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We are at the end of another HS season. Ten in the books.

We do things nobody else does. We write up every news item. We take pictures. (Which reminds me, I still owe Instagram my state photos — it’s on my agenda tonight). We preview many events. We make predictions — badly sometimes, but we’re in there, battling. We publish youth results (WHEN we get them). We provide early scouting reports, by noting what your direct competition will/may in substantial part have back for next season, often a few months before the season begins.

We’re not the best at any of them — not in the Southeast, not even in Florida — but none do what we do so comprehensively.

But we’re not independently funded (or wealthy). So we rely upon donations. Thank you to those who’ve donated since our last #ThankYou post.

  • Joe Mobley (x2)
  • Stormy Kubatzke
  • Amanda McLean (x2)
  • Danny Brewer
  • Erin Raynor (x2)
  • Darren Glenn
  • Kevin Glavin
  • Donald Maurer
  • Lindsay Bibla
  • Cary Helton
  • Jefferson Brant
  • Emily Brown
  • Andy Siegal
  • Nichole Smith
  • Shannon Perry
  • Todd Schaefer
  • Tonya Hawkes
  • Mindy Gibson
  • Dana Elliott
  • Conrad Bishop
  • Christine Mercado
  • Two anonymous HS coaches

I’m really grateful for these donations — 26 in all. In one sense, it’s a very large list.

But in another sense, it’s a little less than three per month between the last post I wrote to thank donors, in June of last year (was it really that long ago? Editor: It was). Two or three donations per month versus the at least 150 hours per month of time I’m putting toward the site.

Or, in another sense, the donations came from people connected with 15 programs I cover. Imagine if I only covered the teams that donate. Over half of the number of donations (not the $ amount) came from four teams; almost 20% of them came from one team.

By contrast, I cover 107 now.

Nearly 90 percent of the coverage area was covered for free in 2022-23.

I hear all the ideas to fix this situation. Make every team donate a preset amount in order to get coverage. Go ahead and build a subscription model. Find advertisers. This offseason, I hope to start finding a solution, a solution that makes the donation model less necessary. Plans are beginning to come into place.

I understand why you hesitate to donate. Things remain up in the air for a lot of us. It’s expensive to travel and give opportunities for your son or daughter to compete. I get that.

Things are up in the air for me, too. But in the meantime, I continue to call upon the community to help fund our time that we put into this site. It’s thousands of hours each year, working every day of the year. We DO like doing it and if you like us doing it, also, please do donate. The links are at the bottom of the post. Right down there.

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Thank You Sponsors

Some questions for y’all on a Friday…

A. Who won the Gateway Conference title in 2015 at 160 pounds?
B. Who had the first pin of the 2021-22 season?
C. When was the last Five Star tournament held at Raines, and which team won it?

Answers at the bottom of this post…they can all be found on my website with just a few clicks.

Ten years ago, I told my (then much-smaller) coverage area that I would not paywall this site. I didn’t think it was fair to paywall it when I had employment that paid my bills (and a portion of me still believes in the validity of that thought) and the site was very much a part-time part of my life, a way to become a part of this community to which I had moved to, a place where I literally knew no one other than one person.

The site being a small part-time part of my life is no longer the case.

It’s the only reason I’m still in Florida now — that, and a promise I made my youngest son, that I would remain here while he was in college.

Ten years ago, we started covering around 40 teams, mirroring the Florida Times-Union’s coverage area. We’re now at around 130, in two states, doing so much more now than what we were doing then.

Just last night, I spent four hours working ONLY on Knockout Summer Slam box scores. Each #TheSeason wrapup recap that I do — and there will be one on every team, no matter the size and success of that team — takes at least four or five hours to do. And that’s just a tiny snapshot on our off-season commitment, which is dwarfed by our in-season commitment.

I know times are tough right now. That’s why I appreciate so much the donations that I receive (I got one just last night). Here’s a list of our donating folks since my last post noting and honoring my donors back in March:

  • Conrad Bishop
  • Michael Kerns
  • Kevin Glavin
  • Donald Maurer
  • Matthew Braddock
  • Tonya Hawkes

These donations are very generous, and I’m grateful these folks chose to think of our work. Money’s tight everywhere, including here; I no longer am freelancing for the Florida Times-Union.

I don’t want to have to take on a second job. I’m not young anymore. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t have to think about it. A second job would probably kill the site.

I am not able, under current reality, to make this work and this site my sole source of income. I need the health insurance I have, the 401k (in whatever tatters it currently finds itself) I contribute toward, and the salary I draw.

In the absence of advertising (which I am able to accept for my Florida site), I can only accept donations. They can be sent via Venmo at shannon-heaton-6 or via PayPal (you should be able to find me if you search for my site’s email address,

I wrote this post this morning; during the course of the day today, I’m putting together second-day results from the Osceola event and working on another #TheSeason post. The work never stops. And it allows for…

Answers to our quiz:
A) Daniel Folkner (who was at Sandalwood that year).
B) Wolfson’s Max Lewallen, in 1:02 (his match was also the first match of the 2021-22 season for the coverage area).
C) 2016 (I helped announce that tournament), and Florida High ran away with the title, scoring 361.5 points.

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