Adidas Nationals: Saturday Results

At Independence MO
2023 Adidas Nationals

Saturday’s Local Results
Boys K-8
Jackson Steiner (Niceville, Grade K-1) — Rd of 32: FALL Rocco Ritchie (Mountain Home Flyers), 2:43. Rd of 16: FALL Rhett Ray (Ogden’s Outlaws), 2:47. Quarters: MD Rudy McAllister (NM Bad Boyz), 10-0. Semis: FALL Zachary Dawejko (Panther), 1:50. Championship: FALL Sebastian Cardoza (Wright City Jr Wildcats), 2:47.

Tucker Bailey (Niceville, Grade 2) — Rd of 16: FALL Saw-Wah Evans (Ogden’s Outlaws), 1:28. Quarters: L-FALL Kaiden Galindez (Massa’s Maniacs), :35. Consi 8 #2: FALL Keagan Ankeny (Ascension Titans), 1:51. Consi 4: L-FALL Brandon Peet-Montalvo (CIWC Team Intensity), :19. 7th Place: FALL Easton Dugger (Beebe), 2:00.

Sawyer Decker (Well Trained, Grade 4) — Rd of 16: FALL Lydia Cooper (Team Oklahoma), 2:28. Quarters: FALL Roland Ross (King Select), 2:45. Semis: L-MD Nash Denison (Team Oklahoma), 16-2. Consi Semis: L-DEC Roman Moore (Moen), 4-3. 5th Place: DEC Thomas Steinkirchner, 9-5.

Zeyn Dillon (Panda, Grade 6) — Rd of 16: L-DEC Dylan Saba (unattached), 6-0. Consi 8 #1: DEC Liam Major (King Select), 5-0. Consi 8 #2: L-DEC Ian Griffin (Honey Badgers), 7-1.

Hunter Jessee (Florida Jets, Grade 8) — Rd of 16: L-FALL Shane Rochon (RT Elite), 2:00. Consi 8 #2: L-MD Cooper Mathews (Cherokee Trail), 15-4.

Mario Del Vecchio (NBWA/St Johns) — Rd of 32: FALL Deegan Frazier (Jr Vikes), 1:29. Rd of 16: FALL Noah Hyatt (Ascension Titans), :27. Quarters: FALL Zack Valdez (NM Bad Boyz), 2:05. Semis: L-DEC Michael Poulette (Thoroughbred), 3-2. Consi Semis: DEC Jasper Croom (Florida High), 9-2. 3rd Place: L-DEC DJ Hawthorne (King Select), 7-1.
Jasper Croom (Grappling House/Florida High) — Rd of 32: L-FALL Talon Tahdooahnippah (Team Oklahoma), 4:03. Consi 16 #2: FALL Carson Moore (DC Gold), :32. Consi 8 #1: TF Shade Harrell (Beebe Youth), 17-1, 3:31. Consi 8 #2: FALL Dylan Hamilton (Team Oklahomoa), 2:21. Consi 4: DEC Isiah Estrada (NM Bad Boyz), 9-2. Consi Semis: L-DEC Del Vecchio (NBWA/St Johns), 9-2. 5th Place: MEDFFT over Brett Johnson (Moen).

Girls 6-8
Hayden Hauck (North Bay Haven) — Rd of 16: L-FALL Chloe Skiles (King Select), 2:07. Consi 8 #2: L-FALL Nixie Schooler (Pioneer Grappling), 1:23.

Kendal Haynie (Grappling House) — Rd of 16: FALL Rowan Day (East KS Eagles), 1:03. Quarters: L-DEC Melanie Medrano (Springdale Youth), 4-2, SV. Consi 8 #2: FALL Zoey Nelson (Mascoutah HS), 2:10. Consi 4: FALL Kayden Makamson (Pioneer Grappling), 1:22. Consi Semis: FALL Karlee Bellamy (Jackson County). 3rd Place: FALL Piper Gershmel (Darkhorse), :51.

Adalyne Fowls (Well Trained) — Rd of 16: DEC Mackenzie Whitaker (DC Gold), 6-4. Quarters: FALL Shelby Pendleton (North County Raider), :20. Semis: L-FALL Sarah Cervenka (Knights), 2:36. Consi semis: L-FALL Emma Vice (Atchison Kids), :17. 5th Place: L-FALL Sienna Mickelson (Pioneer Grappling), :47.

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