Northeast Florida Matmen
Team Rankings (based on results UP TO December 23)

1. Flagler Palm Coast (1-0)
The skinny: Moved up to top spot with a solid team performance at the Lyman Invitational on December 16-17. At Knockout Classic at time of publication.
Next competition: At Corey Hill Invitational, Springstead, January 6-7.

2. Fleming Island (5-0)
The skinny: Couldn’t hold off FPC at Lyman, but a solid dual win — without a couple of key pieces — at Buchholz last week helped maintain relative spot. At Knockout Classic.
Next competition: At Tournament of Champions, Lake Mary, January 6-7.

3. Clay (14-2)
The skinny: Blue Devils blew out all challengers at Buchholz last week — until falling to Fleming Island by 11 in prelude to Uncivil War. At Knockout Classic.
Next competition: At 1A Somerset Scuffle, Pembroke Pines, January 6-7.

4. Buchholz (11-3)
The skinny: Bobcats moved up a spot with fourth-place finish at own duals event, going 4-1 last week. Had a mid-pack finish at Lyman. Buchholz is off this week.
Next competition: At Tournament of Champions, Lake Mary, January 6-7.

5. Creekside (12-3)
The skinny: Lost a pair of duals at Ridgeview Rumble, but those were to Clay and Northwest #2 Lincoln. Knights are off this week.
Next competition: At Battle of the Border, Yulee, January 7.

6. Fletcher (12-4)
The skinny: Hung tough against Clay in the first round at Bobcat Duals and were just one match win away from topping Buchholz for fourth. Senators are off this week.
Next competition: Hosts Gateway Conference quad meet, January 11.

7. Bartram Trail (12-5)
The skinny: Went 2-3 at Bobcat duals last week, with a slower performance in pool with Fleming & West Orange. Bears are off this week.
Next competition: At Bolles, January 10.

8. Bishop Kenny (5-2)
The skinny: Crusaders were 1-1 at the Ridgeview Rumble’s dual component before Christmas, taking Bartram Trail to limit before falling by two. Kenny is off this week.
Next competition: At Battle of the Border, Yulee, January 7.

9. Suwannee (10-0)
The skinny: Bulldogs got first test of the year in final dual at Columbia, holding off Valdosta for 13-point win. Suwannee is off this week.
Next competition: At Battle of the Border, Yulee, January 7.

10. Yulee (16-1)
The skinny: Hosted and won two events just before Christmas, taking the Yulee Duals on December 17 and winning County on Dec. 20. Hornets are off this week.
Next competition: Host Battle of the Border, January 7.

Honorable mention: Oakleaf (4-3); Nease (6-2); Orange Park (8-6); Middleburg (4-2); Ridgeview (2-2); Columbia (4-2).


1. Briar Jackson, Fleming Island (12-3)
Good wins: Tacinelli (113), Kirk, J. Wohltman.
Tough losses: Krug, Bouzakis, Dyl. Kohn.

2. Brandon Trask, Suwannee (13-1)
Good wins: Tacinelli (at 113), Rodriquez, Owen (NW), Walters (2x).
Tough losses: Tacinelli (at 113).

3. Matthew Rodriquez, University Christian (12-1)
Good wins: Riccobono, Buzick, Dyer 2x.
Tough losses: Trask.

4. Kyle Tairovski-Romeu, Oakleaf (12-3)
Good wins: Perkins, Mealer, Buzick (NW), Claxton, Gill 2x.
Tough losses: Dyer 2x (NW), Hall.

5T. Luke Davis, Creekside (16-2)
Good wins: Guzman, Mealer, Buzick 2x.
Tough losses: Rodriquez, Dyl. Kohn.

5T. Kyle Davis, Yulee (18-2)
Good wins: Buzick, Prevesk, Singletary.
Tough losses: Dyer, Talab.

7. Bryan Perkins, Buchholz (15-5)
Good wins: Guzman, Garcia, Davis, Kennedy.
Tough losses: Tairovski-Romeu, Conrad, J. Wohltman, Clayton, Flanagan.

8. Ethan Goodman, Matanzas (11-4)
Good wins: Rustamiy 2x, Hewson.
Tough losses: L. Davis, Sansouci, Buzick (NW), Dyl. Kohn.

9. Cole Cushman, Baker County (5-1)
Good wins: Miranda.
Tough losses: Sansouci.

10. Gavin Riccobono, Ponte Vedra (7-1)
Good wins: Miranda.
Tough losses: Rodriquez.

HM: Gabe Guzman, Ridgeview (9-9); Christian Miranda, FSDB (8-3); Blake Swor, Bartram Trail (5-0); Jacob McKee, Clay (6-5); Jacoby Mealer, Orange Park (10-10).

1. Ryan Rosano, Oakleaf (9-0)
Good wins: N. Orum 2x, Arnold, Schwartz, Sawyer.
Tough losses: None.

2. Louis Gagliardo, Clay (13-1)
Good wins: Williams (Park Vista), Brown, Munroe, Reeve, N. Orum, Porter.
Tough losses: W. Kirkham.

3T. Frank Sawyer, Orange Park (18-2)
Good wins: N. Orum, Hampton, Arredondo, Brown, Cruz, Vugman.
Tough losses: Rosano, Porter.

3T. Nicholas Vugman, Bartram Trail (14-2)
Good wins: Brown, Piper, Arnold, Porter, Reeve (NW).
Tough losses: Dyl. Kohn, Sawyer.

3T. Daniel Porter, University Christian (11-3)
Good wins: Cruz, Cabiao, Munroe, Sawyer, Arnold.
Tough losses: Delaney (120), Vugman, Gagliardo.

6. John Johnson, Flagler Palm Coast (10-3)
Good wins: Knoch 2x, Segars, Huffman, Taylor.
Tough losses: Akins, Chauvin, Fischer.

7. Stevie Chopek, Yulee (19-1)
Good wins: Myles, Hanson, Ganim, Hewson, Cooper.
Tough losses: Foster (GA).

8. Scotty Tacinelli, Gainesville (15-5)
Good wins: Boyle, Bruner, Trask.
Tough losses: Trask, Montes (at 120), Jackson, Gomer (at 120), Werden (at 120).

9. Jason Schwartz, First Coast (7-2)
Good wins: Cruz, Cooper.
Tough losses: Rosano, N. Orum.

10T. Sean Arnold, Nease (7-3)
Good wins: Munroe (NW).
Tough losses: Rosano, Vugman, Porter.

10T. Tyler Ogles, Suwannee (13-2)
Good wins: Hanson 2x (at 120), Lancero, Dodge.
Tough losses: Cerillo 2x (NW).

HM: Robert Iglesias, Pedro Menendez (9-3); Rayquan Piper, Fletcher (6-1); Tazz Hampton, Middleburg (5-3); Leon Cruz, Sandalwood (12-5); Colin Brown, Creekside (10-7); Joseph Donato, Fleming Island (5-2).

1. Michael DeAugustino, Flagler Palm Coast (11-1)
Good wins: DeMatteo, Owen, Belden, Houser, Saint Pierre, Demus.
Tough losses: Hixenbaugh (ALA).

2. Marcus Reid, Ridgeview (14-0)
Good wins: Spahn, Mateu, Janssen, Merring.
Tough losses: None.

3. Deandre Demus, Fleming Island (9-3)
Good wins: McCandless, Byers, Montes, Merring.
Tough losses: B. Orum, DeAugustino, Estrada.

4. Chris Merring, Clay (17-3)
Good wins: Summers, Myles, Delaney, B. Orum, Janssen, Dalldorf, Werden, Wetzel, Estrada.
Tough losses: Tufo, Reid, Demus.

5. Dylan Youmans, Yulee (20-0)
Good wins: M. Metcalf (at 126), Haynes (at 126), Poole (at 126).
Tough losses: None.

6. Jack Delaney, Bishop Kenny (11-3)
Good wins: Knox (at 126), Bower, Myles (NW), Estevez, Porter.
Tough losses: Gustilo (at 126), Willis, Merring.

7. William Green-Church, Buchholz (12-8)
Good wins: Taylor, Montes, Dalldorf, Shirley.
Tough losses: Rosario, Ness, Rochon, Hulse, Santana, Byers, Cavanaugh, Arana.

8. Trent Dalldorf, Fletcher (9-4)
Good wins: Taylor, Mattox, Summers 2x, Montes.
Tough losses: Merring, Wetzel, Werden, Green-Church.

9. Chase Clark, Suwannee (11-5)
Good wins: Grissom, Bower.
Tough losses: Kreiser, Willis, Estevez, Myles (NW), McGlamery.

10. Chase Mattox, Mandarin (11-3)
Good wins: Summers.
Tough losses: Cruz, Vugman, Dalldorf.

HM: Gannon Janssen, Nease (8-2); Gerard Taylor, First Coast (10-2); Jake Summers, Creekside (8-6); Josh Bower, Matanzas (9-5); Dean Ganci, Orange Park (5-3).

1. Avery Holder, Flagler Palm Coast (13-1)
Good wins: Mellor (132), Ejmali (132), Clement (132), W. Pickren (132), Jean Baptiste (132), Sandoval, Clue, Smithson.
Tough losses: Dev. Kohn.

2. Chace Curtis, Columbia (17-1)
Good wins: Merrill (ALA), Houser (LA), Owen, E. Pickren, Kreiser, McGlamery.
Tough loss: Hixenbaugh (ALA).

3. Jacob Sandoval, Fleming Island (9-4)
Good wins: Phillips, Rosa, Bell, Paucar, Basma.
Tough losses: Jean Baptiste, Flanders, Holder, Mitchell.

4. Ethan Gustilo, Oakleaf (13-2)
Good wins: Delaney, Martinson, Fletcher, Peddichord, Allwine.
Tough losses: M. Metcalf, B. Metcalf.

5. Tanner Belden, Ridgeview (15-5)
Good wins: DeMatteo (LA), Fletcher.
Tough losses: DeAugustino, DeMatteo, E. Pickren, Allwine, M. Metcalf.

6. Joseph Haynes, Raines (11-2)
Good wins: Stier, Stone, Young.
Tough losses: Youmans, M. Metcalf.

7. Dylan Martinson, Nease (6-2)
Good wins: Philpot.
Tough losses: Gustilo, Ejmali (at 132)

8. Gabe Peddichord, Clay (8-2)
Good wins: Patterson, Knox, Basma.
Tough losses: Gustilo, Sandoval.

9. DeAngelo Fletcher, Buchholz (10-10)
Good wins: Wilson, Posick, Murphy 2x, Knox.
Tough losses: Rodriguez, Dakin, Nation, Ross, Gustilo, Belden, Curiel, Rosa, Estrada, Paucar.

10. James Knox, Fletcher (11-4)
Good wins: Mack, Swindle, Patterson 2x, Stier, J. Paucar.
Tough losses: Delaney, Governara, Peddichord, Fletcher.

HM: Gunner Stier, Mandarin (10-3); Garrett Tirado, Bishop Kenny (5-1); Max Patterson, Creekside (11-7); Jacob Godsave, Yulee (10-1); Stone White, Matanzas (9-6).

1. Jaquan English, Raines (18-2)
Good wins: Glover (GA), Watson, Snyder, Russo, Foster, Ross.
Tough losses: B. Metcalf 2x (NW).

2. Saeid Ejmali, Ridgeview (15-4)
Good wins: McCallum, Ross, Norris, Martinson, Fabiani, Timmons (NW).
Tough losses: Holder, Clark (GA), Bell (GA), Thieler (LA).

3. Damion Figourea, Flagler Palm Coast (8-4)
Good wins: Haman (NW), Johnson, Willis, Piraino.
Tough losses: W. Pickren (NW), Clement (LA), Lawson (GA), Silva.

4. James Mueller, Bartram Trail (17-2)
Good wins: Williams, Beck, Dominguez.
Tough losses: Russo, Timmons (NW).

5. Dylan Fabiani, Clay (8-2)
Good wins: Winder, White, Williams.
Tough losses: Ejmali, B. Metcalf (NW).

6. Kenneth Foster, Suwannee (12-4)
Good wins: Winder, Russo, Miles, Alalla.
Tough losses: English, W. Pickren (NW), Mellor (NW), Walton (GA).

7. Jordan Johnson, Baker County (10-1)
Good wins: Alalla.
Tough losses: Foster.

8. Matt Ross, Columbia (6-6)
Good wins: Fletcher, Green (NW), Mellor (NW).
Tough losses: English, Ejmali, Bell (NW), B. Metcalf (NW), Lawson (GA), McCallum (ALA).

9. Tyler Williams, Fleming Island (6-6)
Good wins: Satterlee, Beck, Kutcher.
Tough losses: Contreras, Parker 2x, Perkins, Mueller, Fabiani.

10. Storm Mercado, Middleburg (8-2)
Good wins: Jones, Thomas, Philpot, Norris (GA).
Tough losses: Allwine, Clark (GA).

HM: Zach Watson, Yulee (15-7); Timothy Alalla, St. Augustine (9-5); James Stanton, Ponte Vedra (9-1); Jacob Satterfield, Nease (5-0); Jack Donghit, Bishop Kenny (5-4).

1. Gant Moore, Buchholz (21-2)
Good wins: Rosario, Moses, Dahlgren, Tomesko, Goldware, Martins, Martinez.
Tough losses: M. Wohltman, Torres.

2. Cody Taylor, Clay (14-0)
Good wins: Boyland, Costello, Moynihan, Cooney, Pickett, Harris.
Tough losses: None.

3. Michael Martins, Flagler Palm Coast (12-3)
Good wins: Martin (145), Raulerson (145), Maharaj (145), Hauser, Phillips, Goldman.
Tough losses: Moore, Larriviere (LA).

4. Matt Pickett. Bartram Trail (20-1)
Good wins: Alicea, Cooney 2x, Rochebrun (145), Slade, Boyd (145), Crum.

5. Vince Hauser, Fleming Island (5-3)
Good wins: Diaz, Goldman, Phillips, Perkins.
Tough losses: Martins, Goldware, Wilder (GA).

6. Julian Borrell, Suwannee (13-2)
Good wins: Cole, Thomson, Roman 2x, Ferry, Harris (NW).
Tough losses: Weaver (NW), Parramore (GA).

7. Daniel Mann, Columbia (12-7)
Good wins: Araneta (ALA), Seager (GA), Ferry (NW), Roman.
Tough losses: Moore, Borrell, Harris (NW), Lanier (NW), A. Larriviere (LA), Ulfers (LA), Parramore (GA).

8. Andrew Slade, Bishop Kenny (9-3)
Good wins: Carroll, Crum (NW), E. Ellis (NW).
Tough losses: Mann, Pickett, Valledor.

9. Corbin Snyder, Fernandina Beach (9-2)
Good wins: Stanish 2x, Hampton.
Tough losses: English, Pickett.

10. Grant Stanish, Yulee (16-5)
Good wins: Stennett (145), Stone (145), Hetler (145), Mullis.
Tough losses: Snyder 2x, Harris (NW), Reinert, Walker (GA).

HM: Jacob Cooney, Creekside (13-5); Sai Hassalla, Wolfson (6-4); Lawrence Russo, Matanzas (13-4); Justin Stoddard, Ed White (5-0); Nick Thomson, St. Augustine (5-2); Brenden Bizier, Bishop Snyder (5-4).


1. Keath Sawdo, Clay (17-2)
Good wins: Arnold, Richardson (NW), Boyd, Vincent, Williams.
Tough losses: Detwiler (152), Kirkham.

2. Cameron Bell, Sandalwood (16-1)
Good wins: Boyd 2x, Hall, Martin, Cusick, Williams.
Tough losses: Vincent (GA).

3. Joey Borrell, Suwannee (9-1)
Good wins: Schultz (NW), Howes (NW), Greene (GA).
Tough losses: Richardson (NW).

4. William Tharpe, West Nassau (15-1)
Good wins: Berrier 2x, Clark 2x (GA)
Tough losses: Vincent (GA).

5. Tyrone Jones, Flagler Palm Coast (10-5)
Good wins: Martinez (NW), Britos, Stone, Cosmides, Romans, Casteel (GA).
Tough losses: Martinez (NW), St. Amant (NW), Ortiz 2x, Dalton (GA).

6. Tywaine Rochebrun, Atlantic Coast (10-2)
Good wins: Linden 2x, Baur, Jones (152).
Tough losses: Pickett, Dale (GA).

7. Jacob Boyd, Westside (11-5)
Good wins: McGlynn, Stennett (NW).
Tough losses: Bell 2x, Sawdo, Pickett, Clark (GA).

8. Matt Raulerson, Columbia (8-5)
Good wins: Grix (NW).
Tough losses: Martins, Howes (NW), Wilson (NW), Temes, Larriviere (LA).

9. Malachi Martin, Ridgeview (8-7)
Good wins: Ransdell, Carroll, Pagana, Sunworbah, Clark (GA).
Tough losses: Bell, Martins, Davis (NW), Richardson (NW), Clark (GA), Corcoran (GA), Vincent (GA).

10. Tyler Berrier, Yulee (13-5)
Good wins: Stennett (NW), Swanson, Jones.
Tough losses: Stanish, Tharpe 2x, Harris (NW), Rios.

HM: Andrew Hetler, Bradford (6-2); Joey Cusick, Bishop Kenny (10-3); Ralph Hamilton, Bartram Trail (6-5); Ian Eckert, Matanzas (8-7); Jacob Linden, St. Augustine (6-5).


1. Paul Detwiler, Fleming Island (13-1)
Good wins: Sawdo, Alicea, Andrew, Martinez, Villafane, Crew (GA).
Tough losses: Artalona.

2. Tanner Clark, Suwannee (14-0)
Good wins: Burke (NW), Martinez (NW), Blasucci, Dale (GA).
Tough losses: None.

3. Delmontae Davis, Westside (14-1)
Good wins: Merring, Campbell 2x, Petersen, Gray 2x, Petersen, Hamilton, Askin (GA).

Tough loss: Thaxton (160).

4. Justin Merring, Clay (13-2)
Good wins: Warner, Campbell, Jones, Capretti, Askin (GA).
Tough losses: Davis, Gilhart.

5. Curtis Brock, Flagler Palm Coast (11-6)
Good wins: James (160), Ulfers LA (160), McPhearson ALA (160), Rios.
Tough losses: Andrew 2x, Martinez, Britain GA, Castanon GA, Rosevally LA.

6. Adam Spikes, Mandarin (12-1)
Good wins: Jones, Crews, Davis, Mika, Linden.
Tough losses: Crosby (GA).

7. Brendan Jones, Creekside (13-5)
Good wins: Crews, Propes, Brown, Hamilton.
Tough losses: Merring 2x, Spikes, Burke 2x (NW).

8. Christian Crews, Bartram Trail (9-4)
Good wins: Newsome, Brown.
Tough losses: Detwiler, Jones, Spikes, Villafane.

9. Alonzo Davis. Raines (16-3)
Good wins: Dry, Madison (NW).
Tough losses: Spikes, Pitts NW (160), Thaxton NW (160).

10. Earl Starling, Baker County (8-3)
Good wins: Graham (160), Vazquez.
Tough losses: Clark, Riesenbeck (160), Thaxton NW (160).

HM: Jacob Campbell, Orange Park (12-8); Donovan Gray, Oakleaf (11-5); Marcus Petersen, St. Augustine (7-2); Trevor Jones, Bradford (5-3); Jacob Williams, Bishop Kenny (6-5).


1. Billy Jenkins, Suwannee (13-2)
Good wins: James, Thaxton (NW), Alderman (GA).
Tough losses: Johnson (NW), Benton.

2. Dalton Wright, Clay (17-2)
Good wins: Fleitas, Graham, Bell.
Tough losses: Santos, Wiswell.

3. Owen Beining, Fletcher (13-2)
Good wins: J. Williams, K. Williams, Pruitt, Mobley, Clauss, Herrin (GA).
Tough losses: Wright, Gathright*.

4. Tavian Whitehead, Englewood (7-1)
Good wins: Bell, Graham, Pruitt.
Tough losses: Mobley.

5. Chandler Bell, Sandalwood (13-4)
Good wins: Graham, Mobley, K. Williams, Gilhart.
Tough losses: Wright, Whitehead, Santos, Hall (GA).

6. Zion James, Columbia (13-8)
Good wins: Ulfers (LA), Argrave (LA), Rosevally (LA).
Tough losses: Brock, Jenkins, Johnson 2x (NW), Thaxton (NW), Hill (ALA), Britain (GA), Alderman (GA).

7. Blake Pruitt, Mandarin (11-2)
Good wins: Goodman, Halla, K. Williams, Wyatt.
Tough losses: Beining, Whitehead.

8. Seamus Wade, Fleming Island (3-3)
Good wins: K. Williams, Hechavarria, Mattos.
Tough losses: Hennessy, Brinkman, Santos.

9. Kevin Williams, Bartram Trail (9-6)
Good wins: Haila, Soule, Goodman, Palmer.
Tough losses: Beining, Bell, Helm, Pruitt, Wade, Gilhart.

10T. John Parker, Yulee (5-1)
Good wins: Wood, Davis (NW).
Tough losses: Grant (NW).

10T. Walter Goodman, Ed White (5-2)
Good wins: Riesenbeck, Haila.
Tough losses: Pruitt, K. Williams.

HM: Derrick Stumph, University Christian (4-1); Isaiah Graham, Oakleaf (8-7); Tanner Hill, Nease (6-3); Breyer Wood, West Nassau (7-5); Logan Montemurro, Bradford (6-2).


1. Brandon Dickman, Creekside (18-0)
Good wins: Lee, Worthington, Beenen, Mixan, Tiedeman, Fix 2x, Clifford, Friend, Newhall (NW), Starke (GA).
Tough losses: None.

2. Nartorian Lee, Orange Park (18-3)
Good wins: Altman, Beenen, Calhoun 2x, Rickey, Clifford, Newhall (NW), Starke (GA), Roberts (GA), Moore (NV).
Tough losses: Dickman, Kocourek (WI), Kustra (VA).

3. Joseph Helm, Fernandina Beach (15-0)
Good wins: Beenen, Barnett, Mika, K. Williams, Rickey.
Tough losses: None.

4. Christian Rickey, Episcopal (9-3)
Good wins: Beshara, Dains, Chaney 2x.
Tough losses: Lee, Helm, Starke (GA).

5. Tracey Beshara, St. Augustine (12-2)
Good wins: Sermons, Fix, Miles, Clements.
Tough losses: Rickey, Altman (at 182).

6. Julion Fix, Fletcher (7-3)
Good wins: Bennett, Clifford, Villafane.
Tough losses: Dickman 2x, Beshara.

7. Dillon Morency, Sandalwood (9-2)
Good wins: Ford (182), Augustin (182), Wykoff.
Tough losses: Augustin (182), Jennette (182).

8. Christopher Mixan, Matanzas (11-1)
Good wins: Worthington, Villafane, Young, Tomlinson.
Tough losses: Dickman.

9. Nick Beenen, Bishop Kenny (11-5)
Good wins: Grasso (182), Jones, Newhall 2x (NW), Judd (NW).
Tough losses: Helm, Lee, Dickman, Childs (NW).

10. Chad Sapp, Columbia (13-7)
Good wins: Judd (NW), Nebel (NW), Kinchens (GA), Heindel (ALA), Miller (GA).
Tough losses: Hoard (NW), Childs (NW), Billhimer (NW), Newhall (NW), Burnette (GA), Arena 2x (LA).

HM: William King, Bartram Trail (9-2); Jalyn Robinson, Fleming Island (6-3); Max Worthington, Menendez (10-4); Cody Eastwood, Middleburg (5-4); Landon Dains, Terry Parker (9-3); John Jones, Westside (10-4); James Barnett, Baker County (9-2).


1. Jason Davis, Fleming Island (4-1)
Good losses: Garcia, Acosta, Hettel.
Tough losses: Rogers.

2. Steve Canidate, Flagler Palm Coast (11-4)
Good wins: Maddox (NW), Lopeman (NW), Pardo, Garcia, Contreras, Hettel.
Tough losses: Celella 2x, Benton 2x (LA).

3. Uriah Ford, Atlantic Coast (11-2)
Good wins: Miles, Chesser.
Tough losses: Morency, Collins (GA).

4. Dylan Hanna, Middleburg (7-3)
Good wins: Ochoa, Jones.
Tough losses: Friend, Graves 2x (GA).

5. Cole Friend, Sandalwood (15-5)
Good wins: Altman, Drury (195), Hanna, Acosta, Chesser.
Tough losses: Ochoa, Augustin, Dickman, Yost, Santiago.

6. Valois Ochoa, First Coast (12-3)
Good wins: Friend, Miles, Taylor (GA).
Tough losses: Hanna, Graves (GA), Morales (GA).

7. Armando Acosta, Buchholz (18-6)
Good wins: Augustin, Hess, Pardo, Atwood.
Tough losses: Davis, Friend, Betancourt, Contreras, Santiago, Graves (GA).

8. Michel Augustin, Englewood (6-2)
Good wins: Miles, Altman, Friend, Morales (GA).
Tough losses: Morency, Acosta.

9. Caleb Calhoun, Bolles (5-2)
Good wins: Manning, Burnsed, Sermons.
Tough losses: Lee 2x.

10T. Nathan Manning, Fernandina Beach (10-3)
Good wins: Burnsed 2x, Crawford 2x.
Tough losses: Calhoun, Hepburn, Ochoa.

10T. Corey Ryan, Gainesville (8-2)
Good wins: Gullett, Copeland, Rivera 2x.
Tough losses: Bridgett, Breeden.

HM: Calvin Altman, Westside (10-5); Carson Yost, Clay (10-5); Tanner Wood, Fletcher (5-2) Reed Danielson, Orange Park (7-6); Gavin Miles, Mandarin (6-5); Charles Votava, Suwannee (10-3).


1. Ryan Smenda, Fleming Island (7-1)
Good wins: Collins, Fields, Torres, Salickram.
Tough losses: Haverty.

2. Narek Stepanyan, Fletcher (13-0)
Good wins: Heflin, Grower, Drury, Collins, Hamm, Salickram.
Tough losses: None.

3. Kaleb Collins, Clay (18-2)
Good wins: Grower 2x, Elliot, Washburn 2x (NW), Muniz, Hamm.
Tough losses: Smenda, Stepanyan.

4. Corey Grower, Creekside (14-4)
Good wins: Drury, Linardo, Washburn 2x (NW).
Tough losses: Van Hoogten, Collins 2x, Stepanyan.

5. Bryan Heflin, Middleburg (7-2)
Good wins: Hunt, Thomas (GA).
Tough losses: Stepanyan, Wilkerson (GA).

6. Ben Elliot, Orange Park (14-5)
Good wins: Glisson, Holsomback,
Tough losses: Collins, Wilkerson (GA), Griffey (WI), Olson (WI), Morgan (VA).

7. Mateo Drury, Mandarin (9-3)
Good wins: Linardo, Wilcox.
Tough losses: Stepanyan, Grower, Friend.

8. Corey Adkins, Interlachen (11-0)
Good wins: Gullett, Burney, Gerena.
Tough losses: None.

9. Jason Muniz, Flagler Palm Coast (6-6)
Good wins: Froehlich (NW), Nicholson, McNeal (GA).
Tough losses: Nettles (NW), Marotta, Gallon, Theard, Rayes 2x (LA).

10. Noah Winebarger, Yulee (12-2)
Good wins: Pierre (220), Hogg @ 220 (GA).
Tough losses: McCormick (at 220), Neat (at 220).

HM: Elijah Wilcox, First Coast (7-3); Austyn Holsomback, Pedro Menendez (5-5), Dexter Moore, Oakleaf (7-5); Addison Glisson, Bishop Kenny (3-1); Cade Aupsburger, St. Augustine (8-6).


1. Kurt Jackson, Clay (20-0)
Good wins: McDaniel, McBride, Mackey, Storey, Martin (NW), Harvey, Adrien, Lavalle.
Tough losses: None.

2. Darrell McBride, Fletcher (6-2)
Good wins: McDaniel, Konters, Hunt (GA).
Tough losses: Jackson, Hookfin (285).

3. Kolton McDaniel, Bartram Trail (19-2)
Good wins: Storey, Seay, Jackson, Deleston, Mackey.
Tough losses: Jackson, McBride.

4. Brandyne Mackey, Fleming Island (3-2)
Good wins: Anderson, Schalk.
Tough losses: Jackson, McDaniel.

5. Tyler Dehart, Orange Park (17-4)
Good wins: Chirino 2x, Hodges, Thoresen, Alexander.
Tough losses: Martin (NW), Mincey (GA), Knier (WI), Wachtendonk (WI).

6. Saul Storey, Creekside (11-4)
Good wins: Seay, Deleston, Jackson.
Tough losses: Jackson, McDaniel, Holsomback, Martin (NW).

7. Jose Romero, Buchholz (10-3)
Good wins: Dollison, Hodges, Lifesey.
Tough losses: Toth, Simms, Mincey (GA).

8. Kurk Jackson, Atlantic Coast (10-2)
Good wins: Deleston, Dollison, McCormick.
Tough losses: McDaniel, Storey.

9. Tyler Irigoyen, Flagler Palm Coast (7-5)
Good wins: Bussey (NW), Pena (NW), D’Ascoli.
Tough losses: Simms, Edwards (ALA), Jarvis (GA), Craine (GA), Kicherer (WI).

10T. Bryan Smith, Palatka (5-1)
Good wins: Graham.
Tough losses: Wilemon.

10T. Eddie McCormick, Bradford (6-2)
Good wins: Winebarger, Hogg (GA).
Tough losses: Jackson, Strickland (GA).

HM: Blake Hodges, West Nassau (11-4); Keethan Seay, Wolfson (8-2); Damian Deleston, Ed White (6-3); Nick Thoresen, Nease (9-2); Freddie Dollison, Episcopal (8-4); Jayson Ledford, Yulee (5-6).


1. Jose Concepcion, Fleming Island (12-2)
Good wins: Wilburn, Rivers, McNeilly, Maravolo, R. Perez.
Tough losses: Boyd, Gomez.

2. Josiah McCallum, Bishop Kenny (13-1)
Good wins: Bell, Bizzell, Bennett (NW), Moss (NW).
Tough losses: Wilkins.

3. Vincent Ebanks, Flagler Palm Coast (11-3)
Good wins: Oquain, Barnett, Simpson, Ruff, R. Perez, D. Perez.
Tough losses: Marin (NW), Montilus, Amos (LA).

4. Tariq Hookfin, Westside (14-1)
Good wins: Bizzell, McBride, Hill, Velazquez, Gartner, Grady (GA).
Tough losses: Bissainthe (GA).

5. Ryan Rivers, Clay (7-2)
Good wins: Gartner, Moss (NW), Grady (GA).
Tough losses: Concepcion, Bissainthe (GA).

6. Ronald Brunson, Wolfson (9-0)
Good wins: Thompson, Goodwine, Bell.
Tough losses: None.

7. McKenzie Lewis, Yulee (16-1)
Good wins: Rudi, Clark, Hillary (GA).
Tough losses: Robinson (GA).

8. Robert Barnard, Middleburg (3-0)
Good wins: Menden, Tinoco (GA).
Tough losses: None.

9. Karam Hill, Englewood (5-2)
Good wins: Velazquez, Idlebird.
Tough losses: Hookfin, Tinoco (GA).

10. Shaun Bizzell, Orange Park (10-4)
Good wins: Tresvant, Saperstein.
Tough losses: Hookfin, McCallum, Grady (GA), Capetillo-Cruz (WI), Smadi (WI).

HM: Daniel Leonard, Matanzas (4-0); Miguel Velazquez, Sandalwood (9-4); Ira Dixon, Palatka (4-1); Donnie Wilburn, Gainesville (9-3); Jestin Canterbury, Baker County (9-2), Jamon Goodwine, Raines (3-3).