch. I want my kids to get medals by any means necessary, by their own skill first and foremost, but if they want to take an additional oomph of motivation from me, that’s good for them — and me — as well. The unranked wrestler under the radar is not necessarily who I think is the “best” unranked wrestler, but the one not previously listed in the top eight who might have a vulnerable ranked kid in his path that could be susceptible to an upset.

Final: Nathaniel Overman (Bloomingdale, 2nd) v Andrew Punzalan (Cypress Bay, 1st).
3rd: Roderick Brown (George Jenkins, 6th) v Cameron Gibson (Wellington, 3rd).
5th: Malachi Ortiz (Palm Harbor University, 5th) v Bryan Morales (South Dade, 7th).
7th: Alexavier Panganiban (Creekside, 10th) v Marco Luciano (Seminole Ridge, 4th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Alex Schnobrick (Olympic Heights).

Final: Gabriel Tellez (Southwest Miami, 2nd) v Tyler Washburn (Palmetto Ridge, 4th).
3rd: Christian Vazquez (Doral Academy, 3rd) v Frederick Mitchum (Southridge, 1st).
5th: Charlie Smiarowski (Riverdale, 6th) v Guillermo Jaramillo (South Dade, 5th).
7th: Connor Harris (Ft Pierce Central) v Marlo Clark (Timber Creek, 7th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Josh Sabbia (Oviedo).

Final: Luis Acevedo (South Dade, 2nd) v Blaine Taranto (Venice, 1st).
3rd: Daniel Echeverria (Ft Pierce Central, 4th) v Sam Marvel (Wellington, 3rd).
5th: Egan Gustilo (Tohopekaliga, 10th) v Evan Martinez (Osceola, 5th).
7th: Jordan Escarra (Cypress Bay, 7th) v Brandon Villa (Columbus).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Aydan Ruano (Forest).

Final: Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail, 1st) v Colin Bradshaw (Steinbrenner, 2nd).
3rd: Nathaniel Williams (South Dade, 3rd) v Julian Montero (Doral Academy, 4th).
5th: Angel Delgado (Southwest Miami, 5th) v Ryan Mangano (Sumner, 9th).
7th: Arturo Sanchez (Columbus, 6th) v Christian Reinhardt (Lake Nona).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Dario Duany (Lake Brantley).

Final: Cavarius Liddie (Buchholz, 4th) v Danny Martinez (Southwest Miami, 1st).
3rd: Nikolas Blake (Hagerty, 5th) v Rey Ortiz (Harmony, 2nd).
5th: Tyree Graham (South Dade, 6th) v Jose Gutierrez (Doral Academy, 3rd).
7th: Zachary Balma (Riverdale, 9th) v Frank Font (Strawberry Crest, 8th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Jeremiah Sawicky (Bloomingdale).

Final: Aaron Lanster (Miami Beach, 2nd) v Nicholas Romero (Riverview, 3rd).
3rd: Shawn McCallister (Harmony, 4th) v Elvis Solis (South Dade, 1st).
5th: Eric Aja (Freedom, 5th) v Tamarion Kendrick (Apopka, 7th).
7th: Brinalli Brown (Treasure Coast, 6th) v Cameron Gallivan (Miami Palmetto).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Kellen Chapman (DeLand).

Final: Anderson Heap (Osceola, 1st) v Reid Noble (Steinbrenner, 2nd).
3rd: Jose Milord (Bloomingdale, 3rd) v Misha Arbos (South Dade, 4th).
5th: James Gonzalez (Winter Park, 9th) v Lester Martinez (Southwest Miami, 5th).
7th: Rocco Hayden (Treasure Coast, 7th) v Brian Mitchell (Viera, 8th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Tyran Schanck (Evans).

Final: Alexander Soto (Riverdale, 3rd) v Cooper Haase (Osceola, 1st).
3rd: Giovanni DeAngeles (Park Vista, 5th) v Gavin Balmeceda (South Dade, 2nd).
5th: JT Apicella (Ft Pierce Central, 6th) v Joey Parker (Winter Park, 4th).
7th: Yaniel Reina (Southridge, 8th) v Reese Hibbard (Sarasota, 7th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Luke Forsberg (Oviedo).

Final: Cordell White (South Dade, 1st) v Adrian Ochoa (Southwest Miami, 2nd).
3rd: Kamdon Harrison (Hagerty, 3rd) v Julian Mayorga (Southridge, 4th).
5th: Antonio Falotico (Harmony, 6th) v Josh Daltro (Fletcher, 9th).
7th: Joseph Cuttitta (Palm Harbor University, 8th) v Mac Andrews (Wellington, 7th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Brayden Wilken (Bloomingdale).

Final: Gunner Holland (Osceola, 2nd) v Roman Garcia (Palmetto Ridge, 1st).
3rd: Lawrence Rosario (South Dade, 3rd) v Timothy Peoples (George Jenkins, 6th).
5th: Ronald Butler (Miami Palmetto, 4th) v Cooper Patton (Vero Beach, 8th).
7th: Albert Manzini (Doral Academy, 5th) v Chase McBroom (Celebration, 7th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Kenneth Dean (Cypress Creek).

Final: Christopher Sanchez (South Dade, 3rd) v Dominic Joyce (North Port, 1st).
3rd: Garrett Krsul (Steinbrenner, 5th) v Zach Weidler (Cypress Bay, 2nd).
5th: Franklyn Ordonez (Southwest Miami, 4th) v Hunter Tate (Hagerty, 10th).
7th: Alexander Strickland (Strawberry Crest, 6th) v Ian Wolski (Jupiter, 8th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Gavin Rodriguez-Cayro (DeLand).

Final: Jomar Sanchez (Osceola, 6th) v Ansel Cervantes (South Dade, 1st).
3rd: Edwin Guillen (Goleman, 5th) v Johnathon Roberts (Vero Beach, 3rd).
5th: Carmichael Gonzalez (North Port, 9th) v Richard Alexander (Miami Palmetto, 2nd).
7th: Dalton Schell (Flagler Palm Coast, 7th) v Kason Nichols (Buchholz, 4th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Baxter Hoffman (Steinbrenner).

Final: Elijah Vansickle (Osceola, 3rd) v Sawyer Bartelt (South Dade, 1st).
3rd: Liam Glassmeyer (Winter Park, 6th) v Landon Walters (George Jenkins, 2nd).
5th: Jonathan Fraga (Southwest Miami, 4th) v Aidyn Wolfe (Riverview, 5th).
7th: Michael Frederick (Lake Mary, 10th) v Connor Olivares (Jupiter, 8th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: Apollo Benito (Columbus).

Final: Austin Foye (Palmetto Ridge, 2nd) v Nelson Toro (Harmony, 1st).
3rd: Gozie Mosi (Cypress Bay, 4th) v Peter Nesheiwat (Timber Creek, 5th).
5th: Marion Smokes (DeLand, 7th) v Derrick Hart (Columbus, 3rd).
7th: Toby Matson (Fletcher, 6th) v Sebastien Bazile (Olympic Heights, 9th).
Unranked wrestler under the radar: John Arellano (Winter Haven).

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