#TheSeason2022-23: Leon

We are once again compiling #TheSeason recaps.
Teams will be selected randomly until completion. To jump the line, send me full stats for all your wrestlers who competed on varsity. Our current team, Leon, and the team after them were both selected randomly.
You can see everything I have on the Lions in 2022-23 here –>  LEON
Duals record: 2-10.
Season in a nutshell:
  • 10th at Cam Brown Classic, December 2-3 (10 teams).
  • 15th at Capital City Classic, December 9-10 (17 teams).
  • 5th at 2A-District 2 Duals, January 5 (5 teams participated).
  • 6th at Trojan Invitational, January 14 (6 teams).
  • 13th at Wakulla FCA Invitational, January 27-28 (15 teams).
  • 5th at Timberwolf Duals XIV, February 4 (8 teams).
  • 6th at 2A-District 2 IBT, February 16 (6 teams).
  • T-26th at 2A-Region 1 IBT, February 25-26 (33 teams).
Projected boys key returners (15+ matches or post-season experience this past season) for 2023-24 (with year in school as of next season): Ken Williams (junior, 1-16 at 132, District 2 6th); Thomas Anlet (senior, 1-16 at 138, District 2 6th); Patrick Sheeran (sophomore, 6-16 at 145, District 2 6th); Liam Sheeran (sophomore, 9-14 at 152, District 2 5th); Charles Bosby (junior, 4-14 at 160, District 2 5th); Jaylan Akins (senior, 6-14 at 170, District 2 5th); Santana Harris (junior, 18-12 at 182, District 2 3rd, 1-2 at Region 1); Wynton Bowers (junior, 10-19 at 195, District 2 4th, 0-2 at Region 1); Noah Summerlin (senior, 19-9 at 220, District 2 3rd, 1-2 at Region 1).
Projected losses (15+ reported matches or post-season experience this past season) via graduation unless otherwise noted: Riley Rajotte (3-3 at 285, District 2 3rd, 0-2 at Region 1).
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